Understanding Desires

The work of a submissive and a Domme for that matter is never done. Both have to excel at understanding desires. On the side of the submissive, s/he must understand their own initial desires. This is of course before becoming owned (should that be your desire). Once ownership is established it becomes more of a collective agreement between Domme and sub, with Me anyway. This agreements are of course forged prior to any session and during the session… well I have all the power and I use it however I want to. your purpose is to please Me. But I digress. This is an important discussion.

Understanding Desiresyou, as the submissive, are responsible for understanding desires. Understanding your own desires. If you want your limits push, you are the one initially responsible for communicating that desire to Me. Once W/we have an established relationship that changes. This basically applies to those of you wanting to begin a journey with Me. you do not need to understand why you have these specific desires but I need to know where you would like to see a hypnosis session lead. Mind reading is sadly not among My many talents. Though once W/we know each other well enough, it becomes less clear.

Understanding desires is not as simple as it seems and desires evolve over time. What was once a hard limit becomes softer over time. you may also find that what was once a soft limit becomes hard. Oui, hypnosis can easily change or push you and your limits. It is a unique adventure even in helping you discover your limits. Some things seem erotic but only in the unknown. Hypnosis can allow you a media through which to explore. With a Dominant Woman beside you, you will feel safe and open and ready to explore.

aSo if I, Ambre Jade, can create a realm in which your limits can become fluid, why would I want to know your limitations? Because I would like U/us both to enjoy the moment. I like to have an understanding of where you are coming from and starting from. I like understanding desires so that I may mold them and create new ones. Whether you are starting out your experiences in erotic hypnosis or you are an old hand and looking for a new Mistreess or concurrent One or if you are looking for exploration through hypnosis, you still need to understand and voice your limitations.

Let’s try an example of voicing a hard limit vs a soft limit.

“i really like wearing panties but i am not really into pink. I do not want to do anything with another man even though i like dressing up.”

There are 2 separate limits and a desire there. The soft limit is the colour of the panties. In fact, this limit is so soft one could even argue that it is not really there. The second limit, the hard limit is “forced-bi”. As you can easily see the desire is dressing up. This vocalisation of both desire and limit is complete. It is enough for Me to create a fantasy. I would have further questions just to confirm that I am completely understanding the desires vocalised here.

bUnderstanding desires has so many different little tiny nuances that it is difficult to sum them all up here. But what you have to understand as a submissive or a hypnosis lover is that you need to understand where you are starting from. I have heard many people claim to have no limits only to get pissed off when a Domme decides to do x when he was expecting Her to y. Creating a positive, great hypnosis experience takes two people. you do have a certain responsibility here. Just remember that once the hypnosis session starts, you are completely absolved of any responsibility allowing you to drift away and let go.

your Mind is Mine,

Ambre Jade

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