About the AmbreJade Empire

I created the Ambre Jade Empire to bring together some of my many passions. I am a Domme, both lifestyle and professional. This aspect of my personality, being, soul (you get the idea), allows me to accomplish what others can only dream of. My empire brings Femdom into the forefront of your existence. It reminds you that there are more aspects of Female Domination than you have even realised. Combine my passion with Femdom and there is nothing we cannot accomplish with a little time and effort.


Welcome To My Site and Blog

Here you will find unique insight into the world of Femdom as seen by me, Ambre Jade. Insight and perspective that have not entered your mind. Everyone can benefit from reading these posts. While primarily this is written with the intention of bringing my thoughts to the surface for slaves, subs, clients, etc. It will also benefit those who have a passing interest in sexuality, and sensual experiences. A sex positive blog devoted to a while manner of subjects ranging from fetishes to random passing thoughts through my mind.

The blog is divided by subject matter. Female Domination being the central theme but it will also encompass discussion regarding health and wellness, parenting trials (as it relates to being a Domme), hypnosis, both erotic and therapeutic, lifestyle changes, how to better serve, what makes a good Domme… you see where I am going here. For those whose interests are specific, you can easily find the blog posts related to the subject you are looking for via the menu.

Some of these posts, many of these posts, will be quite personal and do not necessarily reflect the professional side of Femdom but rather my personal experience out in the real world. Do not mistake my personal experiences with my professional compartment. These are separate but still from the same person and therefor important.

About Ambre Jade

I have been a professional Domme, mainly online, for five years. I have accumulated so much knowledge as it pertains to Female Domination within that time. I have been a lifestyle Domme for even longer, though my identifying as such took longer, it took reflection, hindsight, to truly see the extent of my being a Domme. Perhaps a better way to phrase it would be to say, I have always had a very dominant personality. I crave control, both behind and outside of closed doors.

I have dabbled with hypnosis for over ten years now, 5 as an erotic hypnotist. My first experiences with hypnosis were vanilla in nature, mainly focused on the minimization of pain for clients.


I spend a vast majority of my time focused on life coaching. Helping individuals attain goal they previously thought impossible. It works well with Femdom, as a control freak, it makes creating plans for individuals very easy.

I am currently in a vanilla relationship, have been for years and find the balance between Domme and partner rather challenging. He is not into D-s relationships, which is fine as I sustain my own needs through work and various encounters. Old news, he got the boot! I do however lead the relationship. Female led relationships is a topic I feel very strongly about. Women should be empowered in the relationship dynamic.

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Happy Reading!

Ambre Jade