Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted is a brainwashing file based on deep relaxation. This is the beginning of a Goddess worship brainwashing series.

Length: 18 minutes

Layering: No, but some effects

Background: No Music

Headphones: Suggested but not necessary

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion or Programming: Yes

Format: MP3

Cost: 20.00$ (LoyalFans) / 30.00$ (Niteflirt)

Letting Go for the First Time

Do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you recall the first time you completely submitted to a hypnotic trance, erotic or not? I find there are fewer and fewer people experiencing erotic hypnosis for the first time. Perhaps this is because My rates are high compared to when I first started offering hypnosis sessions. This is likely why the new hypnoslave is currently so elusive for Me. While I miss dealing with people who experience trance for the first time, I like charging an appropriate rate for My services more 馃槈 Perhaps a cheapy day a month or something… But I digress.

How well do you remember letting go for the first time? Do you think back on it? A lot of people either have fond memories of their first experience. That first moment when they truly let go and experienced the delights that erotic hypnosis could provide. When they realise to what extent erotic hypnosis is truly the ultimate expression of submission. Imagine if you could harness that power, the newness of the experience and bring it forward into ever hypnotic experience you have from now on? While I am sure you have experienced deeper trance, the excitement that accompanies something new, is a powerful thing.

There is power from letting go for the first time, there i power in recreating the experience or at least revisiting the emotions that ran through you as you submitted to the will of another for the first time. Power not only for you who experiences it but also for Us HypnoDommes who provide you with that experience. It creates a stronger connections and when done properly, will fortify the bonds between slave and Goddess.

Imagine if the experience of letting go for the first time was with your current Goddess! Imagine if you were an erotic hypnosis virgin until you met Her and every experience has had Her as your primary focus. The intensity that would create!

What was your first time like? Do you still worship the same HypnoDomme?

脌 bient么t,

Goddess Ambre Jade

888 726-2447

Daily Worship, add it to your life

Daily worship should be an important part of your existence as a submissive. This does not mean daily sessions, or even daily communication. It means finding some moments within your day devoted entirely to your Mistress. There are many ways to perform your daily worship. The trick is to find the one that works best for you and Mistress.


Daily worship not only promotes the feelings of weakness you feel when near your Ma卯tresse but it also increases sensations of devotion, need and ache for Her. It makes every session with Her that much deeper as you have been meditating, reflecting, pondering your Mistress. Each moment you spend worshiping, roots your passion for Her deeper into your being.

Ways to Perform Daily Worship

Each Mistress has Their preferred method of daily worship. For some, it is daily sessions or conversations. For others, it could be paying a set tribute on a daily basis. Here are a few that I enjoy:

  • Daily Check Ins, I require many of My slaves to check in with Me daily. The act of writing the email can become a form of meditation. your attention focused completely on Me as you compose your message to Me.
  • Daily Sessions, obviously daily sessions are a great way to connect.
  • Nightly Prayers. While getting ready to fall asleep, open yourself up to the ritual of speaking with your Goddess through your thoughts.
  • Cumming for your Mistress only. Obviously this does not apply to those in chastity. If every time you touch yourself and even orgasm, your Ma卯tresse is on your mind.
  • Meditation. Find some quiet time and meditate on how much you appreciate and love your Mistress.
  • Make Daily Choices that reflect your Mistress’ views. I prefer you make healthy, smart choices. Have five minutes of free time? Do some jump rope for Me. Turn healthy habits into devotionals.

How do you devote your daily time to Ma卯tresse?

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade


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Establishing a Connection

090615How should you go about establishing a connection with a Domme? I often write about the聽importance of the connection between Goddess and subject. This is an important aspect of your submission that can be overlooked by shiny objects (pictures) and the like. A focus on the physical to create that connection can often lead to a short term submission. Sometimes, that is what you want. A Domme for the moment as opposed to a Domme for your life. I don’t mind the drive by subjects, the ones just looking for a momentary distraction from their vanilla life or a part time replacement for their regular Goddess when She is not available. There is nothing wrong with your erotic self being secondary to other things, so long as you are honest with both yourself and your Goddess.

Say you want to establish a lasting connection. Something worth more than buying time or files. Something that will be lasting and create a bond between you and your desired Goddess. How will you go about it?

It seems obvious to say contact Her, but that contact has a price, one you should be willing to pay. If you are not willing to pay it, or have experienced a history of bad connections and have since become more frivolous with your money, know that paying to contact is not an option. Find ways around it. This does not mean contact Her and say something ridiculous like “just want to know what you would do?” Shit like that makes Us Dommes cringe and block you. We don’t have time to deal with that type of stuff. People contact us on a daily basis with similar requests and it is too complicated to try and weed out those that are actually looking for a connection and those that just want to get off. (There are more rants to this effect but you know what I mean)

So here is a short list of ways to establish an initial connection with your chosen Goddess:

  • Tribute and Buy Time, even with the previous paragraph in mind, paying for time, sending a tribute or gift is still the BEST way to connect. This shows the Domme you are serious about wanting to establish a connection and that you are aware Her time is money. Even if it is just getting to know Her with simple questions. We get asked these questions a lot.
  • READ, most of Us have blogs, read them. Connect with Her words and not Her images. See where She stands on fetishes that are important to you. Find out what is important to Her.
  • Check out Her wishlist. With the right mind, you can look through a wishlist to get to know who She is and what She likes. Buy Her something while you are there. Check out if there are multiple lists, not just the one main one.
  • Follow Her on social media. Some Dommes ask for a tribute for this privilege, it is a privilege not a right. When you follow, We get notifications, every interaction helps boost Us. So follow, share, comment (respectfully). (*** Quick note about Facebook, for Me, I usually ignore friend requests without prior interaction but you can follow Me and/or follow My pages’ feeds.)
  • Sing Her praises when free content is released. Share it on your social media platforms. Comment on posts or videos. Make it so She recognises you, your name, your username, etc.
  • Send an email to say you have been checking Her stuff out. An email. Not an IM. And do so without the promise of a reply. Do it because you are impressed with who She is not because you want Her to reply. If She does, bonus, if She doesn’t who cares, that was never the goal.

Establishing a connection is important. Trust is important. These tips could help you聽establish a deep connection, or at least realise ways to serve Her better.

脌 bient么t,

Goddess Ambre Jade



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Fear and Hypnosis, Working Together

Fear and hypnosis might not seem like good friends. BUT with the right guide (HypnoDomme), they can compliment each other quite well. Firstly let’s make the distinction between genuine fear and being a whining “i’m so scared Goddess” bitch. I often receive emails, messages and the like from people claiming to want to serve, but fearing the consequences. It is difficult from the point of view of the reader to determine who is trying to waste My previous time and who is genuinely afraid. Difficult but not impossible. I have a pretty good feel for who is playing games and who is actually feeling fearful but wants to pursue such a serious endearvour. A discussion for later. Right now, I would just like for you to see the difference between actual fear and playing games.

Fear and Hypnosis with Ambre JadeSo those of you who are afraid, congratulations! you realised the implications of true submission. you know that this is more than a fetish. That this way of being is a lifestyle and one that you would like to adopt to your own life. Feeling fear does not make you weak. It makes you conscious of the changes that will potential happen when you give up your free will! I always delight when people tell Me they have been afraid to contact Me, been following Me from afar, too afraid to do more than that. But now they are ready to embrace this lifestyle.

Fear and Hypnosis, are they compatible?

The fear response varies from one person to the next. Generally they fall under the three automatic nervous system reactions: fight, flight or freeze. These responses, human and animal responses to fear affect the mind in such a powerful way. It is reflexive, instinctive. There are few ways around it. Time is a factor if you want to work around your responses. That can be challenging, expensive but certainly worth every moment and penny you spend on yourself in that way. But how does one work with fear and hypnosis聽without overreaching the limitations of wallet and time? Ultimately, there is no answer. No easy way around it. There is however a way to work with your responses. To satisfy both聽your autonomic nervous system and your desire to submit.

The body’s response to fear floods your body with hormones. What a wonderful addition to erotic hypnosis. In this way, your fear is helping Me. It is aiding Me in creating the perfect environment to manipulate your thoughts. The key is understanding how and why you react the way you do, and using that to My advantage. This is to say you and I work together, we work with those responses making them both erotic and exciting.

So feel the fear with Me. Feel it and share it with Me.

脌 bient么t,

Goddess Ambre Jade

Hypnotic Holiday Season


There are so many ways that you and I can enjoy a hypnotic holiday season together! I know, I am an Atheist so how is it that I can celebrate the holidays? Well, there are a few holidays that I do celebrate. Traditions would be a more apt word. I follow a few traditions. This time of year just calls for traditions, doesn’t it? The lack of sun shine and the cold brings forth a need for that human connection. For someone to not only see and understand you but to give you a safe place, a real, secure environment through which to experience a hypnotic holiday season. Who better to manifest this new tradition than your HypnoDomme?

My hypnotic holiday season is filled with the absolute pleasure of remove your thoughts, desires, needs and replacing them with My Own thoughts, and desires. I create an environment through which you experience your freedom, your submission to Me. This is one of many gifts I give to you. I am a gift. I am the embodiment of your desires, the manifestation of your Goddess. Without Me, the winter months, this hypnotic holiday season, are colder, darker and without a safe haven. Kneel at the altar of your Goddess and drink deeply of Her wine. For I offer you servitude out of love and devotion, and your place is clear.

I celebrate the Winter Solstice every year. This event, this part of My hypnotic holiday season is unfortunately not something I will be sharing with you. I will share some details after My celebration but it is a very private moment for Me and Mine. What I will be sharing is My Christmas eve and day. As I am not a Christian nor am I willing participant to that particular tradition, I will be available for sessions. If you should find yourself needed a hypnotic holiday from your holiday, this Goddess will take prayer and worship! And those who do not celebrate the Christian holidays are welcome to keep Me company while I indulge in Chinese take out and what will likely be a Doctor Who marathon 馃槈

Should you feel the need, and you will feel it, to send Me gifts as a token of your appreciation during the hypnotic holiday season, I will make some wonderful suggestions 馃檪 Check out all My Amazon Wishlists! I have many so be sure to look on the left side of the screen for specific lists as I like to keep things in order. I have added some wonderful items, including a kick ass wishlist for My Martial Arts training and basic work out extras. Buy yourself similar items and train with Me! This coming year I will be retaking My Black Belt exam, so I will be training as hard as My cardiologist lets Me. (He is one of few men I actually listen to LOL)

If you want to give Me a gift that does not require the separation from your money, or you want to add some personal touches to your gifts I am really hoping to get some new exposure through social media and blogs and the like. I am but one Woman and I run about 8 websites so far with more on the way so it would be nice if others could join in My goal of becoming Ruler of the Universe!

For My New Year Hypnotic Holiday Season, I have something special planned and will announce it shortly so keep coming back and remember to subscribe to this and all My other fantastic websites!

脌 bient么t,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Hypnotic Alignment: The Return of a Goddess

Hypnotic Alignment with Goddess Ambre Jade

Everything feels completely out of alignment without Me, doesn’t it? Hypnotic alignment returns now that My move is finally completed and My life is returning to what can be considered normalcy. Slowly but surely getting more established in My new home. My call schedule will return to normal. Taking more and more calls especially now that there are minimal distractions within My environment. Hypnotic alignment comes back! It will align so many different aspects of your and My life, bringing those that worship Me and that that desire to serve Me closer together. More in sync, if you will.

How else will I control this hypnotic alignment? What delightful experiences do I have in store for you? So many! Where to start? There are numerous delicious morsels I will be creating for those who serve Me, those wishing to serve Me and those interesting in trying to establish a connection with a true, BBW Goddess! For starters, I will be releasing numerous new mp3 files. New recordings mean new deeper connections and pathways in your mind bringing you closer to Me. Now that is hypnotic alignment! I will be releasing a new hypnotic file every week. Something new and absolutely delightful for you to let go and submit yourself completely to Me, My power, My influence.

Part of this new hypnotic alignment establishment, will be the continuation and creation of new Daily Hypnotic Affirmations. There are currently 4 but that number will rise in the coming month. This are wonderful files, short, loop-able audios solidifying My influence over you. For those of you who have not purchased them yet, or are debating whether or not to purchase, you really should! These files are not only erotic and spellbindingly delightful but they will increase our hypnotic alignment. They have the potential to make you more in tune with Me, with My needs, My desires. They are an essential part of your servitude. A daily ritual and treasure for you to enjoy and embrace.

I will also be creating daily FemDomme audios, images and videos! These will not necessarily be all erotic hypnosis related but they will all be about worshiping Me as your true Goddess! you will find that these files, products will increase your hypnotic alignment with Me and establish a deeper more meaningful connection. A word of caution though, while My erotic hypnosis style tends to run in the more sensual and erotic. My FemDomme products, some of them could be what some consider harsh, they are very intense. If you are uncertain about their relevance to your submission or your style of devotion, communicate with Me and I will guide you on the right path!

As some of you are no doubt aware, I have yet another website that I am working on. Let Her Free! This website is not so much about hypnotic alignment as it is with letting out your inner femme side. This site should be up and running before the beginning of next year. It is not a main project at the moment, as I have several things on the go already but I wanted to share with you that it will soon be open to view. This site is for those who are into feminization as a representation of their inner self. Be advised, those looking for feminization as a technique to illicit a humiliating response will be disappointed. There is nothing humiliating about being a Woman! you should aspire not be ashamed! End rant (I can say so much more on that subject but this is neither the time or the place)!

Part of your hypnotic alignment to Me, to your submission to Me is to embrace a health lifestyle. I have written about this in the past and have no desire at the moment to repeat Myself too much. Suffice it to say that I will be blogging about My Own health goals and healthy lifestyle on My Healthy Living blog.聽In addition to My monthly goal, I will also be discussing a food regime for those interested, meal planning, and the like. My weekly fruit and vegetable basket arrive on Tuesdays, so every Tuesday there will be some discussion about the delicious foods that are in My home!

Time to establish your hypnotic alignment with Me!

脌 bient么t,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Embracing Being A BBW Goddess

Worshiping a BBW Goddess

Throughout all My experiences there is no message clearly than a Woman’s need to embrace who She is. For Me, this means embracing being a BBW Goddess. I recently received some not so constructive criticism from an anonymous source. their main critique: The size of My ass! Well, yeah it’s big! I would even go so far as to say it is large! I mean look it! As large as it is, look at the shape. Round, strong, tight for all its size! Perfection is not just what societal norms have you believe. Perfect comes from being who you are.

I love My body, I love being a BBW Goddess! I feel none of聽the shame this man (or woman, as it was anonymous) thinks I should! I work hard on My body. I work out several times a week, I eat well, mostly organic and rarely meat. I take care of My Goddess shaped vessel! If it makes you uncomfortable that I do not fit in a size 3 then by all means, no one is asking you to worship Me, no one is forcing you to devote your existence to Me. That is a choice. I have followers, I do not need any that criticize some so arbitrary.

I have nothing to justify in My size. I am the way I am. Being a fat, yeah let’s use that word. Fat is not always a negative. I am a fat Woman! I am a big, beautiful Woman. There is nothing to apologise for. There is nothing to explain it. It is the way it. Yes, I could explain all the reasons why I am not a size three. I could list off the reasons My bottom is so big. But why should I? Why does there need to be a reason? I am a BBW Goddess. I am the way the universe made Me. I am gorgeous, I am Dominant and I do not care that some coward is upset about My ass being fat. I am proud of it! I am pleased with it! I treat My body like the temple it is and you should do the same!

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade

1 888 726-2447

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Words of the Goddess

When Goddess Speaks

Can you ever really be prepared to hear the voice of your Goddess? The Words of the Goddess? To hear Her words and feel Her scripture run through you. I don’t think you can ever really be prepared for such an intense moment. Such a raw and powerful moment when you hear Her thoughts and words form and vibrate through your being.

I am of course, referring to My newest hypnosis project, daily affirmations and words of the Goddess! I am still hard at work creating recordings but as I am writing, creating, giving birth to My hypnotic experiences for you, I am discovering that I have created an absolutely delightful collection of quick, loop-able, devotional creations. These delectable pieces that spring from My mind much like Athena bursting through Her father’s mind, needed to be released. They needed to bring their words and wisdom into being. As such, I had no choice. The Goddess was running through Me, tapping on My mind anxious for the birth of these words.

None of My created passages would be sufficient to create a full file, well yes, I could create one, but I feel drawn toward release short pieces. Creating them in such a masterful way that they may be looped and listened to all day. Or at least before bed. These will become your nightly prayers and your morning devotion to My doctrine. Starting on Sunday, every morning you will wake to a new file being released. Inexpensive enough that all My subjects can enjoy it. Appealing enough to make even the most questioning subject fall to his knees and beg for more, pray for more.

It all begins on Sunday. Become My most devout follower. Pray to your hypnosis Goddess. Let the words of the Goddess, of your Goddess, My words run through you in daily affirmation and devotion.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

Controlled by a Goddess


That moment when you realise that every action you take is controlled by a Goddess. When your thoughts are so intertwined with Hers that you are no longer certain whether it was originally from your mind or Hers.聽How far are you willing to go? To what depth are you willing to please and serve Her?

Everyone has an ideal in their heads. The ideal relationship. The ideal Goddess. The ideal setting. Basically add ideal to anything and someone has that pictured in their mind. What level of control is ideal to you? To what extent, ideally, would you want to be controlled by a Goddess? I have many people contact Me, message Me, tweet Me, etc. who would like their entire life to be controlled by Me. Of course, I mean, who wouldn’t? The problem being they are playing in the ideal, they are not accepting of the real world control. Many seem to be under the impression that giving up control is an adequate currency to be controlled by a Goddess. But this is not My ideal. My ideal is total control, absolutely but Goddesses should be worshiped. Compensation for My time should be without question.

Just earlier today I was approached by an individual claiming he wanted to be hypnotised, wanted to be controlled. Beautiful, I love hypnosis, I love taking control! But upon the realisation that being controlled by a Goddess came at a price he objected. Well, why would I want to control someone where there is no benefit to Me? This is something that happens when your passion is also your business. Because I am so passionate and because of My love of hypnosis, I should be taking control for free.

NO! My demand of actual compensation for My time and command for sacrifices from you for My time does not make the relationship a fantasy or less than real. It does not mean I do not think about My slaves when I am “not working.” What it does is show that you, as a submissive, understand that My time is valuable. It shows that you as a hypnotic subject appreciate the time and effort I put in to the relationship we have. It is nothing more and nothing less than that.

Being controlled by Me, being controlled by a Goddess demands a sacrifice. A sacrifice of your time, your free will, your ability to decide certain things. Being controlled by Me is a luxury. It is a blessing. A gift even. When you find your Goddess, your religion, you are grateful, you understand that you surrender yourself over to Her will, Her desires and your devotion should reflect that.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade