Chaste Hypnosis

Hypnosis with Ambre JadeThere are many ways one can look at chaste hypnosis. For example, I am currently speaking with someone who was having trouble dealing with his chastity. he and his Wife play chastity games… Anyway not the important part of this. The important part is in recognising that he was having trouble with his feelings about remaining chaste. Not during the experience but after being teased and left. he would feel like he should be allowed to cum. Now T/their arrangement is T/theirs and My contribution is merely changing his emotional response, to reminding him that his satisfaction is not important at all. That looking into his Wife’s face is satisfaction enough. There I go digressing again.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to any D/s relationship. Even when the Dominant party is not part of the hypnotic process. Like the previous example, I am not the Dominant in T/their relationship but I am helping Her control want belongs to Her. I am retraining his mind. Chastity is about more than just accepting someone else’s control over your most intimate moments. It is about sacrifice. It is about giving something up for your Goddess.

Chaste Hypnosis Device
Choosing the right chastity device is important. Long term versus short term, makes a difference in your choice. Please discuss the device with an expert (including Me).

Some Goddess want money, gifts, tasks performed, etc. There are many forms of sacrifice. Chaste hypnosis is another form of sacrifice. you, the submissive are giving up control over your orgasm. I am taking it and telling you when and how you can actually cum, if ever. This is a sacrifice on your part. I control one of your baser instincts. Something that has been biologically programmed into your mind because something I control, something I determine when and if it comes into play. This is true power. Using your own instinct against you. your desire to orgasm because the carrot I can dangle in front of you. you will do anything for Me, for the chance to perhaps orgasm. Even your most primal urges below to Ambre Jade.

There is no resistance. Chaste hypnosis can also control your cock, well it now belongs to Me so really it is My cock. As time passes, you become more and more submissive. Not only to the Goddess who holds your orgasm but to all Women around you. you recognise the small things that when you were too busy being a chronic masturbator, you never even noticed. Chaste hypnosis opens your eyes and changes your hormones and allows you to really notice all the tiny things your Goddess does for you. Even something as simple as making eye contact while walking through a room becomes more satisfying than an orgasm.

Chronic masturbation leads to an expectation to be satisfied through orgasm. It is nature’s ultimate lie. Mother Nature lies via the hormones that rush through your body. your satisfaction should come from knowing that your Goddess is pleased, that She is smiling, that you have done all that you can for Her that day. That is true satisfaction. your needs are secondary to Hers, your orgasms are not even part of the equation. Controlling your orgasms is merely a way to prove how much you need Her. How much you are willing to sacrifice to your Goddess. She takes care of you, She deserves so much more than you can even give Her. Be generous with what you can share, your orgasm, your time, your worship.

your Mind is Mine,

Goddess Ambre Jade

your Chaste Hypnosis Specialist

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