Total Control By Ambre Jade

Total Control with Ambre JadeTotal control is a surprisingly subjective concept. For each Domme and each sub, the idea of what constitutes total control varies. One would assume it would be obvious. your Domme controls every action, every thought, every moment of your life. This is a valid definition and idea but how is that represented in a practical sense? For those who are not live in slaves, those who decide that a long distance relationship is more practical or those who have financial dealings with their Dommes, the idea of total control is a little more difficult to define and for some, even to perceive.

I receive a number of inquiries about how total control manifests itself with a relationship with Me. Many people have their own perceptions on how a total control dynamic should work or ideas on how it works that are different from My manifestation of this style of relationship. As the individual relationships in question, contribute a great deal to how it presents itself, it is easier for Me to list some misconceptions about total control that are just not valid when working with Me.

What Total Control by Ambre Jade is NOT about:

  • Ruining your current relationships. I am not about ruining your other relationships. Like your marriage or destroying the bond between you and your children, mother, aunt, family, etc. you can see where I am going here. I do not believe in the destruction of your marital status. That is a dynamic in which I can control how you behave. your Wife can give you things I cannot. I control how you interact with your Wife, partner, girlfriend, etc. I think these relationships should be cherished and I will determine how you can add to them.
  • Destroying your financial stability. A broke slave is a useless slave. I have no desires to strip you of every penny you have. What I do control, is how you spend. Potentially, how you can earn. I create and control the budget. Obviously a portion goes to Me!
  • Isolation. I do not want you completely isolated. I want you to have other relationships, friendships, dates, a social life. I do not want you completely isolated from society. I encourage you to go out, with My permission.
  • Being a doormat. you have hobbies, likes and dislikes, activities you enjoy, etc. Those should factor into My total control of you. If there is something within our dynamic that is not working, there is a time and a place to voice it. The time and the place will be determined by Me but you will have an opportunity to voice thoughts and concerns and all those fun things.

The most important thing when it comes to total control is FULL DISCLOSURE. I need to know about every aspect of your life in order to determine the who, what, where, when, why and hows of your new life. This is a serious commitment both from you and from Me. I am taking on the decisions and course of your life. That is a huge commitment from both of us. Total control is not something I would offer to just anyone. There has to be a good rapport between the two of us for it to be something we can work with.

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade