Fitness Testing, I have to do it so should you

So my karate people, read individuals who are far more advanced than myself, have decided that all of us within the Yudansha (1st degree black belt and above) should perform various fitness exercises and compare our results. While this sort of fitness testing makes sense to me, I do have some anxiety related to it. Many of the exercises are not one that I excel at. Most are body weight exercises, various calisthenics and a metric metric mile run. Running is not, and has never been my thing. I have been trying to add running to my weekly routine, I am finding it very difficult to find the time and the energy to be honest. I do my martial arts training daily. As well as classes 4 days a week and a fighting fit class. Combine this with working and parenting, my time is really quite limited.

If I want to do well in this fitness testing, I better start making it a higher priority. We have not been given a date for the actual testing yet, so I figure start now, get you guys involved. Motivation for both myself and you to move some more. So here are the exercises (hopefully not breaking some BS secret society rule):

  1. Metric mile run – TIME
  2. Knuckle push ups (arms close to the body, elbows behind hand, to 90 degrees) – TO FAILURE (proper technique for each one)
  3. Wide push ups (arms farther from the body, about chest, fingers pointing away from the body) – TO FAILURE
  4. Triangle – Diamond push ups (hands at the xiphoid process ish, index fingers and thumbs touching to create a diamond / triangle) – TO FAILURE
  5. Plank (standard on elbows plank) – TIME
  6. Side plank (hand that is not taking the body weight to be in the air) X 2 – TIME
  7. Lunges (walking motion with twenty pound weights in each hand) – TO FAILURE
  8. Wall sit (against a wall, sit with legs at a 90 degree angle) – TIME
  9. Sit ups (hands extended forward, to reach knees) – 60 SECONDS
  10. Curl ups (hand on opposite shoulder, crossed, elbows to knees) – 60 SECONDS
  11. Pull ups (hands about should width apart, palms out) – TO FAILURE

Depending on the number you perform, age, and gender, you will be assigned a numerical value for each exercise.

Fitness Testing with Ambre JadeI would like to do something similar with those trying to keep up with me on My Fitness Pal and my healthy living boys. Consider this an assignment! This week you will test each one of those exercises and give me the results. You can do one or two a day, they don’t have to be all at the same time. Included in your results, I would like age and gender.

I will share my results as well!

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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