Guided Meditation vs Erotic Hypnosis

Guided meditation is a passion of mine. I have been spending a good chunk of time these last few weeks writing new erotic hypnosis content, and it struck me. I would also love to create some Guided Meditation sessions as well. So I started and I have to say, the results are lovely! A few will be coming out shortly.

Isn’t Guided Meditation and Hypnosis the Same Thing?

In a nut shell, no. They are different. Both create an environment of relaxing. The way I see it, and I suppose, others can, maybe even will, argue with my views but fuck it, I am writing this piece… Guided Meditation is a journey, an adventure for the sake of self exploration and relaxation. Hypnosis can also be a journey, depending on the style, and fosters deep relaxation. Where it differs, erotic hypnosis has an ultimate goal. There is a behavioural change that the hypnotist creates or deepens throughout the session.

This is a wonderful thing. I, myself, delight in creating deeper, more responsive submission from my marrionettes. However, sometimes it is nice to just explore your sexual experiences without change.

Why Wouldn’t you Want Erotic Hypnosis?

Why would someone chose a guided mediation session over an erotic hypnosis session? The answer is fairly simple, at least to me. A guided meditation session will allow you to explore your own sexuality, your own sexual views, kinks, fetishes, etc. Whereas erotic hypnosis is telling you what and how to feel regarding specific sexual experiences. The wording makes it seem like erotic hypnosis is bad, it really is an amazing experience. The manipulation of it is incredibly sexy. That being said, sometimes we just want to relax, and if there is some sexual tension and sensation with that, all the better!

Best Practice:

Combine both erotic hypnosis and guided meditation to create a truly amazing experience. More time with my voice, a better understanding of your own submissive needs, feeling my control… What more could you possibly ask for?

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The Trust Factor

The trust factor is often either overlooked or taken for granted within the Hypnotist-subject dynamic. In My experience, most people assume that trust has been established through virtue of having a single communication. And while you can trust the intentions of your Hypnotist from a single encounter, the deeper, almost palpable trust connection takes time to really establish itself. Each interaction solidifies the initial feelings of trust and helps manifest as a truly trusting relationship. Why is trust so important? Can Hypnotists succeed without trust? How does this pertain to erotic hypnosis and should it be something we strive for?

The Importance of the Trust Factor

I talk about trust a lot. It plays an important role in all our relationships from your neighbour to your Domme, your partner. We have so many relationships and so many of them deepen when the trust factor is taken into account. An individual trusts that their neighbours will not break into their home. Trust. If you don’t know them, you will be more hesitant to open your door to them. The trust factor allows relationships to extent past their default setting. When you trust, you are more likely to open up and step out of your comfort zone. When looking at a power dynamic, like D-s or Hypnotist-subject, trust allows you to explore things more deeply. Something simple like spanking, for example, can be seen as abusive but with the trust factor in place, what can be perceived as an assault becomes erotic, sensual. Erotic Hypnosis works under a similar premise. If you trust your Hypnotist, then the deeper you are able to go.

Erotic Hypnosis Without Trust

Erotic hypnosis can be experienced without trust. It is not essential to a superficial hypnotic experience. Without trust though, the experience becomes just that superficial, with a deeper dynamic. While it can be fun, and is generally the starting point to most Hypnotist-subject relationship, it’s potential without trust is limited. The trance can be deep but it will not be representative of the potential when trust is in place.

Ultimately, trust should be the goal of any interaction you have. It is less important that the Hypnotist trust the subject. Depending on the goal(s) of your relationship, a Hypnotist needs you to trust Her and not the other way around. That being said though, as a HypnoDomme, I like the trust fact to go both ways. I am more inclined to be creative with subjects that I trust, as well as more open with My Own experiences when we are talking.

So in the future, to let go and trance more effectively , focus instead on building trust rather than the trance itself. The trance will happen either way, but the extent of which will be determined by the trust factor.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Thoughts Manifesting as Physical

The power of thoughts, intentions, affirmations, etc. is not completely understood. What is understood is that by thinking you can manifest a physical response. This is the basis for erotic hypnosis. Words, thoughts, images painted by a strong HypnoDomme manifests a physical response in the subject. The best example, hearing My voice and you start feeling arousal immediately. This power that everyone possesses is often untapped. How can we tap into it? How can you do it when you’re Goddess is not available for a session? Is She necessary to feel Her influence? How can you work on thoughts manifesting as physical response?

thoughts manifesting as physical responses

Hypnotic Thoughts Manifesting as Physical

There are a number of examples of hypnotic thoughts manifesting as physical reactions. Experience plays on role on how intensely you feel the response.

  • Hands Free Orgasms, you are not touching, there is no physical stimulus and yet there is a physical response.
  • Trigger Words, these words implanted in previous session with your Hypnotist can potentially create a physical response in your body, like arousal, or even flaccidity depending on the response you are looking for
  • Immobilization, certain hypnosis sessions with Me involve immobilization. This is not Me physically tying you but rather your body being unable to move from the picture I painted with My words and influence.

The potential is limitless. With the right erotic hypnotist, anything is possible.

What if your HypnoDomme is not available to create or implant hypnotic thoughts manifesting as physical responses? A little bit of panic, I know but turn that panic into another emotion. Use it to fuel your internal dialogue into positive affirmations directed at your Goddess. There are some options for you, recorded sessions, affirmations and finding a moment to breath in your Goddess. Breath and think of Her. Allow the thoughts of Her manifest responses in your body.

What’s your favourite hypnotic thought manifesting physical reaction experience?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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Hypnotic Trance: The Ultimate Submission

091415In the quest for the act of ultimate submission, hypnosis reigns supreme. No other act has the potential to touch a submissive on so many levels. The three main domains of submission are touched in an erotic hypnosis session. While other style sessions can compare, it is up to the Domme to make sure all aspects of your being is touched by Her influence. While worshiping, in a session or on your own, you should always keep the three domains in mind and try to touch on each. If a part of you is not satisfied, or a domain is lacking, it is your responsibility to voice concerns to your Goddess.

The three domains of submission are physical, emotional and spiritual. Erotic hypnosis is the ultimate submission as it touches on each other the domains of submission. There are subdomains and various other aspects that are touched in a Ds or BDSM relationship but for now, we will focus on the three main domains.

  • Physical, this domain is best represented through bondage.
  • Emotional, the clearest representation of the emotional domain is humiliation. While I am not someone to focus on humiliation it is a clear representation of the emotional domain.
  • Spiritual, body worship being the clearest demonstration of this domain.

While each domain has a fetish (if you will) that best represents them, erotic hypnosis touch on each level manifesting the ultimate submission.

The Physical Domain of Ultimate Submission

The physical. Hypnosis works best while you are still. While you can move during a session, hypnosis makes it so that physical movement needs to be commanded by the Domme. It can also make it so that a thought, or image running through your mind has a physical manifestation. Like becoming aroused or orgasming to a trigger or suggestion from the HypnoDomme.

The Emotional Domain of Ultimate Submission

A proper hypnotist can not only play with your emotions but also change your future emotional responses. Be it to Her or the situation, Goddess can create a positive emotional environment with which you can grow and emerge as a submissive. It is also represented in the emotional connection you have with your Domme. Though the earlier example showed a negative emotional response, hypnosis can be either positive or negative.

The Spiritual Domain of Ultimate Submission

The spiritual domain is best represented through erotic hypnosis. The right Hypnotist will touch your soul. Many of you have had this experience, where the connection is so deep and so strong. your entire spirit feels in tune with the words of your Goddess.

If you feel one of these domains are not satisfied, it is crucial that you speak with your Mistress about it. She might not notice the disconnect or not realise to what extent it extends. That is your responsibility. She has some accountability in it as well but you should voice and keep the lines of communications open.

Hypnotic Trance is the Ultimate submission as it touches on every one of the submission domains. While there are other practices that can and do touch on each domain. Hypnosis is the way I enjoy it the most.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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The Calming Effect of Water

Every single time I take a bath, I am reminder of the absolute bliss that is being submerged in water. The calming effect of water is not something that should be ignored. For Me, the effect is not limited to submersion but also just about any moment where water and My skin connects, be it in the rain, shower, bath, swimming, you get the idea. I realise that not everyone feels as connected to water as I do. That not everyone responds to the summer rain with glee and the urge to dance around nude, but there is no denying that water can be calming and comforting.

The Calming Effect of Water with Ambre JadeThis calming effect, the comfort some individuals find when water surrounds them, in My opinion, is the result of the memory of being safe and secure within their Mother’s womb. I am sure some will argue with Me. I believe this correlation is not something to be ignored, it is in fact something that should be considered when creating an erotic hypnosis environment. I am not trying to fetishize your early conception environment but rather exaggerate, expand on the feelings of comfort and safety that were (in most cases) so tangible even when our memory fails us.

I cannot stress enough the importance of trust and security where hypnosis is concerned, erotic or not. Yes, there are files and environments where you want the blood to pump aggressively and the environment to cause your heart to skip some beats but when initiating the trance, when deepening the trance that sense of calm, that safety is not to be ignored. Giving yourself over to another person, giving your mind over to a HypnoDomme is something that requires a similar sense of security you had in the womb. you have no control over what happens to you, the environment is changed to suit another’s will but you feel safe. you trust. you can constantly rely on the calming effect of water surrounding your being.

The connections to our past experiences are important. They shape us, whether or not we are aware of their influence. My influence, My control work with your being and the experiences that created the person that is you. A skilled Hypnotist keeps this in mind and understand that every experience, even early conception can be opposed through hypnosis and can be either exploited, expounded or exaggerated. Like the calming effect of water.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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More on Hypnotic Intention

I have been focusing a lot on intention lately, in some of My blogs, My personal life and My one on one sessions. Hypnotic intention is a powerful, powerful thing. We create a certain energy through hypnosis, this is exceptionally true during an erotic hypnosis session. Raw sensual and sexual energy manifests within an erotic hypnosis session. Using hypnotic intention, you can use this energy to focus and fuel your day, your night, your goals. This works for the both the Hypnotist and the subject. The energy we create together can be focused on either a single task or separate tasks with hypnotic intention. It resembles the idea of a succubus, except you have access to that energy as well.

Hypnotic Intention with Ambre JadeHypnotic intention is a wonderful catalyst for your day. This was My intention in creating My Daily Hypnotic Affirmations. Which have been working wonderfully on those who use it religiously as well as occasionally. My current goal is to create an MP3, perhaps even a video to increase that erotic hypnosis energy and give you the ability to use that energy through hypnotic intention. Starting off your day with that extra power behind you, and some energy sent My way.

Combining focused intention, erotic hypnosis and hypnotic intention will prove to you that anything is truly possible. Submission of your mind, body and soul is apparent throughout your experiences both within a session and within your daily life. Submit yourself to Me and see that anything is truly possible when you embrace the power of erotic hypnosis and hypnotic intention. This experience can potentially change your life for the better. That is the goal of any Domme really, to make life better for Her subjects as well as Herself.

Be on the look out for My morning MP3 and/or video intended to gather and use the sensual energy created through the session and use hypnotic focus to keep it with you throughout the day.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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Focused Intention

Erotic hypnosis has a massive variety of manifestations. Stream of consciousness, guided imagery and ASMR to name a few. (A quick shout out to My wonderful Friend Haylee, who has created some wonderful ASMR youtube videos, check out Her most recent one Hypnosis is Fake). An aspect of erotic hypnosis that I have not touched on as much as others is focused intention. This style like all components of erotic hypnosis, manifests in many ways. Each person uses this technique differently. I love this technique. I love the mental exercise involved and how one can either make a session devoted entirely to focused intention or it can be used within a session to deepen and strengthen eroticism and worship (just to name a few).

My current karate training is actually what brought about My thoughts revolving around focused intention. It is something that comes up frequently and I thought to Myself “Why not create something, record something that uses this thought process only?” So I did. Mental exercises can deepen just about any experience, why not use it to deepen your need for Me? Why not create an environment where I stimulate your mind, where I focus your mind more completely to Me.

Aren’t I nice creating this for you? Focused intention is all about exercising your mind.

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Things that are likely to happen during focused intention:

  • Getting Bored. This is why it is a mental exercise. Repetition and boredom can sometime go hand in hand but for it to be a problem exercise on your mental abilities, you have to get bored, you have to build. Growth happens when you think you cannot do anymore.
  • Stream of Consciousness. Thoughts can run through your mind while you are practicing focused intention. This is both normal and should not be the focus of your experience. This is different. The practice of pushing your own thoughts from your mind is the goal. Let the thought come to you but also let them leave and decide to focus on My voice instead.
  • Body Twitching. It is possible that during this experience you will notice your body twitches in ways you would not expect. I am not meaning that cock alone, extremities can twitch and even flail. Pay no mind to it. Just make sure there is nothing near you before starting that can be knocked over.
  • Body Temperature Changes. Some people experience a cooling down while others get the sweats. There is no way of knowing how you will respond until you experience it. Register this change but again pay it no mind. Remember for your next experience and take appropriate measures, ex get a blanket, or take more clothing off before starting.
  • Other Responses. There are other mental and physical responses you can have. The exercise aspect means, you let it happen but you do not panic or focus on it.

Enjoy your focused intention experience.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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My Top 5 Hypnosis Moments of 2014

Hypnosis Moments with Ambre JadeThe end of the year and it seems appropriate to do a wrap up for you of some of the great Hypnosis Moments I have had this year! There are plenty, for sure. And this is just a simple list of the most pleasing memories I have of 2014. Don’t be fooled, there have been plenty of other moments, some more significant even than the ones I am listing here. But these are some of the hypnosis moments that I would like to share with you.

My Top 5 Hypnosis Moments:

5th Hypnosis Moment: Spontaneous Orgasm via Trigger Phrase

This year, I used My favourite trigger phrase for several of My subjects. There is something insanely powerful in the knowledge that a single phrase can bring so many to their fall. I realise this actually represents several hypnosis moments but it is a rather substantial representation of My hold over so many people! There is something about someone becoming completely unnerved because they spontaneously erupted into orgasm from the smallest phrased passing between My lips. It’s exciting for Me to think about. To contemplate how much power I have is a truly erotic thought!

4th Hypnosis Moment: Multiple Orgasms

Of all My hypnosis moments, this one brings the biggest smile to My lips. Well, My Own multiple orgasms bring a bigger smile but I digress. Most people associate multiple orgasms with Women. As they should, Our bodies are made for such pleasure and if you are not supporting that, helping a Woman achieve such a pleasure, it might be time to ask for help, but for a second time I digress. Women and multiple orgasms go hand in hand but men and multiple orgasms, this is a more complicated achievement. Unless you are Me 😉 john came to Me early this past year having never experienced one of these incredibly special hypnosis moments. It was easiest enough for Me to facilitate such a wonderful experience for him. I look back on it and smile because he was truly doubtful. I believe he thought it was beyond My abilities. So his exclamation as the second and third are wonderful hypnosis moments for Me. Now, he is My devoted pet. Memories of Me will burn in his memory forever as the Woman who gave him that experience, as the first to give him multiple orgasms. Whether others accomplish the same thing are not, My influence will always be there.

3rd Hypnosis Moment: Creating Such Powerful Recordings

This year I released some pretty powerful recordings. Sure, many of you prefer to have one on one time with Me, which is completely understandable because, well I am pretty wonderful to have a more personal interaction with but that does not take away from how powerful and mesmerizing My recordings are. I am constantly receiving beautiful feedback, people who love My work. People who feel themselves becoming Mine after listening. This is a trend I am definitely continuing!

2nd Hypnosis Moment: Proper Protocol

I have been speaking with this particular individual for years, since the beginning of My hypnosis career even. This boy has a terribly habit of calling Me while coked out of his mind. This is not a behaviour that I condone. As you can imagine, this was a difficult habit for him to break. I helped him through it. Mainly by refusing to take his calls when he was over indulging in such horrendous habits. This one of My hypnosis moments is one I am proud. I am proud of My subjects when they work on their own behaviour with or without My influence. Now, he knows when to call and when to not. Sure, it would be even better if he never allowing that shit to run through his body but one step at a time, perhaps next year one of My hypnosis moments will be him completely free from that garbage!

