Scheduling Hypnosis Sessions

Scheduling Hypnosis Sessions

As most of you have no doubt noticed it is getting harder and harder to get a hold of Me on yahoo. No, I am not mad at you. No, you did not do something wrong. I am just not in front of My computer as often as I once was. So now it is getting more difficult for some of you to comprehend scheduling hypnosis sessions. It is actually quite simple. Yahoo is not My primary form of communication. I know it is hard to accept. you will learn to live with it though. This is not to say I am not available on yahoo. It just means it is not the best way to reach Me.

So what is the best way to reach Me? EMAIL. Email really is the easiest way to schedule a hypnosis session. It lets Me know when you want a session and allows Me to ask questions should it be necessary! It is the perfect medium. I prefer that you do your part in scheduling hypnosis sessions versus calling randomly. My focus this year is My health and sometimes I am not available to pick up the phone or I just do not feel like it or I am already on the phone. I am sure you can see how emailing would be advantageous!

I ask that everyone scheduling hypnosis sessions emails Me in advance! With a time that works for them. Keeping in mind that first time sessions are a minimum of 45 minutes! This allows Me the chance to finish what I need to finish prior to our hypnosis session! Those of you who know Me well know how much I hate being interrupted. It really does not matter what I am doing I just hate being interrupted. Scheduling hypnosis sessions allows Me to create and interruption free environment either for sessions or whatever else I am working on.

This is as close to begging as I will get! Please email Me, scheduling hypnosis sessions and not just calling! This also allows Me to turn on My niteflirt line should you prefer calling through them! It is normally off.

your mind is Mine,

Ambre Jade