Mushy Mind

Mushy Mind is a chance for you to give in, allow yourself to embrace the delights of a mushy open mind and experience pleasure more deeply. This mesmerizing audio is a great way to experience trance. There is a cum cue, slight voice effect, no background music. Headphone are always suggested.

Length: 31 minutes

Layering: No, but some effects

Background: No Music

Headphones: Suggested but not necessary

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion or Programming: Yes

Format: MP3

Cost: 20.00$ (LoyalFans) / 30.00$ (Niteflirt)

Fitness as Worship

Have you ever thought about using fitness as a form of worship? It is not part of the usual professional Femdom dynamic. It is however, a beautiful way to worship. To work your body knowing that this will please your Domme. To sacrifice your time and comfort for your owner is a luxury. You can delight in the knowledge that this will improve your physical wellness.

Fitness as Worship with Ms AmbreJade

How To Use Fitness as Worship

Just imagine that every single time, every set, every rep becomes a manifestation of your devotion. Every improvement of your physical well being is a direct result of being controlled. Now, how fucking hot is that? That you can devote a part of your vanilla existence to someone is an amazing experience. You have the opportunity to worship through action. To do more than stroke your dick and succumb to a moment of ecstasy, to change your existence for the better.

Harness Fitness as Worship

As you perform what ever fitness routine you may have, be it cardio, resistance or anything else, imagine doing those for your Domme. Every bead of sweat, a physical representation of your devotion and desire. Feel yourself pushing your body and making the sacrifice for your Femdom. Embrace the aches and pains, feel yourself giving in to my control while you make yourself better.

Ideas for Fitness

If you are uncertain how to make this happen, how to start a fitness routine, I can create a routine for you. You can also follow and obey my Healthy Femdom Twitter account. Every morning you are given a task to perform. This is a great jumping off point if you are still looking for your place.

The January Healthy Living Challenge is another option. This month we are focused on your steps. The individual with the highest daily average throughout the month, will receive a personalised, one of a kind video from me.

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Total Control By Ambre Jade

Total Control with Ambre JadeTotal control is a surprisingly subjective concept. For each Domme and each sub, the idea of what constitutes total control varies. One would assume it would be obvious. your Domme controls every action, every thought, every moment of your life. This is a valid definition and idea but how is that represented in a practical sense? For those who are not live in slaves, those who decide that a long distance relationship is more practical or those who have financial dealings with their Dommes, the idea of total control is a little more difficult to define and for some, even to perceive.

I receive a number of inquiries about how total control manifests itself with a relationship with Me. Many people have their own perceptions on how a total control dynamic should work or ideas on how it works that are different from My manifestation of this style of relationship. As the individual relationships in question, contribute a great deal to how it presents itself, it is easier for Me to list some misconceptions about total control that are just not valid when working with Me.

What Total Control by Ambre Jade is NOT about:

  • Ruining your current relationships. I am not about ruining your other relationships. Like your marriage or destroying the bond between you and your children, mother, aunt, family, etc. you can see where I am going here. I do not believe in the destruction of your marital status. That is a dynamic in which I can control how you behave. your Wife can give you things I cannot. I control how you interact with your Wife, partner, girlfriend, etc. I think these relationships should be cherished and I will determine how you can add to them.
  • Destroying your financial stability. A broke slave is a useless slave. I have no desires to strip you of every penny you have. What I do control, is how you spend. Potentially, how you can earn. I create and control the budget. Obviously a portion goes to Me!
  • Isolation. I do not want you completely isolated. I want you to have other relationships, friendships, dates, a social life. I do not want you completely isolated from society. I encourage you to go out, with My permission.
  • Being a doormat. you have hobbies, likes and dislikes, activities you enjoy, etc. Those should factor into My total control of you. If there is something within our dynamic that is not working, there is a time and a place to voice it. The time and the place will be determined by Me but you will have an opportunity to voice thoughts and concerns and all those fun things.

The most important thing when it comes to total control is FULL DISCLOSURE. I need to know about every aspect of your life in order to determine the who, what, where, when, why and hows of your new life. This is a serious commitment both from you and from Me. I am taking on the decisions and course of your life. That is a huge commitment from both of us. Total control is not something I would offer to just anyone. There has to be a good rapport between the two of us for it to be something we can work with.

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade



The Connections That Bind Us

Connection that Bind Us with Ambre JadeEvery session we have creates these connections that bind us. Oh, I know. A little new age-y and maybe a touch far fetched but think about it. Every single time your mind opens up and becomes My playground, a connection is created. An almost palpable link between your being and Me. These connections that bind us together will last forever. This is the reason so much time can go by since our last session or remember that time, you ran away because it was too intense? This is the reason I can tap right back into your mind like no time has passed at all.

There are several way that these connections manifest themselves. I am thinking of an individual in particular. We have been doing sessions together for years, literal years, our sessions are always incredibly satisfying. The connections that bind us are so deep that I can feel his emotional distress. I can feel his need to submit to Me even when he is not in a position to do so (at work, or money being tight, etc). This connection does not really go both ways in terms of emotional reading but he does have certain impulses to reach out to Me when I call. he hears My siren call so to speak.

What an amazing connection! These connections that bind us will last forever. This is why you dream of Me at night. This is why you seek My approval for every action. This deep surrender that creates a connection with such intensity that it seems unbelievable. The best part about these connections, you do not even realise they are there. Well, not until now. Once I bring it to your attention you can almost feel it deep within you, spiraling through your mind. My hold and influence running over all the aspects of your mind.

Let’s build some connections.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade



A Special Chaste Anniversary

A Special Chaste AnniversaryA year in chastity! Being chaste long term is not for everyone. In fact, off the top of My head, I can only think of a handful of people that could actually make such a commitment to chastity! It is not an easy experience. And My puppy did make a couple of mistakes in the last three years. But over the last year, I have been incredibly impressed with his devotion! he did however have one orgasm through this year. A single release, that was not sanctioned by Me.

This release, this cock up in his year long chaste devotion was not the result of a purposeful orgasm and occurred while he was sleeping. Since it was through no fault of his own, I have decided to exclude it! he paid Me a hefty sum in his quest for forgiveness. My decision to exclude this dreaming, sleeping orgasm was a difficult conclusion to come to. On the one hand, he fucking came, without permission. On the other, he was in a state of sleep and he could not physically stop this orgasm. The sleeping orgasm was not experienced as a pleasure, rather he woke up to a wet bed. I am sure he loves Me sharing these details LOL!

The lack of pleasure was the main component, the main factor in My decision to keep his chaste record clear. his honesty about the experience, his willingness to confess this sin to Me also meant that I was willing to forgive his transgression. There are certain things we as human beings can control. When the pent up need for release becomes a biological need as opposed to a desire for pleasure, there is a need for milking. Since My puppy and I do not live together and live a significant distance from one another, the milking option was not available to us. So the body found a way.

A lesson was learned for both of us. Being chaste, especially for the long term is a massive commitment on both the key holder and the chaste individual. For males, the body needs a  certain release but that does not automatically mean there will be pleasure surrounding it. My puppy did not feel the potential pleasure of that orgasm. Had he been in a state where he was awake and completely conscious, it could have been dealt with in a different way. A milking would have made a difference, iMo. But hindsight is 20/20.

Before you embark on a long term chaste agreement, make sure you are ready to embrace every aspect of it. Short term chastity is a pleasure as well. I consider the two entirely different. More on that later.

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade


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Knowing Your Hypnotic Goals

Hypnotic Goals with Ambre Jade

It’s incredibly important that you know your hypnotic goals. I know hypnosis is all about a complete release of control and power BUT you should have a goal in mind. Check out My Beginner’s Guide to Hypnosis page for a bit more information on starting your journey into erotic hypnosis. So what are hypnotic goals? What does that really mean? Everyone has different ideas about hypnosis, how it should be presented, what it means, there is a huge list of variations, which is one of the most delightful things about hypnosis but also one of the most tedious as a HypnoDomme when dealing with a new subject.

With every new subject who calls Me, I ask a series of questions. These are also listed on the guide. The most important question

What is your goal for this and future sessions?

It is a simple enough question but can be incredibly difficult to answer. Which is completely understandable but it is something that should always be addressed! your hypnotic goals are can be fluid and change depending on the intensity of our relationship and the changes to your own sexual desires. Just like sexuality is fluid, erotic hypnosis’ fluidity makes it easily adaptable to any changes to your own sexual evolution. The problem is, hypnotists, regardless of how masterful, are not mind readers! We are not aware of those changes. The evolution. Sometimes we cause the evolution and changes but that implies a relationship. Not something that can be established within the first session.

