Deeply Rooted

Deeply Rooted is a brainwashing file based on deep relaxation. This is the beginning of a Goddess worship brainwashing series.

Length: 18 minutes

Layering: No, but some effects

Background: No Music

Headphones: Suggested but not necessary

Post-Hypnotic Suggestion or Programming: Yes

Format: MP3

Cost: 20.00$ (LoyalFans) / 30.00$ (Niteflirt)

Hypnotic Trance: The Ultimate Submission

091415In the quest for the act of ultimate submission, hypnosis reigns supreme. No other act has the potential to touch a submissive on so many levels. The three main domains of submission are touched in an erotic hypnosis session. While other style sessions can compare, it is up to the Domme to make sure all aspects of your being is touched by Her influence. While worshiping, in a session or on your own, you should always keep the three domains in mind and try to touch on each. If a part of you is not satisfied, or a domain is lacking, it is your responsibility to voice concerns to your Goddess.

The three domains of submission are physical, emotional and spiritual. Erotic hypnosis is the ultimate submission as it touches on each other the domains of submission. There are subdomains and various other aspects that are touched in a Ds or BDSM relationship but for now, we will focus on the three main domains.

  • Physical, this domain is best represented through bondage.
  • Emotional, the clearest representation of the emotional domain is humiliation. While I am not someone to focus on humiliation it is a clear representation of the emotional domain.
  • Spiritual, body worship being the clearest demonstration of this domain.

While each domain has a fetish (if you will) that best represents them, erotic hypnosis touch on each level manifesting the ultimate submission.

The Physical Domain of Ultimate Submission

The physical. Hypnosis works best while you are still. While you can move during a session, hypnosis makes it so that physical movement needs to be commanded by the Domme. It can also make it so that a thought, or image running through your mind has a physical manifestation. Like becoming aroused or orgasming to a trigger or suggestion from the HypnoDomme.

The Emotional Domain of Ultimate Submission

A proper hypnotist can not only play with your emotions but also change your future emotional responses. Be it to Her or the situation, Goddess can create a positive emotional environment with which you can grow and emerge as a submissive. It is also represented in the emotional connection you have with your Domme. Though the earlier example showed a negative emotional response, hypnosis can be either positive or negative.

The Spiritual Domain of Ultimate Submission

The spiritual domain is best represented through erotic hypnosis. The right Hypnotist will touch your soul. Many of you have had this experience, where the connection is so deep and so strong. your entire spirit feels in tune with the words of your Goddess.

If you feel one of these domains are not satisfied, it is crucial that you speak with your Mistress about it. She might not notice the disconnect or not realise to what extent it extends. That is your responsibility. She has some accountability in it as well but you should voice and keep the lines of communications open.

Hypnotic Trance is the Ultimate submission as it touches on every one of the submission domains. While there are other practices that can and do touch on each domain. Hypnosis is the way I enjoy it the most.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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Establishing a Connection

090615How should you go about establishing a connection with a Domme? I often write about the importance of the connection between Goddess and subject. This is an important aspect of your submission that can be overlooked by shiny objects (pictures) and the like. A focus on the physical to create that connection can often lead to a short term submission. Sometimes, that is what you want. A Domme for the moment as opposed to a Domme for your life. I don’t mind the drive by subjects, the ones just looking for a momentary distraction from their vanilla life or a part time replacement for their regular Goddess when She is not available. There is nothing wrong with your erotic self being secondary to other things, so long as you are honest with both yourself and your Goddess.

Say you want to establish a lasting connection. Something worth more than buying time or files. Something that will be lasting and create a bond between you and your desired Goddess. How will you go about it?

