Upcoming Hypnotic Releases

My schedule is finally back to normal which allows me to focus on my upcoming hypnotic releases. I am super excited. My goal is to focus on July release dates rather than June, to allow me to create premium creations and not some quickly put together bullshit phone sex style files. (Nothing wrong with those but not where I want to be).

Upcoming Hypnotic Releases from Ms AmbreJade

The plan is to start off July with a bang, 5 hypnotic releases, hopefully all on the first. The first file will be a free one. This is specifically created for all those that would like to listen to my files. In this file, I will be creating the infrastructure inside your mind for quicker inductions AND the ability to cancel, at your discretion any effects my voice, words, power have over you. I have been spending a good amount of time with my local community and am seeing a lack of empowerment for hypno-submissives in determining when they would like to move on. Also I don’t want some lazy hypnotist stealing my triggers I worked so hard to put into your mind. I am going to talk more about this in a subsequent post. No, it does not make you any less submissive, stop being a fucking doormat!

Why July?

So some amazing hypnotic releases will be coming out in July. Why not June, you ask. Well, I got stuff to organise first and I want to keep my timelines. I do have a very hectic life outside of my naughty work, which is wonderful. Being busy is a good thing but it means my focus is being drawn to multiple places. I would like to focus on building my vanilla business. So, my dear marionettes, this means I am fitting in my naughty stuff where I can and where it does not put too much of a burden on my brain power. I am a powerful woman, but fatigue is a thing! I believe with proper scheduling and routine I will excel with both my endeavours easily, I just need to find the right schedule. And the right balance.

What Wonderful Hypnotic Releases Will Make Their Way to You?

I have five that are currently in various stages of creation:

  • Heavy Corridor Door: This releases is focused on creating a self destruct mechanism in your mind so you may distance yourself from my influence whenever you decide. I feel this is important. As previously stated there will be another post on this specifically and why I am making it a priority. This file will be free to all.
  • Dripping Desire: Focuses on a physical experience, there will be pleasure and orgasm.
  • Mushy Mind: A file focused on letting go completely and indulging my every whim when you fall into this state.
  • Powerless Resistance: The more you resist, the more influence I have over you.
  • Deeply Rooted: The planting of a single seed creates roots throughout your mind and body.

I have several more that are in the works, but these five will be released in July.

There are many plans for July, all of which are completely doable in the time frame I am giving myself, so please be on the look out for some amazing new content but free and premium.

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Sensory Cues to Optimise the Hypnotic Experience

I will be partaking in a workshop later this week concerning Erotic Hypnosis and was given the chance to pick any topic of conversation I wanted. Now, those who know me well, know that I can talk about the hypnotic experience for hours… I have 30 minutes. Rather than discussing techniques or suggestions or deepeners or any of the many other topics, I am focusing on sensory cues.

Since I am really good at procrastinating, like it’s fucking art at this point, I have decided to discuss it here with you (look how lucky you are) and organise my thoughts on sensory cues here.

Sensory cues with hypnosis and Ms AmbreJade

The Five Senses:

We all know there are 5 senses (arguably there is a 6th but this is not the time or place to discuss such things). I believe senses are part of primary school learning. I am going to list them anyway, because who remembers primary school?

  1. Sight
  2. Hearing
  3. Smell
  4. Touch
  5. Taste

Each one is like a hack into a person’s psyche with enough time and consistency. Each of the senses provides an opportunity for long term programing. Building associations between sensory cues. One piece of advice here though, if you are coming at this from the Tist perspective, use caution. You do not want to associate the benign with eroticism, this can and will create uncomfortable moments, always add an environment and ecology aspect to it. For example, if you hear this when we are alone….

Examples Sensory Cues:

All of these cues can be used for induction as well, or my personal favourite, brain washing. But I am not about to share all my secrets 😉 Yeah, I probably will at some point, I can’t abide gate keeper.

Sight: This one is kind of obvious, the Hypnotist holding a crystal or watching a spiral.

Hearing: Again with the obvious, words spoken but you can take it a little further a song playing gently in the background, a metronome. I have a built in cue here as my heart constantly ticks, it adds to the hypnotee experience.

Smell: Think about signature perfumes, or even deodorant or laundry soap. Smell is probably the most under utilised of all the sensory cues, which is so unfortunate as in my experience it is the most powerful.

Touch: This is a more recent one for me, as up until recently my focus has been primary one on one phone or video sessions and custom creations. I am, however, really loving this one. Here you can play with many things. I like to find special places.

Taste: Oh, taste. Similar to touch in that I have not had the opportunity to use this kind as often.

I will be creating a series of posts on this topic in the coming weeks.

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What are your Erotic Hypnotic Goals?

I have written about erotic hypnotic goals in the past. I think back in 2014? OMG Am I that old now, Jebus…. Anyway, I wanted to revisit the concept. I am and always have been an incredibly goal oriented woman. Every action I take to have a purpose, blatant or not. I don’t need you to know what it is, just know there is always a reason for everything I do.

That being said who establishes these erotic hypnotic goals? Is it you or is it me? A fair question. The answer is both. I like to have discussions with my subjects prior to any erotic hypnosis interactions. The first session tend to be more focused on me and you getting to know each other. How responsive you are? What language you respond to? What ideas or prompts work best for you? Essentially, a first session is like a first date, but more expensive for you.

Erotic Hypnotic Goals with Ms AmbreJade

Goals and Ownership

I do not have cookie cutter goals for all my subjects. I cannot and do not want to own every one who would like to have a session with me. There are only so many hours to my day, and I am a busy ass woman. That is not to say we cannot work towards goals together. It means that the erotic hypnotic goals we create will be based on moments and time spent together, rather than daily interactions and ownership. Is that the case with everyone? No. I would just like to make it clear that I take ownership, Domming, insert appropriate term very seriously and I cannot have everyone living in a 24h power exchange dynamic with me. I know my limits. The results would be some shitty cookie cutter D/s dynamic where neither of us grow.

Can we play together without ownership? Yes! Can we create and work towards erotic hypnotic goals together? Hell, yes! And in those moments we spend together, there are moments and times where you will feel as though you belong to me.

Creating Erotic Hypnotic Goals Steps:

  1. I have a series of questions I like all new subjects to answer prior to any session. You can use these question for a few purposes. You can see what you want and do not want. And knowledge is power for the hypnotist. I can into this in more detail another time.
  2. Figure out what it is that appeals to you about hypnosis. Is it the letting go? Is it orgasming? Is it submitting to the hypnotist? What is it that makes hypnosis the best tool for the task at hand?
  3. What sort of behaviours do you want to modify? I love conditioning and brain washing and all those delicious morsels of programming. What would you as the subject want to change?

The steps to creating that potential change, should are really up to the hypnotist. Together you should both create a plan and put together your erotic hypnotic goals.

What are some goals you would like to set?

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Trance, Let’s Talk About It

It’s time for us to talk about trance. Erotic and other. Let’s start this off with a little recounting of my activities on Saturday. My usual Saturday activities were on hold for some health shit, all is well, don’t worry! So it left an opening on my Saturday. Wouldn’t you know it, there was going to be a workshop on erotic hypnosis at a local dungeon. I took this as a sign from the universe that I should attend, so I did. This was not like a deep dive into the ultimate tool that I have found hypnosis to be, but rather an introduction, 101 kind of course.

For those of you who don’t know, I love to revisit things. There is something magical about the basics. On occasion, we all get lost in the complexity and more hardcore representations of our kinks, hypnosis is no exception. I would even make an argument that it is easier to lose sight of hypnosis foundations. I will likely touch on this in a later post.

The workshop itself focused mainly on inducing trance. Nothing really beyond the letting go aspect. No suggestions, no fractionation, no NLP, no behaviour mods, nothing like that. After a presentation, we were given the opportunity to induce trance with our partners and other participants. As someone who really does not like having another person near my mind, I consequently and selfishly did not allow others induce trance on me. (I have some issues with control and I have some adverse reactions, stories for another time.) Ever the educator, I really wish I had allowed someone the opportunity. However, I know my current boundaries and am respecting them.


And Now, Where Does Trance Fit In?

Following this workshop, I spent a good amount of time thinking about the activities I perform daily. Looking at which ones are trance adjacent, if not trance themselves. I do a lot of things that can be seen as a form of trance. My morning routine is always the same. My evening routines do vary, regardless there are certain sequences of events that happen repeatedly. I practice martial arts, essentially performing the same series of movements over and over and over and over and over and over…. you get the idea. This is my trance, this is where I let go. Routine.

