Healthy Living Tuesdays

It was recently asked “Why do you post about health, food, exercise… aren’t you a聽Dominatrix?” I suppose this is a fair question. The topics are write about tend to be incredibly varied and since amalgamating all my sites into one, my vast range of topics is clearly identifiable. So why do I write about healthy living? What does that have to do with D/s relationships?

Healthy Living Tuesdays with Ambre JadeWell, for some people nothing. For some, the two are not connected. My musings on well being look simply out of place when you contrast them with posts about Femdom and Fetishism. Posts about eating more broccoli are聽not likely bring me more clients. But posts about eating more broccoli, reminds people that eating more broccoli is important to me. Which means, if they truly want to serve or please me, eating more broccoli will become important to them!

In serving me, you are a reflection of my desires. You should strive to represent me, my passions, my lifestyle to the best of your abilities. This is important to remember. If someone is serving me, then I want them to showcase, to embrace a lifestyle that not only has me at its core but my work ethic, my morals… you get the idea.

Health and well-being are important aspects of my life. I have struggled with illness, surgery, weight gain, a loss of control over my health and over the past four years, I am taking control again. I am pushing myself to better my quality of life. You shoudl do the same. Not only because you would benefit from it, but also because I want you to.

I want my slaves, subs, subjects to want to embrace a similar lifestyle. To endeavour to better themselves both physically and mentally. To embrace Femdom and through it gain confidence, self esteem and all those wonderful empowering things.

Healthy living makes for healthy slaving… So yes, I will always post healthy living articles and no they will not likely be wank fodder, you can handle it 馃槈

Ambre Jade


Teaching and Training, trying to balance

I have been doing more teaching than training for the last month.聽I am finding that teaching karate classes are quite suited to my personality. I get to boss people around, they obey… it is quite fantastic. It also has me using my creativity, making sure people remain engaged while still learning their material and constantly improving. SO yeah, teaching is apparently my thing. I always seem to end up in that sort of Matron role.

The problem with teaching, I am not training as much! Four hours of my evening time, that was once devoted to my own training has now become teaching time. The reality is that teaching is no where near training. Not if you want to do so properly. To combat this, I have been arriving to class early, staying late but it is still not quite enough.

From my Black Belt Presentation (had to remove all the other people, not sure how they would feel about their images being used)
From my Black Belt Presentation (had to remove all the other people, not sure how they would feel about their images being used)

Finding time to train is becoming difficult. My day is filled with work obligations, I am trying to create so much new content on a regular basis. As well as doing phone sessions, Skype sessions, chat sessions… you get the idea. Basically, there are not enough hours in the day. And I am really at a loss on how to combat this conundrum. While I want to continue teaching, and love doing so, I also have my own material to work on. A lot of material to work on. My ambition for Nidan this October will likely not come into fruition but I still have so much work to do.

My ideal practice is 2 hours a day. Where am I going to find those extra hours. It was suggested that I spend my mornings practicing. But I love my mornings. My morning are completely about me. I ritualistically make coffee, sit on my balcony and just let my mind wonder. There may be a book involved too. I need that time and am not willing to sacrifice it. Perhaps it is time to change my ideal time to something more reasonable. An hour would probably suffice. Finding an hour during the day is far less daunting a task than two hours.

How much time do you devote to training, working out, running, etc a day?

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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Fitness Testing, I have to do it so should you

So my karate people, read individuals who are far more advanced than myself, have decided that all of us within the Yudansha (1st degree black belt and above) should perform various fitness exercises and compare our results. While this sort of fitness testing makes sense to me, I do have some anxiety related to it. Many of the exercises are not one that I excel at. Most are body weight exercises, various calisthenics and a metric metric mile run. Running is not, and has never been my thing. I have been trying to add running to my weekly routine, I am finding it very difficult to find the time and the energy to be honest. I do my martial arts training daily. As well as classes 4 days a week and a fighting fit class. Combine this with working and parenting, my time is really quite limited.

If I want to do well in this fitness testing, I better start making it a higher priority. We have not been given a date for the actual testing yet, so I figure start now, get you guys involved. Motivation for both myself and you to move some more. So here are the exercises (hopefully not breaking some BS secret society rule):

  1. Metric mile run – TIME
  2. Knuckle push ups (arms close to the body, elbows behind hand, to 90 degrees) – TO FAILURE (proper technique for each one)
  3. Wide push ups (arms farther from the body, about chest, fingers pointing away from the body) – TO FAILURE
  4. Triangle – Diamond push ups (hands at the xiphoid process ish, index fingers and thumbs touching to create a diamond / triangle) – TO FAILURE
  5. Plank (standard on elbows plank) – TIME
  6. Side plank (hand that is not taking the body weight to be in the air) X 2 – TIME
  7. Lunges (walking motion with twenty pound weights in each hand) – TO FAILURE
  8. Wall sit (against a wall, sit with legs at a 90 degree angle) – TIME
  9. Sit ups (hands extended forward, to reach knees) – 60 SECONDS
  10. Curl ups (hand on opposite shoulder, crossed, elbows to knees) – 60 SECONDS
  11. Pull ups (hands about should width apart, palms out) – TO FAILURE

Depending on the number you perform, age, and gender, you will be assigned a numerical value for each exercise.

Fitness Testing with Ambre JadeI would like to do something similar with those trying to keep up with me on My Fitness Pal and my healthy living boys. Consider this an assignment! This week you will test each one of those exercises and give me the results. You can do one or two a day, they don’t have to be all at the same time. Included in your results, I would like age and gender.

I will share my results as well!

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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September Healthy Living Goals

This is the first time I am bringing my healthy living goals to my Femdom blog. My hope is that by combining September Healthy Living goals with my other blogs, I can encourage more people to embrace a healthier lifestyle is tandem with their Femdom lifestyle.

This is not the first time I have writing my monthly goals down. This is something I generally do privately, or on my healthy living blog. I would like everything to from now on be available in a single space where people can read about my goals and maybe add some of their own.

Like with every month, karate is a focus. I have classes a minimum of 4 times a week (some spent teaching rather than training). So I do not really feel the need to make monthly goals that have to do with my training. I want to add something different to the mix.

Over the past several months, I have neglected my food diary on My Fitness Pal. This was partially done on purpose as I was training for my black belt, and really ate when I was hungry and worried very little about calorie consumption. Now that the dynamic of my training has changed, it is time to return to daily food logging.

Goal 1: Food Logging for the Entire Month

Perhaps not as carefully as I have in the past, ie weighing my food, but still a daily record to keep me accountable.

My next goal is cardio related, I am not a good runner. Never have been, likely never will be BUT I would like to at least have the ability to run a 5k without wanting to die in the process.

Goal 2: Running a Little, a few days a week

My cardio is actually not that bad where other activities are involved. I bike to and from karate classes, about 6.5 km each way.聽I can train with weapons for hours at a time. Running seems to be my holy grail. It always feels so close and yet I can never find it. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be my running days, preferably in the mornings.

2 September Healthy Living goals, they may seem simple enough but with all the other stuff I do, they could easily prove to be a challenge.

What are your healthy living goals for September? What would you like to accomplish? September is the perfect month for change, 30 days and the beginnings of a season change… I always find it to be a very productive month.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade


A Huge Day

Today is a huge day for me! Finally, after so much work and sacrifice and blood and broken bones, I will be receiving my black belt this morning! It was a long road, one that started many years ago and blossomed this winter!

I am so excited! So I thought I would share this momentous occasion with you.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

Freedom Coming

As you may have noticed, the last few months have not been filled with posts, tweets, Facebook updates and the like. I have incredibly focused on my black belt exam. It has been a rough road to say the least. I don’t think anyone really sets off on this sort of journey thinking it will be swift and easy. I certainly wasn’t, especially considering my various health issues.

This was not a simple endeavour nor was it terribly profitable, from a professional stand point. I am not sure how many people want to see my limbs black and blue from fight class or the various broken toes, swollen muscles, bruised jaw… well, you get the picture. It is not exactly what you would see as typical Domme behaviour. And while I do not feel the need to behave in a typical fashion, I also did not want my entire Instagram laced with images of obvious aggression and some brutality. So I made a compromise. I limited my exposure for the last few months, smart? Probably. Who knows, and at this point, who cares?

