Your Money, My Trips; Findom Opportunities

The more money you send me, the better the trips will be! I have a few trips planned for the coming year, some concrete trips and others more laissez-faire. How good would it feel to provide your Goddess the opportunity to travel? It would be better than spending the money on yourself. The knowledge that my adventures, which will be well documented, were made possible by you knowing your place, and putting my desires above your own needs. I can think of few experiences that could rival that. Few opportunities where you can be completely assured of my pleasure!

My travel schedule is still up in the air, but there are some trips which are for certain:

New Orleans:

I will be in New Orleans for a few days in December. The trip has been covered by a delightful boy who knows it is on my top three American cities to visit. I have never been. This should be exciting. As the trip has been covered your contributions will be purely for my enjoyment, my luxuries during my travels.


Winter is rough on me. Come February, March I need to escape the bitter cold that is a Montreal winter and bask in the sun for at least a week, preferably 2. Ideally, I would do one week on a random beach and then a second week in Havana. My last venture there was in 2012, and I did not get to experience all that I wanted to. I want an all inclusive beach experience for that first week. My stay in Havana will be more about experiencing the culture. A stay within the city, shopping the local markets and experiencing the local dining experience.

Tokyo, Japan:

This trip is not yet set in stone. There has been talk within my martial arts family of visiting in October 2017. This trip will likely be expensive, just the flight is somewhat ridiculous. As the date approaches, I will have more information concerning destinations, time line, travel, etc.

How Can I Contribute to your Goddess Travels?

Very easily 🙂 Send tribute via giftrocket, let me know it is for my travel fund. You will also see this button:

Scattered about my sites. Clicking on it will bring you to my Niteflirt where you can contribute as many times as you would like.

Why Should I Want to Contribute?

Beyond the pleasure you receive in sending me money, you will get the opportunity to see my travel pictures, potentially in real time. Who would not want that?

So please me, like good little piggies, squeal with delight as you send me places… if you are very lucky, perhaps I will visit somewhere near you 😉

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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Budgeting For Findom Slaves, Domme Advice

Over the last few weeks, there have been three incidents in which I create a budget for a Findom slave. Some people seem to believe that budgeting for findom slaves takes away some of the fun, that by capping what you can give, or rather what you should give takes away from the experience. From a personal standpoint, I have never found it so. I have always enjoyed creating budgets, pinching pennies, finding creative solutions, things like that. I have primarily created such plans for those who worship me, but on a few occasions there have been requests from individuals (slaves) who serve another.

Seeking Advice

Budgeting for Findom slavesThese slaves, though for me, I look upon them as individuals seeing as they serve another, tend to be looking for an impartial look at their contributions to their Goddess’ lifestyle without living out of a cardboard box. As sexy as the fantasy of breaking financially, the reality is not so pleasant. Sure, an accountant would be best but do you desire admitting to your accountant that this is your fetish? Do you want to have to explain the who, what, where, when, why s of your financial domination fetish? Finding someone who both understands your fetish and is excellent with numbers would be a perfect compromise. You could also speak with your Goddess, but not everyone wants to admit there are limitations on their spending or it is just not something that is part of their findom experience. Also, let’s be honest, Findoms (and there are many, many exceptions to this prejudice) are not very well known for their benevolence. Sometimes you need an outside voice that understands and is willing to help.

Budgeting for Findom slaves that Serve Me

An outside voice is not the motivation when you serve me. I am the only voice. The motivation comes from a desire to give more, not just money but also more information. The creation of a budget requires a large amount of information to the shared with me. I have an understanding of how you spend and what you spend it on. I can see and judge your priorities. This sharing of information, under the right conditions can be incredibly erotic. Information is power and knowing your financial situation is more information for me 🙂

I want Ambre Jade to help me with my Findom budget!

Naturally you can see how budgeting for Findom slaves would be beneficial to myself and to you, as the slave. How do you make that a reality? There are a few choices:

  • Call my Lifestyle Line on Niteflirt, I will get all the information I need from you and subsequently send you a delightful spreadsheet
  • Call my toll free (mention it is for budgeting, it is cheaper than hypnosis)
  • Email me and enclose a 50$ tribute via giftrocket.

Be on the look out for more budget tips, including how to make more money for your Goddess.

Have fun with your budget planning!

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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An Ultimate Experience in Findom

Some will tell you the ultimate experience in findom has a dollar value attached to it, well it always does. But it is less about the amount when I look at it, it is more about the pleasure you can derive from giving something that no one else can offer your Maîtresse. For some, it is spending an amount of money on Her happiness, so high that no other could possibly compete with it. For others, it is offering something that makes your Mistress’ life better. For My puppy, his ultimate experience in findom came from an unlikely source. he paid for My black belt exam. Now, I know, you might be reading this and thinking so what? It is not some large monetary value, it does not affect Mistress’ happiness as it would have happened anyway, so why is this a big deal?

