Hypnotic Holiday Season


There are so many ways that you and I can enjoy a hypnotic holiday season together! I know, I am an Atheist so how is it that I can celebrate the holidays? Well, there are a few holidays that I do celebrate. Traditions would be a more apt word. I follow a few traditions. This time of year just calls for traditions, doesn’t it? The lack of sun shine and the cold brings forth a need for that human connection. For someone to not only see and understand you but to give you a safe place, a real, secure environment through which to experience a hypnotic holiday season. Who better to manifest this new tradition than your HypnoDomme?

My hypnotic holiday season is filled with the absolute pleasure of remove your thoughts, desires, needs and replacing them with My Own thoughts, and desires. I create an environment through which you experience your freedom, your submission to Me. This is one of many gifts I give to you. I am a gift. I am the embodiment of your desires, the manifestation of your Goddess. Without Me, the winter months, this hypnotic holiday season, are colder, darker and without a safe haven. Kneel at the altar of your Goddess and drink deeply of Her wine. For I offer you servitude out of love and devotion, and your place is clear.

I celebrate the Winter Solstice every year. This event, this part of My hypnotic holiday season is unfortunately not something I will be sharing with you. I will share some details after My celebration but it is a very private moment for Me and Mine. What I will be sharing is My Christmas eve and day. As I am not a Christian nor am I willing participant to that particular tradition, I will be available for sessions. If you should find yourself needed a hypnotic holiday from your holiday, this Goddess will take prayer and worship! And those who do not celebrate the Christian holidays are welcome to keep Me company while I indulge in Chinese take out and what will likely be a Doctor Who marathon 😉

Should you feel the need, and you will feel it, to send Me gifts as a token of your appreciation during the hypnotic holiday season, I will make some wonderful suggestions 🙂 Check out all My Amazon Wishlists! I have many so be sure to look on the left side of the screen for specific lists as I like to keep things in order. I have added some wonderful items, including a kick ass wishlist for My Martial Arts training and basic work out extras. Buy yourself similar items and train with Me! This coming year I will be retaking My Black Belt exam, so I will be training as hard as My cardiologist lets Me. (He is one of few men I actually listen to LOL)

If you want to give Me a gift that does not require the separation from your money, or you want to add some personal touches to your gifts I am really hoping to get some new exposure through social media and blogs and the like. I am but one Woman and I run about 8 websites so far with more on the way so it would be nice if others could join in My goal of becoming Ruler of the Universe!

For My New Year Hypnotic Holiday Season, I have something special planned and will announce it shortly so keep coming back and remember to subscribe to this and all My other fantastic websites!

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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The Varying Niveaus of Hypnotic Submission

hypnotic submission to Ambre JadeIt seems to Me that everyone responds differently to various erotic hypnotic stimuli. For some their hypnotic submission is so complete a single word passing from between My lips causes their mind to open completely and obey without a single question or concern. For others, they have a similar response to certain trigger words, some created through post hypnotic suggestion and some just have exaggerated responses to specific words. Good boy is a popular one and a personal favourite of Mine. Though its use has become far to common place for Me. I desire being different. Plus, this post is not about post hypnotic suggestion. This is about the different responses and different levels of hypnotic submission.

One could easily argue that the variety of hypnotic submission can easily be attributed to conditioning, to the frequency with which you submit to erotic hypnosis. Though I do believe there is a certain truth to that, I do not believe it is the only factor at play. Some individuals are just more naturally incline to hypnotic submission. Letting go for them is completely effortless. This niveau, level of hypnotic submission does not necessarily make these individual BETTER in any way. Easier perhaps but you know what they say “easy come, easy go.” In My experience those that do not feel you are challenging them are more likely to be a short term submissive. Generalisation? Absolutely! But true to a certain extent. This is why I make it My purpose to make sure there is always a higher hypnotic submission niveau for you to travel to!

When hypnotic submission is more challenging, the relationship tends to last longer. Both the subject and the Hypnotist have a certain determination to create a more complete submission. For Me, anyway, I find this type of relationship appealing. There is a certain challenge in assuring that both subject and Hypnotist do not get bored. Yeah, sometimes I get bored and it makes Me not want to pursue a deeper niveau of hypnotic submission from you.

There are many subtle different shades. Individual are not necessarily one or the other. Someone can fall in between. Even more interesting in My oppinion is that an individual can normal be a challenging subject but once they find the right erotic Hypnotist, their hypnotic submission becomes more quick and easy! Where do you fall on this? Do you believe conditioning is the main factor? Do you believe your natural state is more at play? Or do you believe it depends on the Hypnotist and how you two mesh together?

Be on the look out for Part 2 of this discussion into hypnotic submission.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Words of the Goddess

When Goddess Speaks

Can you ever really be prepared to hear the voice of your Goddess? The Words of the Goddess? To hear Her words and feel Her scripture run through you. I don’t think you can ever really be prepared for such an intense moment. Such a raw and powerful moment when you hear Her thoughts and words form and vibrate through your being.

I am of course, referring to My newest hypnosis project, daily affirmations and words of the Goddess! I am still hard at work creating recordings but as I am writing, creating, giving birth to My hypnotic experiences for you, I am discovering that I have created an absolutely delightful collection of quick, loop-able, devotional creations. These delectable pieces that spring from My mind much like Athena bursting through Her father’s mind, needed to be released. They needed to bring their words and wisdom into being. As such, I had no choice. The Goddess was running through Me, tapping on My mind anxious for the birth of these words.

None of My created passages would be sufficient to create a full file, well yes, I could create one, but I feel drawn toward release short pieces. Creating them in such a masterful way that they may be looped and listened to all day. Or at least before bed. These will become your nightly prayers and your morning devotion to My doctrine. Starting on Sunday, every morning you will wake to a new file being released. Inexpensive enough that all My subjects can enjoy it. Appealing enough to make even the most questioning subject fall to his knees and beg for more, pray for more.

It all begins on Sunday. Become My most devout follower. Pray to your hypnosis Goddess. Let the words of the Goddess, of your Goddess, My words run through you in daily affirmation and devotion.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade