Healthy Living Tuesdays

It was recently asked “Why do you post about health, food, exercise… aren’t you a聽Dominatrix?” I suppose this is a fair question. The topics are write about tend to be incredibly varied and since amalgamating all my sites into one, my vast range of topics is clearly identifiable. So why do I write about healthy living? What does that have to do with D/s relationships?

Healthy Living Tuesdays with Ambre JadeWell, for some people nothing. For some, the two are not connected. My musings on well being look simply out of place when you contrast them with posts about Femdom and Fetishism. Posts about eating more broccoli are聽not likely bring me more clients. But posts about eating more broccoli, reminds people that eating more broccoli is important to me. Which means, if they truly want to serve or please me, eating more broccoli will become important to them!

In serving me, you are a reflection of my desires. You should strive to represent me, my passions, my lifestyle to the best of your abilities. This is important to remember. If someone is serving me, then I want them to showcase, to embrace a lifestyle that not only has me at its core but my work ethic, my morals… you get the idea.

Health and well-being are important aspects of my life. I have struggled with illness, surgery, weight gain, a loss of control over my health and over the past four years, I am taking control again. I am pushing myself to better my quality of life. You shoudl do the same. Not only because you would benefit from it, but also because I want you to.

I want my slaves, subs, subjects to want to embrace a similar lifestyle. To endeavour to better themselves both physically and mentally. To embrace Femdom and through it gain confidence, self esteem and all those wonderful empowering things.

Healthy living makes for healthy slaving… So yes, I will always post healthy living articles and no they will not likely be wank fodder, you can handle it 馃槈

Ambre Jade


Budgeting For Findom Slaves, Domme Advice

Over the last few weeks, there have been three incidents in which I create a budget for a Findom slave. Some people seem to believe that budgeting for findom slaves takes away some of the fun, that by capping what you can give, or rather what you should give takes away from the experience. From a personal standpoint, I have never found it so. I have always enjoyed creating budgets, pinching pennies,聽finding creative solutions, things like that. I have primarily created such plans for those who worship me, but on a few occasions there have been requests from individuals (slaves) who serve another.

Seeking Advice

Budgeting for Findom slavesThese slaves, though for me, I look upon them as individuals seeing as they serve another, tend to be looking for an impartial look at their contributions to their Goddess’ lifestyle without living out of a cardboard box. As sexy as the fantasy of breaking financially, the reality is not so pleasant. Sure, an accountant would be best but do you desire admitting to your accountant that this is your fetish? Do you want to have to explain the who, what, where, when, why s of your financial domination fetish? Finding someone who both understands your fetish and is excellent with numbers would be a perfect compromise. You could also speak with your Goddess, but not everyone wants to admit there are limitations on their spending or it is just not something that is part of their findom experience. Also, let’s be honest, Findoms (and there are many, many exceptions to this prejudice) are not very well known for their benevolence. Sometimes you need an outside voice that understands and is willing to help.

Budgeting for Findom slaves that Serve Me

An outside voice is not the motivation when you serve me. I am the only voice. The motivation comes from a desire to give more, not just money but also more information. The creation of a budget requires a large amount of information to the shared with me. I have an understanding of how you spend and what you spend it on. I can see and judge your priorities. This sharing of information, under the right conditions can be incredibly erotic. Information is power and knowing your financial situation is more information for me 馃檪

I want Ambre Jade to help me with my Findom budget!

Naturally you can see how budgeting for Findom slaves would be beneficial to myself and to you, as the slave. How do you make that a reality? There are a few choices:

  • Call my Lifestyle Line on Niteflirt, I will get all the information I need from you and subsequently send you a delightful spreadsheet
  • Call my toll free (mention it is for budgeting, it is cheaper than hypnosis)
  • Email me and enclose a 50$ tribute via giftrocket.

Be on the look out for more budget tips, including how to make more money for your Goddess.

Have fun with your budget planning!

