Thoughts on Feminization

Feminization of Chelsea

There are so many different ways feminization manifests itself. With such a large variety of ways to interpret feminization finding your place can be difficult. Finding the right guiding hand can be a challenge. The most important thing for you to know is the answer to this question:

Where do you want to be in a year?

It is a simple enough question but when trying to create your feminization journey it is so important. It is crucial for you to know where you want to be.

Why is this so important? Because it helps your Domme create the right regime, path, journey for you. I hear so many people tell Me, just turn Me into your girl and do what you want with Me. Well, I have touched on that before and I do not really feel like talking about it again so read up. Where was I? Oh yes, knowing where you want to be in a year. A year is a long time, you can easily use a shorter time frame. The point is, you have a sense of direction. A place you want to go.

As a Domme, I am not a mind reader. your initial thoughts and goals are important. Some of you are looking to become cock sluts and sissy whores while others are trying to start their journey into crossdressing or playing with the idea of living as a Woman in your day to day life. I know there are Dommes out there who follow Their own schedule for each person, and create wonderful journeys for everyone to follow. They are used to dealing with a specific type of client. I am and always have been incredibly flexible with My feminization clients.

I enjoy the diversity of having a multitude of cross dressing enthusiasts, sissies and feminization clients. I like that every individual is unique. As is the woman deep inside you, she is unique too. She wants to enter this world freely. She wants to be allowed freedom from the confines of your inferior male exterior. Let her free. Let her live. Let Me guide you in your journey to breath life into her being.

Just know the answer to that question. Know what direction you want to start your path. It is only the start! There are so many places I can take you.

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