It seems obvious to say contact Her, but that contact has a price, one you should be willing to pay. If you are not willing to pay it, or have experienced a history of bad connections and have since become more frivolous with your money, know that paying to contact is not an option. Find ways around it. This does not mean contact Her and say something ridiculous like “just want to know what you would do?” Shit like that makes Us Dommes cringe and block you. We don’t have time to deal with that type of stuff. People contact us on a daily basis with similar requests and it is too complicated to try and weed out those that are actually looking for a connection and those that just want to get off. (There are more rants to this effect but you know what I mean)

So here is a short list of ways to establish an initial connection with your chosen Goddess:

  • Tribute and Buy Time, even with the previous paragraph in mind, paying for time, sending a tribute or gift is still the BEST way to connect. This shows the Domme you are serious about wanting to establish a connection and that you are aware Her time is money. Even if it is just getting to know Her with simple questions. We get asked these questions a lot.
  • READ, most of Us have blogs, read them. Connect with Her words and not Her images. See where She stands on fetishes that are important to you. Find out what is important to Her.
  • Check out Her wishlist. With the right mind, you can look through a wishlist to get to know who She is and what She likes. Buy Her something while you are there. Check out if there are multiple lists, not just the one main one.
  • Follow Her on social media. Some Dommes ask for a tribute for this privilege, it is a privilege not a right. When you follow, We get notifications, every interaction helps boost Us. So follow, share, comment (respectfully). (*** Quick note about Facebook, for Me, I usually ignore friend requests without prior interaction but you can follow Me and/or follow My pages’ feeds.)
  • Sing Her praises when free content is released. Share it on your social media platforms. Comment on posts or videos. Make it so She recognises you, your name, your username, etc.
  • Send an email to say you have been checking Her stuff out. An email. Not an IM. And do so without the promise of a reply. Do it because you are impressed with who She is not because you want Her to reply. If She does, bonus, if She doesn’t who cares, that was never the goal.

Establishing a connection is important. Trust is important. These tips could help you establish a deep connection, or at least realise ways to serve Her better.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade



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My Five Favourite Uses for Erotic Hypnosis

There are so many uses for erotic hypnosis. The tool is really limitless in its capacity for BDSM. With so many possibilities, it is hard to pinpoint My favourites. Won’t stop Me from trying though 😉 I have decided to create a list with My five favourite uses. These are in no particular order. They are equal in My eyes, as far as how much I enjoy them. The biggest difference is the dynamic between between Myself and the subject. The dynamic is so important, as I have stated several times and will continue to repeat.

Uses for Erotic Hypnosis with Ambre JadeFive Uses for Erotic Hypnosis

  1. Self Discovery. BDSM and Femdom are not necessarily associated with self discovery, though they should be. Erotic hypnosis is the perfect tool for discovering more about yourself as a sub as well as an individual. One can easily learn more about the deeper kinks that you were previously unaware of. It can bring to light the components that are keeping you from being truly vulnerable and under the influence of your Goddess.
  2. Brainwashing and Thought Control. Whether using NLP or more classic erotic hypnosis, brainwashing is an absolute pleasure for Me as the HypnoDomme. Changing your view point and how you see the world and molding it to something I enjoy is so much fun. I genuinely believe the world would be a better place if I was in complete control of it and this is how I make that happen, one person at a time. This also creates a certain ownership.
  3. Acceptance of past experiences. This would be less about the erotic aspect and more on the “Domme who wants Her subs to be at their best” side of things. A lot of us, Myself included, have traumas or experiences that shape our views. In some cases, this is negative.
  4. Orgasm, erection, arousal control. Falls within brainwashing but I like to keep it as something completely separate. It is one thing to feel the power of making someone so intensely aroused that You are the only thing in their mind, it is a whole new level of power when I can have you thinking about Me, turned on, unable to focus and then suddenly shut down those responses. That My friends, it power.
  5. Roleplays and Fantasies. This is a use for erotic hypnosis that I do not really use too frequently. I prefer to stay within reality and ultimate submission of the subject. Every now and then though, a subject comes up and fantasies, roleplays, and other-realmly experiences are perfectly suited to the dynamic.

This is by no means the only uses for erotic hypnosis, I have. Just a list of My favourites. What are your favourite uses? Favourite moments?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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Total Control By Ambre Jade

Total Control with Ambre JadeTotal control is a surprisingly subjective concept. For each Domme and each sub, the idea of what constitutes total control varies. One would assume it would be obvious. your Domme controls every action, every thought, every moment of your life. This is a valid definition and idea but how is that represented in a practical sense? For those who are not live in slaves, those who decide that a long distance relationship is more practical or those who have financial dealings with their Dommes, the idea of total control is a little more difficult to define and for some, even to perceive.

I receive a number of inquiries about how total control manifests itself with a relationship with Me. Many people have their own perceptions on how a total control dynamic should work or ideas on how it works that are different from My manifestation of this style of relationship. As the individual relationships in question, contribute a great deal to how it presents itself, it is easier for Me to list some misconceptions about total control that are just not valid when working with Me.

What Total Control by Ambre Jade is NOT about:

  • Ruining your current relationships. I am not about ruining your other relationships. Like your marriage or destroying the bond between you and your children, mother, aunt, family, etc. you can see where I am going here. I do not believe in the destruction of your marital status. That is a dynamic in which I can control how you behave. your Wife can give you things I cannot. I control how you interact with your Wife, partner, girlfriend, etc. I think these relationships should be cherished and I will determine how you can add to them.
  • Destroying your financial stability. A broke slave is a useless slave. I have no desires to strip you of every penny you have. What I do control, is how you spend. Potentially, how you can earn. I create and control the budget. Obviously a portion goes to Me!
  • Isolation. I do not want you completely isolated. I want you to have other relationships, friendships, dates, a social life. I do not want you completely isolated from society. I encourage you to go out, with My permission.
  • Being a doormat. you have hobbies, likes and dislikes, activities you enjoy, etc. Those should factor into My total control of you. If there is something within our dynamic that is not working, there is a time and a place to voice it. The time and the place will be determined by Me but you will have an opportunity to voice thoughts and concerns and all those fun things.

The most important thing when it comes to total control is FULL DISCLOSURE. I need to know about every aspect of your life in order to determine the who, what, where, when, why and hows of your new life. This is a serious commitment both from you and from Me. I am taking on the decisions and course of your life. That is a huge commitment from both of us. Total control is not something I would offer to just anyone. There has to be a good rapport between the two of us for it to be something we can work with.

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade



Multiple Orgasms through Hypnosis

Multiple Orgasms with Ambre JadeMultiple orgasms can be yet another tool in My belt. Hypnosis, specifically erotic hypnosis creates an environment in which all things are possible. And where sometimes I prefer chastity, or more restrained submission, multiple orgasms certainly have their place within the realm of mental assault on your being. When one accepts that orgasms are a form of submission, that each venture over that plateau represents your submission going deeper, it is easy to see where multiple orgasms provide a source of power. A continuous reminder of My never ending control of your cock.

Thoughts on cock control usually bring about discussions that centre around chastity and being chaste. But proper cock control is more than that. I determine when, where and how you orgasm. Accomplishing multiple orgasms while deep under hypnosis provides not only a relatively unique experience but it also creates a reminder that it you belong to Me. I can easily drain you into exhaustion so that even if you thought you could break My control, it becomes physically impossible to do so. Impossible to do so without Me. I am the only source of pleasure you need or desire. My words and My influence runs through you like nothing else.

Why Multiple Orgasms through Hypnosis?

Without hypnosis as a tool, there are few men that can achieve multiple orgasms without spending a huge amount of time training themselves. And while it is possible to do so, in My experience, men generally lack the ability to push themselves in that direction effectively. Hypnosis, My influence acts as the proper motivation needed to experience such a sensation. It eases you into the experience without spending the time necessary to train. This can actually serve as a starting point to further train yourself or as a catalyst to a quest for further knowledge. Cock control is not limited to chastity. Multiple orgasms and even a single orgasm under My influence is a reflection of cock control. Multiple orgasms just add a unique flavour that some would never otherwise experience.

Do you have any experiences with multiple orgasms? With or without a hypnotic influence?