I made a point to reply to messages and take appointments on my own time. The time where I could move and the time where my energy could be focused on my clients.聽Unfortunately, this reduced the number of new clients coming into my fold and many clients felt that I was shunning them. Completely understandable.

Why does this matter? Well, it doesn’t really. There will be clients new and old who find you once you make yourself available. My lack of availability and interaction over the last few months, my silence, my limited, if any blog posts… those are coming to an end as my exam approaches. The day is finally here (well, in a week) and I will have some freedom again. I will be writing more and with increased vigour as the spring progresses. I have some wonderful plan for Domme Thoughts. This almost feels like a rebirth of sorts, not a reinvention but a chance to put in the time and effort my projects deserve. I am excited to see what the coming months will bring.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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Injured But Still Gorgeous

IMG_20150812_1For those of you who聽are not聽au currant, My broken ankle and subsequent DVT have kind of been kicking My ass. More the medication than the injury and illness itself but kicking My ass none the less. So I have been taking things easy for a little bit. Fucked My summer plans up quite a bit, but what can you do?

Well, you can be worshiped for being gorgeous. Which is how I have been spending My time. It’s been lush. My lover has been taking good care of Me as well as some of My special good boys.

I have definitely been in the mood for more Goddess worship than anything else. Though still enjoying My hypnosis sessions, they have not been the focus lately as My energy level does not really allow more than a single session in a day. Body worship though, Goddess worship, I can easily do that all day. And I have been! That and sleeping and physio! Makes a good way to spend the day.

Just a quick check in from Me today.

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade

Getting Healthy Through Hypnosis

GetHealthyThere has been some discussion about getting healthy, losing weight, things of that nature on the Femdom Devotionals Forum, I participate in with Princess Indigo and Empress Vox (Hypnotic Haylee). Wouldn’t it be great if you could start getting healthy through hypnosis? If you could get healthy all for the love you feel for your Hypnosis Goddess! Well saddle up 馃檪 We have some healthy living to discuss!!! I will be creating a series of files for those who will be participating in My Healthy Living Challenge for 30 Days.

I would like you to embrace the idea of getting healthy through hypnosis. Let’s use hypnosis as a tool to fortify your desire for healthy living. We can use it to increase your resolve and devotion to creating a new lifestyle and adjusting your relationship with food. There are so many tiny things you can do to embrace a healthier lifestyle and I would like My subjects, submissives, slaves, puppies, etc to all be as healthy as they can be!

Healthy Through Hypnosis and Healthy Living Challenge

This process is going to be difficult for some. This is not something to take on, thinking it can be accomplished casually. There will be diet (by diet I only mean what you ingest, I do not believe in fad diets or quick slim downs etc) monitoring and discussion, nutritional requirement talks, work out planning, meal planning, basically your life will be Mine for the next 30 days! Discussion on past events, cravings, changing and adapting to new food relationships, cooking discussions. you can easily see where I am going with all this!

I will not only be your Goddess but also your controller, your Life Coach, your Confidante and so much more. I will learn everything about you. And you will gladly share it with Me.

I am really excited for this project. So here is what you need to do for Me, this is going to be Day One’s release but we can take sneak a looksie 馃槈

  1. Join My Fitness Pal, I am on there it is an easy way to keep track of everything
  2. Become My friend on there, My profile is:聽
  3. Follow My Healthy For Ambre blog, join it, participate
  4. And more…

Some side notes before you get all over excited, I am not a trainer, I can only offer My personal thoughts. If you are new to exercising talk to you MD, talk to your MD if you have health issues and the like as well… This is for entertainment purposes only!

There will be a variety of hypnosis sessions available related to getting Healthy for Ambre! Including a Quit Smoking hypnosis session. Be on the look out as well for Doll Time 2, Corridors 3 and Mummy Wrapped (working title;) )!

Have you been keeping up with My 30 Days of Kink? Check it out on My Doctrine Site!

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade