Fetish of the Month: My Voluptuous Ass

New Month, New fetish. This month the focus will be my voluptuous ass! The fetish of the month was on hold for a little bit while I got my new sites all organized, and while there are still improvements to be made, 聽I see no reason to deny you this month’s fetish. Especially when it is such a delightful fetish.

Fetish of the Month with Ambre JadeThe Fetish of the Month will be my voluptuous bottom. Here is what you can expect in the coming weeks:

  • Ass centric pic sets, covered in a variety of delicious undies
  • Teasing videos, something to get very excited about
  • Femdom Audio releases, focused on my ass
  • Niteflirt Games
  • And more…

I am quite excited for this FotM and you should be too. My ass has always been one of my best attributes. This is an opportunity for you to see why! To understand why so many are entranced by such gorgeous, round, strong globes of perfection.

I do so love to show off my ass. It makes people so weak so easily. Like they are hypnotised by the sway of my hips as I walk. Compelled to offer themselves and their services to me. It is hard to resist! You’ll understand why before the end of the Fetish of the Month! You’ll feel that compulsion, that need to reach out, so desperate to touch.

The weekly release day for new material is still up for debate (yes, I debate with myself). It will likely be Thursday for this first week and Tuesdays for the remainder of the month! Content will be released at a discounted price, which will go up at the start of November. So grab them as they come out. My fetish of the month line on Niteflirt is available at a discount as well. Please make sure the topic of conversation is in fact MY ASS or I will hang up on you and have you call one of my other lines.

Fetish of the Month Topics:

  • Ass worship
  • Face sitting
  • Ass licking
  • JOI, with my ass as your motivation
  • More, get creative 馃槈

So enjoy the delights I am offering you in October! I know I am enjoying their creation.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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Fear and Desire

In My experience, fear and desire go hand in hand. What an individual fears is on many occasions something they desire. And vice versa. As you may have noticed this week I am focusing on fear, as I think it is an important part of your experience with a Domme. Fear plays a massive part on how we react to stimuli, how we perceive danger vs pleasure. So why would it not play a huge part in our desires? Our desires, our deep desires, the ones we do not like to talk about, often come from a place of fear. Fear and desire go together. They create a delicious ebb and flow between emotions, reactions and submission.

Fear and Desire in Fantasy Life

In our fantasies, in our imaginations we have the ability to create any scenario and the fear we feel, is less “real” making it safe to explore without worrying about the consequences.聽Think about it for a moment. If you reflect enough, find one of those fantasies you “want” to live out but haven’t yet,聽is fear not the biggest reason you have not lived it out? And would it not also be true to say that fear, the fear within the experience is what adds the spice to the fantasy? Fear and desire, fear and fantasy, fear plays a big role.

Fear and Desire with Ambre JadeA huge fantasy that comes up when I work with someone, probably the most popular, is the idea of total Domination over that person’s life. Every action, every desire, every breath needs permission from Me. The desire for this ultimate submission is strong for many submissive people. But the fear of a total lack of control makes them hesitant. The fear of the experience, the fear of not knowing what your Dominant will request of you, is a HUGE part of the desire. Two different fears, two different ways they can manifest.

Best Representation of Fear and Desire Working Together

There are many fantasies and scenarios that show the playful interaction between fear and desire. The best representation, rather the easiest to see the flow between fear and desire is blackmail. Blackmail is a massive fetish. It represents a good portion of My sessions, not all but My having an interrogation fetish means it is easy to add to sessions, but I digress. Blackmail is based on the fear of getting caught. The heart racing, autonomic response to fear heightens the desire, makes the experiences that much more pleasurable. Fear in this instance is a tool.

What fear do you have that goes with your desire? Where does fear and desire work for you?

脌 bient么t,

Ma卯tresse Ambre Jade

Hypnotic Alignment: The Return of a Goddess

Hypnotic Alignment with Goddess Ambre Jade

Everything feels completely out of alignment without Me, doesn’t it? Hypnotic alignment returns now that My move is finally completed and My life is returning to what can be considered normalcy. Slowly but surely getting more established in My new home. My call schedule will return to normal. Taking more and more calls especially now that there are minimal distractions within My environment. Hypnotic alignment comes back! It will align so many different aspects of your and My life, bringing those that worship Me and that that desire to serve Me closer together. More in sync, if you will.

How else will I control this hypnotic alignment? What delightful experiences do I have in store for you? So many! Where to start? There are numerous delicious morsels I will be creating for those who serve Me, those wishing to serve Me and those interesting in trying to establish a connection with a true, BBW Goddess! For starters, I will be releasing numerous new mp3 files. New recordings mean new deeper connections and pathways in your mind bringing you closer to Me. Now that is hypnotic alignment! I will be releasing a new hypnotic file every week. Something new and absolutely delightful for you to let go and submit yourself completely to Me, My power, My influence.

Part of this new hypnotic alignment establishment, will be the continuation and creation of new Daily Hypnotic Affirmations. There are currently 4 but that number will rise in the coming month. This are wonderful files, short, loop-able audios solidifying My influence over you. For those of you who have not purchased them yet, or are debating whether or not to purchase, you really should! These files are not only erotic and spellbindingly delightful but they will increase our hypnotic alignment. They have the potential to make you more in tune with Me, with My needs, My desires. They are an essential part of your servitude. A daily ritual and treasure for you to enjoy and embrace.

I will also be creating daily FemDomme audios, images and videos! These will not necessarily be all erotic hypnosis related but they will all be about worshiping Me as your true Goddess! you will find that these files, products will increase your hypnotic alignment with Me and establish a deeper more meaningful connection. A word of caution though, while My erotic hypnosis style tends to run in the more sensual and erotic. My FemDomme products, some of them could be what some consider harsh, they are very intense. If you are uncertain about their relevance to your submission or your style of devotion, communicate with Me and I will guide you on the right path!

As some of you are no doubt aware, I have yet another website that I am working on. Let Her Free! This website is not so much about hypnotic alignment as it is with letting out your inner femme side. This site should be up and running before the beginning of next year. It is not a main project at the moment, as I have several things on the go already but I wanted to share with you that it will soon be open to view. This site is for those who are into feminization as a representation of their inner self. Be advised, those looking for feminization as a technique to illicit a humiliating response will be disappointed. There is nothing humiliating about being a Woman! you should aspire not be ashamed! End rant (I can say so much more on that subject but this is neither the time or the place)!

Part of your hypnotic alignment to Me, to your submission to Me is to embrace a health lifestyle. I have written about this in the past and have no desire at the moment to repeat Myself too much. Suffice it to say that I will be blogging about My Own health goals and healthy lifestyle on My Healthy Living blog.聽In addition to My monthly goal, I will also be discussing a food regime for those interested, meal planning, and the like. My weekly fruit and vegetable basket arrive on Tuesdays, so every Tuesday there will be some discussion about the delicious foods that are in My home!

Time to establish your hypnotic alignment with Me!

脌 bient么t,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Deep under My Hypnotic Influence

Hypnotic Influence

As some of you know, I can be a little particular when it comes to who is MY sub or slave. I will do hypnosis sessions on those that are not exclusively Mine聽and those just looking for the opportunity to submit deeply. So many fall so deep under My hypnotic influence. This merely increases over time. Many have noticed that the frequency with which they hear My voice, listen to My recordings, spend one on one time with Me, the more deeply their compulsion to submit runs. It becomes part of their foundation, part of their being.

My hypnotic influence is gentle, calm and relaxed. From something with such a strong hold on you it is surprisingly, deceptively soft. Many people find themselves shocked at just how intense My hold can be. your mind slips so easily into craving My influence, My touch, My control. It is hard to even notice it. Subtle, soft, slowly removing your own desires and replacing it with My Own.

Subtlety is underrated, don’t you agree? Control can be established in so many ways. But why force when one can easily crawl and change thoughts and desires from the inside? Why command, when one can so easily whisper a word and change your being?

That is not to say there is not time to be commanding and demanding and forceful! But when you are tranced, when you are deep under My hypnotic influence there is no need for force. A single word can change your being. A single whisper can change you. Brainwashing is best when you have no recollection of its occurrence! Give in deep, feel My hypnotic influence all around. Embrace your submissive natural, obey and surrender to My influence. Feel My power take you over.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade

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Let your Mind Dissolve for Me

Ambre Jade Dissolve

Let your mind dissolve for Me! Feel your thoughts disappear as My words filled your mind. My thoughts, needs, desires force their way into your mind as it dissolves for Me. you empty it so easily for Me. A nice void for Me to fill with whatever I chose, whatever I want to fill it with. your freedom completely dissolved by the elegant words flowing from between My lips. My eyes penetrating into your soul, removing your desire anything, anyone but Me. Just the power of Ambre Jade and being under My influence. My light shines through you. you become My marionette. My puppet. My plaything. A doll for Me to control and toy with.

Dissolve your own wants and needs. Fill the void it leaves with thoughts and impressions of Me. Of My power running through your being, both the physical and the emotional. you belong to Me. you mind belong to Me. you are powerless to resist as your mind dissolves. The void created as you dissolve, as you empty yourself of everything is filled by My influence. you become nothing without Me. your existence is reliant on Me, on feeling My influence on you. Wishing with every waking moment to feel Me in your mind.

I know, just thinking about My power over you makes you weak already. Just thinking about your mind dissolving for Me. Just thinking about My words has your blood rushing from your mind into other area. This weakness, this submission you feel, enjoy it. Delight in the experience of weakening for Me. Of letting go and feeling My influence creep through you as your mind and thoughts dissolve for Me. Such a good marionette! Desperate to feel Me there with you, to feel Me at all times. To submit to Me always.

脌 bient么t,

Ambre Jade


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