Electro Play: Keep it current


It’s interesting what a skilled pair of hands, some tape and the right Domme can accomplish. Electro play what a pleasure. I was having a bad day, yeah, it happens to the best of Us. My little boy john got to feel the full effect of an unhappy Ambre Jade. In My defense he built the fucking thing. I just got to play. Now before you dumb asses try building something similar make sure you have the knowledge.

What is Electro Play?

I suppose I should be more clear as to its purpose. As you can see from the multitude of images I have included, there are two rings, one placed at the base and one toward the tip. Each band or ring is attached to a wire which releases electrical stimulation from a battery (there is also a transformer so he was being safe). The voltage and number of pulses were determine by Me. How is this possible, you might be wondering? Well this twisted boy has it connected to a site where I can control and determine it. So through My finger tips, he would squirm, whimper, bend over and cry out in pain.

What a delicious cocktail of sadistic fun. Electro play or playing with electricity is really not for everyone but those of you that can handle the torture will find it a rewarding experience. Those delightful spams running through your otherwise useless dick all for the sake of entertaining Me, pleasing Me, showing Me just how far you are willing to go.

Does it go to eleven?

Sadly My Spinal Tap reference was lost as it did not have an eleven. But it was painful enough without such a high setting. Do you think you can handle some electro play? Can you handle the current rushing through your dick and the pain I rejoice in? Probably not! But that’s alright there are many other ways I can make you whimper!

Kneel for Maîtresse,

Ambre Jade

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Do NOT attempt to build something like this yourself. If you are not familiar with how things work leave them alone. you can easily purchase kits that will produce a similar effect!