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Female Domination at its finest. If you are looking for a new Mistress, want to check what makes Ambre Jade so unique, this is where you want to be.


Discover the pleasures of erotic hypnosis. True submission takes place in the mind. Open yours to Ambre Jade’s influence and power.

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Explore your sexuality and get your shit together with AmbreJade. Emphasis on health, and self awareness.

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Ambre Jade Empire

The Ambre Jade Empire is a collection of information, sites, social media, podcast, etc. all revolving around AmbreJade’s view of sexuality, Femdom, professional and personal experiences. The ultimate goal is to educate and allow submissives a safe space to explore their needs, fetishes, kinks, without concern over consequences.

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Let’s Play Catch Up

Let’s Play Catch Up

It’s been more than a few years since we last spoke, other than my podcast announcement last week. So let’s play catch up. It seems…

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Been Awhile Right?

Been Awhile Right?

Yeah, I know… Long time. And I am not making some big announcement about returning to the world of phone sex Domination. Even though it…

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Life Update: What’s Up With That Busy Schedule

Life Update: What’s Up With That Busy Schedule

As some of you have likely guessed, and it seems pretty obvious from my lack of posting for the last six months, my schedule has…

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