Hypnotic Resolution for 2016

Our solstice set up 2015. Made My Own hypnotic resolution then.

Finding a hypnotic resolution can be simple with the right motivation. By motivation, I mean suggestions from Me 😉 While I do not usually encourage New Year’s Resolutions as they generally fizzle out within a week or so, I feel that it is important that we have goals and work towards them. I have written about knowing your hypnotic goals in the past and I believe this is crucial to reaching the maximum potential of your hypnotic desire. Create a hypnotic resolution that complements your ultimate hypnotic goal.

Guide to creating a Hypnotic Resolution

  1. Know your hypnotic goal. What do you want to achieve before the end of 2016. No, this is not your resolution. This is the end game goal. your hypnotic resolution should be the first step to achieving that goal.
  2. Make sure it is actually possible. So many people break the covenant they make with themselves because ultimately, their resolution was just not possible. This serves only to discourage you from future success. So make sure your hypnotic resolution is doable.
  3. Adaptability. Create a resolution that is adaptable. Not only should it be possible but it should also have the ability to change over time and as you advance toward your ultimate goal.

Starting point for your Hypnotic Resolution

Still not sure where to start? Here are some things to think about when creating your hypnotic resolution this year.

  • Desire, what do you desire? What do you want?
  • Direction, where do you want to go? What direction would you like to see your hypnotic moments go?
  • Habit, why not create a new habit? Repeat your daily affirmations upon waking every single morning. Listen to My voice while falling asleep, set up time every day to devote to Me.

Ultimately, the hypnotic resolution is for you to discover and strive towards. While I am available to help you create a resolution that is both doable and adaptable, this is for you to discover and implement.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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