Injured But Still Gorgeous

IMG_20150812_1For those of you who are not au currant, My broken ankle and subsequent DVT have kind of been kicking My ass. More the medication than the injury and illness itself but kicking My ass none the less. So I have been taking things easy for a little bit. Fucked My summer plans up quite a bit, but what can you do?

Well, you can be worshiped for being gorgeous. Which is how I have been spending My time. It’s been lush. My lover has been taking good care of Me as well as some of My special good boys.

I have definitely been in the mood for more Goddess worship than anything else. Though still enjoying My hypnosis sessions, they have not been the focus lately as My energy level does not really allow more than a single session in a day. Body worship though, Goddess worship, I can easily do that all day. And I have been! That and sleeping and physio! Makes a good way to spend the day.

Just a quick check in from Me today.

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade