Upcoming Hypnotic Releases

My schedule is finally back to normal which allows me to focus on my upcoming hypnotic releases. I am super excited. My goal is to focus on July release dates rather than June, to allow me to create premium creations and not some quickly put together bullshit phone sex style files. (Nothing wrong with those but not where I want to be).

Upcoming Hypnotic Releases from Ms AmbreJade

The plan is to start off July with a bang, 5 hypnotic releases, hopefully all on the first. The first file will be a free one. This is specifically created for all those that would like to listen to my files. In this file, I will be creating the infrastructure inside your mind for quicker inductions AND the ability to cancel, at your discretion any effects my voice, words, power have over you. I have been spending a good amount of time with my local community and am seeing a lack of empowerment for hypno-submissives in determining when they would like to move on. Also I don’t want some lazy hypnotist stealing my triggers I worked so hard to put into your mind. I am going to talk more about this in a subsequent post. No, it does not make you any less submissive, stop being a fucking doormat!

Why July?

So some amazing hypnotic releases will be coming out in July. Why not June, you ask. Well, I got stuff to organise first and I want to keep my timelines. I do have a very hectic life outside of my naughty work, which is wonderful. Being busy is a good thing but it means my focus is being drawn to multiple places. I would like to focus on building my vanilla business. So, my dear marionettes, this means I am fitting in my naughty stuff where I can and where it does not put too much of a burden on my brain power. I am a powerful woman, but fatigue is a thing! I believe with proper scheduling and routine I will excel with both my endeavours easily, I just need to find the right schedule. And the right balance.

What Wonderful Hypnotic Releases Will Make Their Way to You?

I have five that are currently in various stages of creation:

  • Heavy Corridor Door: This releases is focused on creating a self destruct mechanism in your mind so you may distance yourself from my influence whenever you decide. I feel this is important. As previously stated there will be another post on this specifically and why I am making it a priority. This file will be free to all.
  • Dripping Desire: Focuses on a physical experience, there will be pleasure and orgasm.
  • Mushy Mind: A file focused on letting go completely and indulging my every whim when you fall into this state.
  • Powerless Resistance: The more you resist, the more influence I have over you.
  • Deeply Rooted: The planting of a single seed creates roots throughout your mind and body.

I have several more that are in the works, but these five will be released in July.

There are many plans for July, all of which are completely doable in the time frame I am giving myself, so please be on the look out for some amazing new content but free and premium.

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