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade



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Fear and Hypnosis, Working Together

Fear and hypnosis might not seem like good friends. BUT with the right guide (HypnoDomme), they can compliment each other quite well. Firstly let’s make the distinction between genuine fear and being a whining “i’m so scared Goddess” bitch. I often receive emails, messages and the like from people claiming to want to serve, but fearing the consequences. It is difficult from the point of view of the reader to determine who is trying to waste My previous time and who is genuinely afraid. Difficult but not impossible. I have a pretty good feel for who is playing games and who is actually feeling fearful but wants to pursue such a serious endearvour. A discussion for later. Right now, I would just like for you to see the difference between actual fear and playing games.

Fear and Hypnosis with Ambre JadeSo those of you who are afraid, congratulations! you realised the implications of true submission. you know that this is more than a fetish. That this way of being is a lifestyle and one that you would like to adopt to your own life. Feeling fear does not make you weak. It makes you conscious of the changes that will potential happen when you give up your free will! I always delight when people tell Me they have been afraid to contact Me, been following Me from afar, too afraid to do more than that. But now they are ready to embrace this lifestyle.

Fear and Hypnosis, are they compatible?

The fear response varies from one person to the next. Generally they fall under the three automatic nervous system reactions: fight, flight or freeze. These responses, human and animal responses to fear affect the mind in such a powerful way. It is reflexive, instinctive. There are few ways around it. Time is a factor if you want to work around your responses. That can be challenging, expensive but certainly worth every moment and penny you spend on yourself in that way. But how does one work with fear and hypnosis without overreaching the limitations of wallet and time? Ultimately, there is no answer. No easy way around it. There is however a way to work with your responses. To satisfy both your autonomic nervous system and your desire to submit.

The body’s response to fear floods your body with hormones. What a wonderful addition to erotic hypnosis. In this way, your fear is helping Me. It is aiding Me in creating the perfect environment to manipulate your thoughts. The key is understanding how and why you react the way you do, and using that to My advantage. This is to say you and I work together, we work with those responses making them both erotic and exciting.

So feel the fear with Me. Feel it and share it with Me.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

The Connections That Bind Us

Connection that Bind Us with Ambre JadeEvery session we have creates these connections that bind us. Oh, I know. A little new age-y and maybe a touch far fetched but think about it. Every single time your mind opens up and becomes My playground, a connection is created. An almost palpable link between your being and Me. These connections that bind us together will last forever. This is the reason so much time can go by since our last session or remember that time, you ran away because it was too intense? This is the reason I can tap right back into your mind like no time has passed at all.

There are several way that these connections manifest themselves. I am thinking of an individual in particular. We have been doing sessions together for years, literal years, our sessions are always incredibly satisfying. The connections that bind us are so deep that I can feel his emotional distress. I can feel his need to submit to Me even when he is not in a position to do so (at work, or money being tight, etc). This connection does not really go both ways in terms of emotional reading but he does have certain impulses to reach out to Me when I call. he hears My siren call so to speak.

What an amazing connection! These connections that bind us will last forever. This is why you dream of Me at night. This is why you seek My approval for every action. This deep surrender that creates a connection with such intensity that it seems unbelievable. The best part about these connections, you do not even realise they are there. Well, not until now. Once I bring it to your attention you can almost feel it deep within you, spiraling through your mind. My hold and influence running over all the aspects of your mind.

Let’s build some connections.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade



Every Orgasm Belongs to Me

your orgasm belongs to Ambre Jade

There is something that happens as you orgasm, as you cum. When you submit to this pleasure, you open yourself up. There is a moment (though generally short lived) where nothing matters except that moment. The pleasure running over you, the erotic sensations of feeling yourself give in to pleasure. This energy, this moment can and should be harnessed. There is a way to take that erotic energy and evolve it into something more than just instant gratification. A way to use that sensation to affect your life in a deeper way than you thought possible. This energy can act as the perfect catalyst to your true submission.

Orgasm as Submission

Every orgasm requires a certain release of control. These moments where your mind is no longer in control of your biological responses. Every orgasm has this component of submission. Domme or sub, vanilla, with a partner, without a partner, with multiple partners, etc. These moments of orgasm, regardless of the circumstances surrounding them have a moment of submission to the pleasure. A giving in or letting go of everything. This is one of the main reasons I never and have never had an orgasm with a sub (but that is a topic for another day). Even if the dynamic of the moment is not one of power exchange, you are exchanging power within your own body. The power removed from your mind, from your conscious brain and placed into the more primal, biological need to feel pleasure.

Harness that Energy and Use It Properly

With the right set of circumstances, an apt set of words, that energy can be poured into something else. Chastity is not absolutely necessary to achieve good harnessing of orgasmic energy. Though chastity remains a personal favourite of Mine, there are subjects who do not respond to it as well or just do not enjoy it. So I created a file, a recorded hypnosis session, whose only purpose is to harness that energy and use the biological processes at work during orgasm to My benefit, to My advantage and, of course, your pleasure! This virtually untapped fount of energy that is already submissive in natural can be harnessed and used to solidify your submission to your Goddess. Many take advantage of this connection but not every recording is as focused as My erotic hypnosis session “Every Cum For Me.

Allow yourself to submit to pleasure while making your submission to Me more concrete!

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

Guilt and submission

For some, guilt and submission seem to go hand in hand. From a personal standpoint, this is not something I understand. Perhaps, I am too hedonistic in My thoughts but I rarely if ever feel guilty. We all have our moments but guilt is not something in My usual stream of emotions. When talking with someone new yesterday, trying to decide if he deserves to be indoctrinated by Me, he professed his feelings of guilt when following his D/s side. Guilt and submission for him are a package deal. This statement frequently falls to My ears. While My personal emotional experiences do not have anything particularly enlightening on this matter. My experiences as a Dominant Woman certainly does.

Guilt and Submission as a Tool

Domme Ambre Jade talks about sensations of guilt and submissionFor some, there is an erotic component to feeling guilty. They find the sensations of guilt and failure something that adds to their sensual experiences.  For them, guilt and submission adds a spice, a further deepening to their orgasm, servitude, faith, etc. My puppy, whom I have spoken about numerous times, loves feeling guilty. OK, no he does not but his arousal (My cock, it is Mine, I own it) responds to it like nothing else. I delight in every moment where his guilt becomes overwhelming and then deny him that orgasm he has been waiting over a year for!

Not everyone has a similar response to guilt and submission. This is one of the reason, I ask how you feel about the emotion. How does it make you feel when you are guilty, etc. I tend to ask many, many question. My interrogation fetish has no limits on the discussions it likes having!

When Guilt and Submission are a Negative

Not everyone responds like My puppy. For them, the sensation of guilt does not add spice. It can, in fact take away from the experience. As a Domme, there are many moments where I decide to force you into negative emotive spaces. Mainly, for My Own amusement. Guilt over being a submissive should not, should never be used in such a manner. Guilt and submission are generally experienced by those that have not necessarily completely embraced their submissive side. They fight it. The feelings of guilt can be viewed as an attempt to fight against their nature. The feelings of guilt can be the manifestation of their fight with themselves.

How Guilt and Submission Can Work Together

This is where having a Domme, a proper Domme, can be a very beneficial relationship. The feelings of guilt can easily be resolved or at least minimized by follow orders from your Domme. your Domme will know the most effective way for you to compromise between your feelings of guilt and submission. your Domme will lead you, this is Her purpose, to lead you and satisfy both Her Own needs and yours. Dommes know how to use these sometimes conflicting emotions to Their advantage.

Important Factors When Dealing With Guilt and Submission

  • Honesty: Be honest when you are having trouble with the sensations of guilt.
  • Accountability: Understand that your Domme is not forcing you into the submission, this is your nature.
  • Communication: As with any relationship communicate your feelings with someone who can offer an objective view or at least someone you can be honest with.
  • Be Real: perform check ins with yourself. Balance yourself between your submissive self and your vanilla self. If you are having trouble communicate it.

There is so much more to say about guilt and submission. Many people have had issues and I encourage you to share your experiences as well as coping techniques.

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

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