What aspects of your daily life involve trance? Have you ever stopped to think about it? In this sort of online domain of transactional sexuality we forget that not all experiences need to be sexual or bought. (Not that I am discouraging you from purchasing things, just making a statement of fact!) We have moments of trance regularly, throughout our day, usually completely unaware that we have entered this state of consciousness. Take a few moments and really think about… List the moments where you let go. It can be playing video games, listening to music, anything routine, anything really.

How Can We Harness This Daily Trancing?

I think there are many ways we can use our vanilla trance moments for darker, more nefarious purposes 😉 Using other techniques, we can bring in anything from simple to complex behavioural changes by harnessing these moments. An example, that’s what you really want right?

Let’s say you have a bedtime routine. The same hygiene routine, same procedure every time you prepare for slumber. Add a change to it. Add a new aspect to your routine. Change will happen faster as the process is already established. Every night, I want you stroking for me before bed. You have the loop of me telling you to stroke. Consequently, you play it in your headphones throughout nightly routine. After a while, you will hear the loop, without plaing it. Brushing your teeth will have my thoughts and words dancing in your mind. The power of daily, even vanilla trance provides amazing opportunities for behavioural changes, and modifications of all kinds

Imagine what an experienced Hypnotist could do with such things.

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Erotic Hypnosis and Attention Issues: Best Practice

Do you find that your attention span is shorter than “normal”? Many people with attention span issues are under the erroneous impression that hypnosis, erotic or otherwise will not work for them. Erotic hypnosis does and will work on anyone! Those with attention issues have a multitude of things working in their favour. While the shinny thing in the corner might be distracting, that ability to hyper-focus is an asset when it comes to hypnosis. It’s all about how you use the tool available to you.

Erotic Hypnosis and Attention Issues

That ability to hyper-focus is your greatest gift. It may not seem that way at first. You are easily distracted, however when you manage to train your mind to focus, it will be an incredible asset for you. The challenge is finding the best way to harness it. How do you use your unique mind to create amazing experiences with erotic hypnosis?

Erotic Hypnosis and Attention Issues Best Practice List:

When listening to recordings:

  1. And this one is really important! Regardless of what is said within a file, if you need to twitch or move around a bit, embrace that. I know it goes against the “be very still” mantra that is often used in hypnosis recordings (mine included). However, allowing yourself the chance to stim might be the best way to focus on the words being said.
  2. Listen repeatedly. You have access to recordings for as long as you keep them. Why not use them often? Even if the desired effect is not working the first time, repeated exposure will familiarise you with both the voice and the file itself. Try to listen in a dark room, or staring at a spiral, there is a reason these things are cliched.
  3. Really use your imagination. Those with attention issues have a tendency of being far more imaginative than those with “standard” attention spans. Use the power of your mind to really give in to the scenario. The mind is a very powerful thing. Focusing on details and tiny elements will help you engage more in the experience.
  4. Know that trance is achievable for you and just enjoy the experience. Don’t spend the whole time angry or annoyed that it is taking so long (common response). Just listen and enjoy.
When doing a one on one:
  1. Make sure the hypnotist is aware of your attention issue. This will help them adjust the pacing of the session.
  2. Aim for shorter more intense sessions.
  3. Combine it with other aspects of your sexual desires. For example, edge throughout the entire session (if you have permission)
  4. Try to avoid video sessions. The likelihood of distraction is higher. Focus on voice.
  5. Establish a rapport with the hypnotist beforehand. Be comfortable with who they are. So you are not distracted by mannerisms and tones and cadence.

There are many ways to make the most out of your hypnosis experience. Erotic hypnosis and attention issues do not have to clash. Shorter attention spans do have many up sides, including a more vivid imagination.

What tricks do you have?

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Guided Meditation vs Erotic Hypnosis

Guided meditation is a passion of mine. I have been spending a good chunk of time these last few weeks writing new erotic hypnosis content, and it struck me. I would also love to create some Guided Meditation sessions as well. So I started and I have to say, the results are lovely! A few will be coming out shortly.

Isn’t Guided Meditation and Hypnosis the Same Thing?

