Words of the Goddess

When Goddess Speaks

Can you ever really be prepared to hear the voice of your Goddess? The Words of the Goddess? To hear Her words and feel Her scripture run through you. I don’t think you can ever really be prepared for such an intense moment. Such a raw and powerful moment when you hear Her thoughts and words form and vibrate through your being.

I am of course, referring to My newest hypnosis project, daily affirmations and words of the Goddess! I am still hard at work creating recordings but as I am writing, creating, giving birth to My hypnotic experiences for you, I am discovering that I have created an absolutely delightful collection of quick, loop-able, devotional creations. These delectable pieces that spring from My mind much like Athena bursting through Her father’s mind, needed to be released. They needed to bring their words and wisdom into being. As such, I had no choice. The Goddess was running through Me, tapping on My mind anxious for the birth of these words.

None of My created passages would be sufficient to create a full file, well yes, I could create one, but I feel drawn toward release short pieces. Creating them in such a masterful way that they may be looped and listened to all day. Or at least before bed. These will become your nightly prayers and your morning devotion to My doctrine. Starting on Sunday, every morning you will wake to a new file being released. Inexpensive enough that all My subjects can enjoy it. Appealing enough to make even the most questioning subject fall to his knees and beg for more, pray for more.

It all begins on Sunday. Become My most devout follower. Pray to your hypnosis Goddess. Let the words of the Goddess, of your Goddess, My words run through you in daily affirmation and devotion.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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  1. Great idea! I love loops and short files that tie together well that help to enforce training and indoctrination

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