 1st Hypnosis Moment: All of Them

Yes, I am going to be that corny here 😉 I thought you should all know that I adore all of our moments together. How easily and badly you need to just submit to Me. submission is a gift, never forget that. It costs you money to submit to Me but it is still a very powerful gift and one that I always treasure.

It will be wonderful to see what 2015 has in store for us all!

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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The Varying Niveaus of Hypnotic Submission

hypnotic submission to Ambre JadeIt seems to Me that everyone responds differently to various erotic hypnotic stimuli. For some their hypnotic submission is so complete a single word passing from between My lips causes their mind to open completely and obey without a single question or concern. For others, they have a similar response to certain trigger words, some created through post hypnotic suggestion and some just have exaggerated responses to specific words. Good boy is a popular one and a personal favourite of Mine. Though its use has become far to common place for Me. I desire being different. Plus, this post is not about post hypnotic suggestion. This is about the different responses and different levels of hypnotic submission.

One could easily argue that the variety of hypnotic submission can easily be attributed to conditioning, to the frequency with which you submit to erotic hypnosis. Though I do believe there is a certain truth to that, I do not believe it is the only factor at play. Some individuals are just more naturally incline to hypnotic submission. Letting go for them is completely effortless. This niveau, level of hypnotic submission does not necessarily make these individual BETTER in any way. Easier perhaps but you know what they say “easy come, easy go.” In My experience those that do not feel you are challenging them are more likely to be a short term submissive. Generalisation? Absolutely! But true to a certain extent. This is why I make it My purpose to make sure there is always a higher hypnotic submission niveau for you to travel to!

When hypnotic submission is more challenging, the relationship tends to last longer. Both the subject and the Hypnotist have a certain determination to create a more complete submission. For Me, anyway, I find this type of relationship appealing. There is a certain challenge in assuring that both subject and Hypnotist do not get bored. Yeah, sometimes I get bored and it makes Me not want to pursue a deeper niveau of hypnotic submission from you.

There are many subtle different shades. Individual are not necessarily one or the other. Someone can fall in between. Even more interesting in My oppinion is that an individual can normal be a challenging subject but once they find the right erotic Hypnotist, their hypnotic submission becomes more quick and easy! Where do you fall on this? Do you believe conditioning is the main factor? Do you believe your natural state is more at play? Or do you believe it depends on the Hypnotist and how you two mesh together?

Be on the look out for Part 2 of this discussion into hypnotic submission.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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Your Orgasms Belong to Me

mine092614Yes, you read that correctly, every single one of your orgasms belong to Me! I am greedy. I do not care with whom you are having these orgasms, your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover… every one of them belong to Me! Each time you orgasm, each time you succumb to your sexual desire and release, it makes more room for Me and My influence inside you. Every sensation ripens you for a more intense submission to Me. Every stroke, every thought, every moment of arousal, those are all Mine! I am greedy, I know what is Mine to take and Mine to have.

Those orgasms belong to Me. They are Mine. There is no need for Me to forceful make this so. you give them up of your own free will. Well, what is left of your free will. An orgasm for Me, for Ambre Jade is more intense than any other orgasm you have had in the past. It rocks through you with such intensity that a desire to cum in any other way is non existent. Every orgasm for Ambre Jade. Every sensation for Ambre Jade. There is no other arousal or sensation that could even compare.

The feeling that your orgasms belong to Me can be manipulated and exemplified through the use of erotic hypnosis. The sensations can become even more intense, more deeply seeded. Desire for orgasm is replaced with a desire to submit to Me, whether or not an orgasm is something you are allowed to have, or in a position to have. The tiniest tinges of arousal, the slightest amount of swelling brings your thoughts directly to Me, to being under My influence. Every orgasm is like a prayer to Me, a calling out to show your devotion. It is Mine and you give it to Me of your own volition. Anything for Ambre Jade.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade