Meaningful Mesmerizing Memories

It’s not enough to just experience erotic hypnosis, I want to create meaningful mesmerizing memories. The type of moments that you reflect back on and your body and mind respond immediately to the memory. The type of moments you get lost in for days, weeks, even years to come. Upon returning back from a rather lengthy hiatus, I have noticed that so many of you have memories, thoughts, impressions, that have lasted for so long! This is what hypnosis is about. It’s about submission, of course. Control, for sure. Getting into your head and making it My playground, absolutely.

The Impact of Meaningful Mesmerizing Memories

  1. They can and do act as triggers without being specifically geared to that effect. A powerful memory can be just as effective, if not more effective after time, as a trigger. Erotic triggers serve to bring you to a space similar to that you experienced within a session. They can also be used to affect future behaviours in certain situations. While a meaningful mesmerizing memory does not necessarily influence behaviour as successfully as a trigger, it can however impact your behaviour to a deeper degree than you may have originally thought.
  2. A rush of hormones similar to the experience itself. Every experience, good or bad, brings about a flood of hormones. Our (healthy) endocrine system responds automatically and the hormones released will depend on what the body needs when facing that moment. When dealing with memories, our endocrine system, depending on the intensity of the experience, can respond. Not as profoundly as it did when you first experienced it but the hormonal response has the potential to stay with you. Think of the release of oxytocin when thinking back on a really epic joining or sexual other sexual experience.
  3. A whirlwind of emotions. This can be either a positive or a negative, depending on circumstances.

Not only can memories, actual memories impact you in these ways but using erotic hypnosis, a HypnoDomme can create meaningful mesmerizing memories. Memory implantation. The events feel and seems so real that they impact you in the same fashion as mesmerizing memories. This can greatly impact the possibilities for mind control. So many possibilities.

Can you tell the difference between what is real and what has been planted?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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2 thoughts on “Meaningful Mesmerizing Memories

  1. Greetings, Goddess Ambre Jade..
    I stumbled into Your page by chance, and I couldn’t help but experience this unshakable desire to write something down here..for You…I just couldn’t believe, after reading your blog post, and listening to Your voice..and, most important, looking at Your pictures and noticing the look in Your wickedly gorgeous and, pun intended, hypnotic eyes, that no one has posted a comment here before…It just makes no sense..
    But anyway….for some reason that I can’t even explain myself, here I am..posting the first one…
    I do seldom write, respond, comment or otherwise express myself in these blogs, as i tend to be very private in my believes, so I do not share as often as most folks do with their private lives on line now a days…
    Yet, when I read your lines above, and then listened to Your mantra audio, I noticed what I was reading and hearing something so totally different from what I’ve seen in these blogs before….You definitely strike me as a High Lady with a very unique and strong philosophy, and a, rarely seen, deep knowledge of what You share in Your words….
    I know anything I say here may be nothing new to You, as I’m sure You’re very aware of the impact and the effect Your words, Your presence, even the sharp, penetrating, seemingly ice cold gaze from Your eyes would easily have in any man’s mind… I’m sure…..But i just wanted to express my awe to You, perhaps compelled by something I never experienced before, and that I can’t just describe in plain words…

  2. Loved reading this Goddess Ambre! I get a kick out of some people that say erotic hypnosis doesn’t work. I never really realized how powerful erotic hypnosis was on me until i looked back over the past couple of years, and realized just how powerful it is, and what a huge impact it has had on me. Like anything else in life you have to work at it, and train on a regular basis to feel the true affects of it. The more i train to it the easier it is for me to go under. I completely agree about the memories. It creates such a powerful bond between Goddess, and slave. I have times when out of the blue i will be struck with such loving emotions towards Goddess.

    Miss seeing you around lately on facebook. Just saying hi, and i hope all is well with you!

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