Healthy Living Tuesdays

It was recently asked “Why do you post about health, food, exercise… aren’t you a Dominatrix?” I suppose this is a fair question. The topics are write about tend to be incredibly varied and since amalgamating all my sites into one, my vast range of topics is clearly identifiable. So why do I write about healthy living? What does that have to do with D/s relationships?

Healthy Living Tuesdays with Ambre JadeWell, for some people nothing. For some, the two are not connected. My musings on well being look simply out of place when you contrast them with posts about Femdom and Fetishism. Posts about eating more broccoli are not likely bring me more clients. But posts about eating more broccoli, reminds people that eating more broccoli is important to me. Which means, if they truly want to serve or please me, eating more broccoli will become important to them!

In serving me, you are a reflection of my desires. You should strive to represent me, my passions, my lifestyle to the best of your abilities. This is important to remember. If someone is serving me, then I want them to showcase, to embrace a lifestyle that not only has me at its core but my work ethic, my morals… you get the idea.

Health and well-being are important aspects of my life. I have struggled with illness, surgery, weight gain, a loss of control over my health and over the past four years, I am taking control again. I am pushing myself to better my quality of life. You shoudl do the same. Not only because you would benefit from it, but also because I want you to.

I want my slaves, subs, subjects to want to embrace a similar lifestyle. To endeavour to better themselves both physically and mentally. To embrace Femdom and through it gain confidence, self esteem and all those wonderful empowering things.

Healthy living makes for healthy slaving… So yes, I will always post healthy living articles and no they will not likely be wank fodder, you can handle it 😉

Ambre Jade