Brainstorming your Hypnotic Goals

Stream of consciousness writing tends to be My go to when people are looking for their hypnotic goals. It opens up so many possible outcomes and maybe even some hidden depths to your desires. It is a good idea to have some sort of direction to start from. My suggestion to most people starting out is answer this: Do you want to cum? Whether you are allowed to or not, whether you will or not is something completely separate. Do you want to cum? Don’t answer is by simply saying, if My Goddess so desires. your Goddess is not there while you are writing. Just think about it and be honest with yourself. Do you want to cum? This is not a hypnotic goal but rather a stepping stone to finding your hypnotic goals. The answer to that question when written down will allow you to brainstorm your goals.

Yes, i want to cum!

  • Is an orgasm the main focus of your hypnotic goals?
  • Is the act of relinquishing your power over what prompts you to want to orgasm?
  • Do you want to be teased toward orgams?
  • Do you want to be commanded to orgasm?
  • etc

you can easily see where that line of questioning is going! Come up with some more questions or thoughts to write down as part of your hypnotic goals.

No, i don’t want to cum!

  • Do you want to be teased?
  • Do you want your arousal to be completely ignored?
  • Do you find the act of submission erotic enough?
  • etc

Again you can see how these questions go. And you can see how answering the question: Do you want to cum? can bring about a multitude of responses and direction! Also it is a good point to note that it is up to the Hypnotist as to whether or not you orgasm!

So now that we have a starting point, write it down. See where your thoughts bring you! When do you know you have hit the end? When do you know you have found your hypnotic goals? The truth is you never do. As previously stated, sexuality is fluid and evolves. I very often tell My subjects to re-evaluate their hypnotic goals from time to time. See what has changed, what has remained the same.

Examples of Hypnotic Goals:

We talked about finding them, but what are hypnotic goals really? Are they an end result? A step towards ultimate submission? Because of the uniqueness of each individual, no one can really say for certain, there is no clear definition. And sometimes an example is worth a thousand explanations. (Yes I know that is pictures and words but I think the same rules apply.)

  • Cock control, allowing my Goddess to completely control My desire.
  • Tease and denial
  • Grooming to be a submissive
  • Exploring a fetish
  • Feeling what it would be like to be a Woman
  • Deep trance
  • Role plays, therapist, teacher, etc
  • many, many more

The main thing to remember is you have some idea what your hypnotic goals will be! Even if you only have a vague idea or a bunch general hypnotic goals. So get to writing and communicating! How do you find your hypnotic goals? How have they evolved over time and within different relationships?

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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Commandment 1 Clothed Female Naked male (CFNm)

Clothed Female Naked male Commandment

This is the beginning of a series of Commandments which you will adhere to when spending time with Me, regardless of the medium. We will be starting with CFNm clothed Female naked male. I do not believe I should ever remove all My clothing. When I am being worshiped, you should always be without clothing. This includes hypnosis sessions. I understand that there will be time when this is not possible but whenever it is possible this is the only way to approach Me. I will not tolerate you dressing otherwise unless you are dressed as a Woman.

Why CFMn?

you being naked automatically puts Me in a position of power. Though I am always in such a position, I like that you have a constant physical reminder of that fact that I am in complete control. Let My clothing be a reminder of how Superior I am. I get to cover Myself, I get to dress in any fashion that pleases Me and you, you do not deserve the luxury of covering up.

Exceptions to My Commandment

There are always exceptions right? The only individuals exempt from My clothed Female naked male commandment are those of you boys who like to dress in Woman’s clothing. Panties, bras, lingerie, dresses are permitted. This is because your clothing is a part of your submissive side. Be advised, there will be times when I request you be nude!

Collars, play collars are also exempt from this commandment. you have My permission to wear one during our sessions. I would prefer that you ask permission before hand.

When Clothed Female Naked man is not possible

I am aware that CFMn is not always possible. Some call from work or in a public place or their Mother is home 😉 There are a couple of acceptable reasons. The only way to know if your reason is acceptable is to ask Me! The first words leaving your mouth beyond “Allo Maîtresse, should be you begging permission and informing Me that you are not in the proper attire! I will determine if your reasoning is sound and whether or not it is acceptable to be dressed as you are.

thou shall remove all street clothing prior to any prayer or worship in the presence of Maîtresse Ambre Jade