Deep under My Hypnotic Influence

Hypnotic Influence

As some of you know, I can be a little particular when it comes to who is MY sub or slave. I will do hypnosis sessions on those that are not exclusively Mine and those just looking for the opportunity to submit deeply. So many fall so deep under My hypnotic influence. This merely increases over time. Many have noticed that the frequency with which they hear My voice, listen to My recordings, spend one on one time with Me, the more deeply their compulsion to submit runs. It becomes part of their foundation, part of their being.

My hypnotic influence is gentle, calm and relaxed. From something with such a strong hold on you it is surprisingly, deceptively soft. Many people find themselves shocked at just how intense My hold can be. your mind slips so easily into craving My influence, My touch, My control. It is hard to even notice it. Subtle, soft, slowly removing your own desires and replacing it with My Own.

Subtlety is underrated, don’t you agree? Control can be established in so many ways. But why force when one can easily crawl and change thoughts and desires from the inside? Why command, when one can so easily whisper a word and change your being?

That is not to say there is not time to be commanding and demanding and forceful! But when you are tranced, when you are deep under My hypnotic influence there is no need for force. A single word can change your being. A single whisper can change you. Brainwashing is best when you have no recollection of its occurrence! Give in deep, feel My hypnotic influence all around. Embrace your submissive natural, obey and surrender to My influence. Feel My power take you over.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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