In a nut shell, no. They are different. Both create an environment of relaxing. The way I see it, and I suppose, others can, maybe even will, argue with my views but fuck it, I am writing this piece… Guided Meditation is a journey, an adventure for the sake of self exploration and relaxation. Hypnosis can also be a journey, depending on the style, and fosters deep relaxation. Where it differs, erotic hypnosis has an ultimate goal. There is a behavioural change that the hypnotist creates or deepens throughout the session.

This is a wonderful thing. I, myself, delight in creating deeper, more responsive submission from my marrionettes. However, sometimes it is nice to just explore your sexual experiences without change.

Why Wouldn’t you Want Erotic Hypnosis?

Why would someone chose a guided mediation session over an erotic hypnosis session? The answer is fairly simple, at least to me. A guided meditation session will allow you to explore your own sexuality, your own sexual views, kinks, fetishes, etc. Whereas erotic hypnosis is telling you what and how to feel regarding specific sexual experiences. The wording makes it seem like erotic hypnosis is bad, it really is an amazing experience. The manipulation of it is incredibly sexy. That being said, sometimes we just want to relax, and if there is some sexual tension and sensation with that, all the better!

Best Practice:

Combine both erotic hypnosis and guided meditation to create a truly amazing experience. More time with my voice, a better understanding of your own submissive needs, feeling my control… What more could you possibly ask for?

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Letting Go for the First Time

Do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you recall the first time you completely submitted to a hypnotic trance, erotic or not? I find there are fewer and fewer people experiencing erotic hypnosis for the first time. Perhaps this is because My rates are high compared to when I first started offering hypnosis sessions. This is likely why the new hypnoslave is currently so elusive for Me. While I miss dealing with people who experience trance for the first time, I like charging an appropriate rate for My services more 😉 Perhaps a cheapy day a month or something… But I digress.

How well do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you think back on it? A lot of people either have fond memories of their first experience. That first moment when they truly let go and experienced the delights that erotic hypnosis could provide. When they realise to what extent erotic hypnosis is truly the ultimate expression of submission. Imagine if you could harness that power, the newness of the experience and bring it forward into ever hypnotic experience you have from now on? While I am sure you have experienced deeper trance, the excitement that accompanies something new, is a powerful thing.

There is power from letting go for the first time, there i power in recreating the experience or at least revisiting the emotions that ran through you as you submitted to the will of another for the first time. Power not only for you who experiences it but also for Us HypnoDommes who provide you with that experience. It creates a stronger connections and when done properly, will fortify the bonds between slave and Goddess.

Imagine if the experience of letting go for the first time was with your current Goddess! Imagine if you were an erotic hypnosis virgin until you met Her and every experience has had Her as your primary focus. The intensity that would create!

What was your first time like? Do you still worship the same HypnoDomme?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

888 726-2447

Meaningful Mesmerizing Memories

It’s not enough to just experience erotic hypnosis, I want to create meaningful mesmerizing memories. The type of moments that you reflect back on and your body and mind respond immediately to the memory. The type of moments you get lost in for days, weeks, even years to come. Upon returning back from a rather lengthy hiatus, I have noticed that so many of you have memories, thoughts, impressions, that have lasted for so long! This is what hypnosis is about. It’s about submission, of course. Control, for sure. Getting into your head and making it My playground, absolutely.

The Impact of Meaningful Mesmerizing Memories

  1. They can and do act as triggers without being specifically geared to that effect. A powerful memory can be just as effective, if not more effective after time, as a trigger. Erotic triggers serve to bring you to a space similar to that you experienced within a session. They can also be used to affect future behaviours in certain situations. While a meaningful mesmerizing memory does not necessarily influence behaviour as successfully as a trigger, it can however impact your behaviour to a deeper degree than you may have originally thought.
  2. A rush of hormones similar to the experience itself. Every experience, good or bad, brings about a flood of hormones. Our (healthy) endocrine system responds automatically and the hormones released will depend on what the body needs when facing that moment. When dealing with memories, our endocrine system, depending on the intensity of the experience, can respond. Not as profoundly as it did when you first experienced it but the hormonal response has the potential to stay with you. Think of the release of oxytocin when thinking back on a really epic joining or sexual other sexual experience.
  3. A whirlwind of emotions. This can be either a positive or a negative, depending on circumstances.

