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Erotic Hypnosis with AmbreJade

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A collection of free erotic and vanilla hypnosis sessions available from Ambre Jade.

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

Learn more about erotic hypnosis in general and what erotic hypnosis with Ambre Jade looks like. Read about my specialties and my style of trance.

Erotic Hypnosis Sessions

Skype sessions, phone sessions, text sessions… Learn more about the erotic hypnosis sessions offered by Ambre Jade.

Hypnoslavery and Brainwashing

Do you have what it takes to be a proper hypnoslave? Do you know what it means to be Ambre Jade’s hypnosis slave?

Erotic Hypnosis Guide

For those who are new to Erotic Hypnosis in general. Information for those looking to session with Ambre Jade for the first time.

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Upcoming Hypnotic Releases

Upcoming Hypnotic Releases

My schedule is finally back to normal which allows me to focus on my upcoming hypnotic releases. I am super excited. My goal is to…

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Sensory Cues to Optimise the Hypnotic Experience

Sensory Cues to Optimise the Hypnotic Experience

I will be partaking in a workshop later this week concerning Erotic Hypnosis and was given the chance to pick any topic of conversation I…

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What are your Erotic Hypnotic Goals?

What are your Erotic Hypnotic Goals?

I have written about erotic hypnotic goals in the past. I think back in 2014? OMG Am I that old now, Jebus…. Anyway, I wanted…

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