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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Letting Go for the First Time

Do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you recall the first time you completely submitted to a hypnotic trance, erotic or not? I find there are fewer and fewer people experiencing erotic hypnosis for the first time. Perhaps this is because My rates are high compared to when I first started offering hypnosis sessions. This is likely why the new hypnoslave is currently so elusive for Me. While I miss dealing with people who experience trance for the first time, I like charging an appropriate rate for My services more 馃槈 Perhaps a cheapy day a month or something… But I digress.

How well do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you think back on it? A lot of people either have fond memories of their first experience. That first moment when they truly let go and experienced the delights that erotic hypnosis could provide. When they realise to what extent erotic hypnosis is truly the ultimate expression of submission. Imagine if you could harness that power, the newness of the experience and bring it forward into ever hypnotic experience you have from now on? While I am sure you have experienced deeper trance, the excitement that accompanies something new, is a powerful thing.

There is power from letting go for the first time, there i power in recreating the experience or at least revisiting the emotions that ran through you as you submitted to the will of another for the first time. Power not only for you who experiences it but also for Us HypnoDommes who provide you with that experience. It creates a stronger connections and when done properly, will fortify the bonds between slave and Goddess.

Imagine if the experience of letting go for the first time was with your current Goddess! Imagine if you were an erotic hypnosis virgin until you met Her and every experience has had Her as your primary focus. The intensity that would create!

What was your first time like? Do you still worship the same HypnoDomme?

脌 bient么t,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Posture in Femdom

Something I can never stress enough is posture in Femdom sessions. It may seem silly. Something that really does not seem important at first glace. Posture in Femdom? What does that mean? A slave, while inferior should always strive to achieve the best possible posture in any position his Mistress puts him in. Slouching, humped back, rolled shoulders, these are completely unacceptable for any slave of Mine. Inferiority does not equate small or meek. Okay, in some ways it does. But this should not be reflected in how you hold yourself. Especially in how you hold yourself around Me.

Whether our sessions are in person, over the phone, via Skype, texting, poor posture in Femdom is inexcusable. I understand that your knees hurt, your back aches, your arms are tired, insert other excuse but there is no reason to present yourself poorly in My presence. Kneeling is a crucial component to My sessions. I like My slaves and subs kneeling for Me, either for short bursts of time or extended throughout the entire session.

Those aches and pains you feel, the tired muscles and sore joints are a significant part of your training. Posture in Femdom is a sacrifice. you are sacrificing your comfort to show Me that you are proud to serve. That I am making an effort to control you and therefor you are willing to endure any minor pains that may come up during the session.

This does not only apply to masochists. The pain is part of your training. It is symbolic of your willingness to submit yourself to Me and My will. your back is straight, your chest out, shoulders squared but relaxed. The amount of time you spend in this position will increase as time goes by and you will notice a difference聽in how long you can hold positions. In turn this embrace of proper posture will be reflected in your daily life, even while not worshiping Me. It will be a positive change in your life.

Practice kneeling for Me, with proper posture and tell Me how it feels.

脌 bient么t,

Mistress Ambre Jade

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An Ultimate Experience in Findom

Some will tell you the ultimate experience in findom has a dollar value attached to it, well it always does. But it is less about the amount when I look at it, it is more about the pleasure you can derive from giving something that no one else can offer your Ma卯tresse. For some, it is spending an amount of money on Her happiness, so high that no other could possibly compete with it. For others, it is offering something that makes your Mistress’ life better. For My puppy, his ultimate experience in findom came from an unlikely source.聽he paid for My black belt exam. Now, I know, you might be reading this and thinking so what? It is not some large monetary value, it does not affect Mistress’ happiness as it would have happened anyway, so why is this a big deal?

It is a big deal because no one else can claimed they bought this for Me. No other individual can make an offer that compares (until My聽Nidan exam 馃槈 ). his sacrifice to Me assured him a place in My memories and My memory in his bank account.

The ultimate experience in findom will vary from person to person. What makes one slave eager to give and enjoy the pleasure in giving is not necessarily the same trigger another slave will feel. Many financial domination enthusiasts will give purely knowing that they are so inferior by comparison that their only use is monetary and making sure their Goddess feels a certain amount of pleasure.

What would your ultimate experience in findom look like? Would you feel more pleasure in sending a larger amount or in the knowledge that you have purchased something no one else can?

Now, I love tributes, don’t get Me wrong, money brings Me quite a bit of satisfaction but there is something about a slave paying for something specific that they know will help My lifestyle that is incredibly satisfying. Not only does it mean they are putting My lifestyle ahead of theirs but they are also familiar with Me as an individual as well as a Goddess! There is something terribly special about that.

脌 bient么t,

Mistress Ambre Jade

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Day 6: Describe Your Weirdest or Most Interesting Fantasy

An interesting fantasy: Tea Party with Ambre JadeI have a great collection of fantasies! Many of which I like to keep a bit more private, so I will share this interesting fantasy. It is likely to not be a surprise to those of you who know Me. I have a rather intense relationship with CFNm聽and as such I have a fantasy that appeals to Me that reflects that fetish. Normally, My fantasies聽do not remain fantasy, they become reality and this is an interesting fantasy that would make a wonderful scene. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to play this one out 馃檪

So what is this interesting fantasy? It’s a tea party! Not just any tea party. The Guests will all be Domme Friends of Mine. Dressed in high tea clothing, Everyone looking absolutely gorgeous. Of course, We are not going to serve Ourselves. That’s where you come in! Naked boys, bois and me serving Us. Well, not completely naked, a lovely bow tie around each of your necks, collars for those who are collared. What a lovely and interesting fantasy, yes? So much potential.

I find this to be an interesting fantasy for many reasons. Beyond My love of CFNm (clothed Female naked man), this fantasy also touches on My love of humiliation, some teasing, some Voyeurism, because let’s be honest, someone is going to be tortured by one of Us lovely Dommes! How fun would it be for you to put on a show for Us? So many ways this delightfully interesting fantasy could play out! I would prefer that it was a larger group of Dommes and several slaves serving Us. There is also a certain piece of Us being dressed in high tea clothing. That We are dressed conservatively and you, naked, bow tied potentially plugged and caged. What a beautiful image!!!

What is your weirdest of most interesting fantasy? Would you partake in My fantasy?

Want to read more about My 30 Days of Kink? Check it out!

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade

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Deep under My Hypnotic Influence

Hypnotic Influence

As some of you know, I can be a little particular when it comes to who is MY sub or slave. I will do hypnosis sessions on those that are not exclusively Mine聽and those just looking for the opportunity to submit deeply. So many fall so deep under My hypnotic influence. This merely increases over time. Many have noticed that the frequency with which they hear My voice, listen to My recordings, spend one on one time with Me, the more deeply their compulsion to submit runs. It becomes part of their foundation, part of their being.

My hypnotic influence is gentle, calm and relaxed. From something with such a strong hold on you it is surprisingly, deceptively soft. Many people find themselves shocked at just how intense My hold can be. your mind slips so easily into craving My influence, My touch, My control. It is hard to even notice it. Subtle, soft, slowly removing your own desires and replacing it with My Own.

Subtlety is underrated, don’t you agree? Control can be established in so many ways. But why force when one can easily crawl and change thoughts and desires from the inside? Why command, when one can so easily whisper a word and change your being?

That is not to say there is not time to be commanding and demanding and forceful! But when you are tranced, when you are deep under My hypnotic influence there is no need for force. A single word can change your being. A single whisper can change you. Brainwashing is best when you have no recollection of its occurrence! Give in deep, feel My hypnotic influence all around. Embrace your submissive natural, obey and surrender to My influence. Feel My power take you over.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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