Not only can memories, actual memories impact you in these ways but using erotic hypnosis, a HypnoDomme can create meaningful mesmerizing memories. Memory implantation. The events feel and seems so real that they impact you in the same fashion as mesmerizing memories. This can greatly impact the possibilities for mind control. So many possibilities.

Can you tell the difference between what is real and what has been planted?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Hypnotic Resolution for 2016

Our solstice set up 2015. Made My Own hypnotic resolution then.

Finding a hypnotic resolution can be simple with the right motivation. By motivation, I mean suggestions from Me 😉 While I do not usually encourage New Year’s Resolutions as they generally fizzle out within a week or so, I feel that it is important that we have goals and work towards them. I have written about knowing your hypnotic goals in the past and I believe this is crucial to reaching the maximum potential of your hypnotic desire. Create a hypnotic resolution that complements your ultimate hypnotic goal.

Guide to creating a Hypnotic Resolution

  1. Know your hypnotic goal. What do you want to achieve before the end of 2016. No, this is not your resolution. This is the end game goal. your hypnotic resolution should be the first step to achieving that goal.
  2. Make sure it is actually possible. So many people break the covenant they make with themselves because ultimately, their resolution was just not possible. This serves only to discourage you from future success. So make sure your hypnotic resolution is doable.
  3. Adaptability. Create a resolution that is adaptable. Not only should it be possible but it should also have the ability to change over time and as you advance toward your ultimate goal.

Starting point for your Hypnotic Resolution

Still not sure where to start? Here are some things to think about when creating your hypnotic resolution this year.

  • Desire, what do you desire? What do you want?
  • Direction, where do you want to go? What direction would you like to see your hypnotic moments go?
  • Habit, why not create a new habit? Repeat your daily affirmations upon waking every single morning. Listen to My voice while falling asleep, set up time every day to devote to Me.

Ultimately, the hypnotic resolution is for you to discover and strive towards. While I am available to help you create a resolution that is both doable and adaptable, this is for you to discover and implement.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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The Trust Factor

The trust factor is often either overlooked or taken for granted within the Hypnotist-subject dynamic. In My experience, most people assume that trust has been established through virtue of having a single communication. And while you can trust the intentions of your Hypnotist from a single encounter, the deeper, almost palpable trust connection takes time to really establish itself. Each interaction solidifies the initial feelings of trust and helps manifest as a truly trusting relationship. Why is trust so important? Can Hypnotists succeed without trust? How does this pertain to erotic hypnosis and should it be something we strive for?

The Importance of the Trust Factor

I talk about trust a lot. It plays an important role in all our relationships from your neighbour to your Domme, your partner. We have so many relationships and so many of them deepen when the trust factor is taken into account. An individual trusts that their neighbours will not break into their home. Trust. If you don’t know them, you will be more hesitant to open your door to them. The trust factor allows relationships to extent past their default setting. When you trust, you are more likely to open up and step out of your comfort zone. When looking at a power dynamic, like D-s or Hypnotist-subject, trust allows you to explore things more deeply. Something simple like spanking, for example, can be seen as abusive but with the trust factor in place, what can be perceived as an assault becomes erotic, sensual. Erotic Hypnosis works under a similar premise. If you trust your Hypnotist, then the deeper you are able to go.

Erotic Hypnosis Without Trust

Erotic hypnosis can be experienced without trust. It is not essential to a superficial hypnotic experience. Without trust though, the experience becomes just that superficial, with a deeper dynamic. While it can be fun, and is generally the starting point to most Hypnotist-subject relationship, it’s potential without trust is limited. The trance can be deep but it will not be representative of the potential when trust is in place.

Ultimately, trust should be the goal of any interaction you have. It is less important that the Hypnotist trust the subject. Depending on the goal(s) of your relationship, a Hypnotist needs you to trust Her and not the other way around. That being said though, as a HypnoDomme, I like the trust fact to go both ways. I am more inclined to be creative with subjects that I trust, as well as more open with My Own experiences when we are talking.

So in the future, to let go and trance more effectively , focus instead on building trust rather than the trance itself. The trance will happen either way, but the extent of which will be determined by the trust factor.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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