It is a big deal because no one else can claimed they bought this for Me. No other individual can make an offer that compares (until My Nidan exam 😉 ). his sacrifice to Me assured him a place in My memories and My memory in his bank account.

The ultimate experience in findom will vary from person to person. What makes one slave eager to give and enjoy the pleasure in giving is not necessarily the same trigger another slave will feel. Many financial domination enthusiasts will give purely knowing that they are so inferior by comparison that their only use is monetary and making sure their Goddess feels a certain amount of pleasure.

What would your ultimate experience in findom look like? Would you feel more pleasure in sending a larger amount or in the knowledge that you have purchased something no one else can?

Now, I love tributes, don’t get Me wrong, money brings Me quite a bit of satisfaction but there is something about a slave paying for something specific that they know will help My lifestyle that is incredibly satisfying. Not only does it mean they are putting My lifestyle ahead of theirs but they are also familiar with Me as an individual as well as a Goddess! There is something terribly special about that.

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade

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Some Thoughts on FemDom Name Calling

I am not a huge fan of name calling. Well, that’s an exaggeration. There are certain terms and expressions I LOVE and use on a fairly regular basis. I do have many terms I hate to use and hate to say. When the terms come up organically, I have no issues. The rhythm is not broken and things just flow nicely. It is not that I have a problem with naughty words or aggressive behaviour. Believe Me, I have no qualms being a bitchy Cunt! There are just some terms that are a seemingly prominent part of Femdom name calling. To each Their own, of course, and I do not criticize anyone for using the terms I dislike. I just have trouble forcing them from between My tasty lips.

Why do I hate these Femdom name calling terms? And what terms get under My skin.

Femdom Name Calling with Ambre Jade

paypig: I cannot even begin to explain how much I hate this term and how it is comes up soooo often within the Findom community. I get it “OINK OINK OINK” and all that. But why this particular term? I have tried, I really have to love this Femdom name calling term. It is hugely popular. It is great business but fuck, I just cannot get down with it. I have said piggy before. It came out nicely as My guy was snorting at the time. I wish I could give you a more precise reason as to why it irks Me so much. I really do not know. Perhaps it is a combination of its overuse and the idea that the relationship is so completely one dimension. I am not saying it is one dimensional, it just seems that way whenever I read it.

faggot: I have said it before and will likely say it again but only when it flows well. My aversion to this particular Femdom name calling term is easier to put into words than paypig. This word just feeds homophobia and the idea that being gay is an insult. It isn’t. It is a state of being.

stupid: Oh My Fucking Gods do I hate this word!!! As a way to describe a specific behaviour, I have no problems using it. “Well fuck, that was stupid!” But as a word to describe an individual, especially an individual who has chosen to spend their time with Me, NO, NEVER. When you make the decision to worship Me, to spend on Me, to talk with Me, you are making a brilliant choice! This Femdom name calling word does not apply. you are not stupid. By calling Me, you have proven that you are not stupid.

sissy: This Femdom name calling term is up there with paypig in that I really want to like it. And the term does apply in many many cases. It does come up naturally, and in those instances I will use it. But I hate Myself afterwards, every single time. It reminds Me is school yard bullying bullshit. Which could easily be why some people enjoy that particular term. There is also the undertones and implications that being feminized makes you inferior. If anything to Me, feminization brings you up the ladder 🙂

Are there Femdom Name Calling Terms you dislike? Do you like some of the ones on My list?

À bientôt,

Maîtresse Ambre Jade



Financial Domination, where do you fit in?


It can be confusing, I suppose, the world of financial domination. With so many different manifestations of findom and so many different ways to express it, an individual can easily get lost. I get it. But it is important that you are aware of your own place. In order to know your place it has to be outlined for you, well most of you since when interacting with Me the blood seems to flow away from your brain and you become imbeciles.

So where do you fit in? At what niveau is your devotion to financial domination? There is nothing wrong with being where you are but an individual should be aware of where they fit in, where they want to go. I have a simple enough system of categories, easy to follow. And yes, you might fit between categories or find yourself not well represented within My system. That is the wonderful part of financial domination with Me, it is always evolving.

The Customer

The customer archetype is an individual who submits through purchase. Usually files or games. The domination is minimal but still very real. Unlike others the customer expects and receives something in return for their money. It could be argued that the customer does not even belong as an archetype of findomme.

The Client/Caller

The client or caller spends much of their money to spend one on one time with Me. This is either through phone, cam or text. The client archetype tributes as well. The domination aspect comes from the amount of time they are spending with Me, the minute rate. Which can be played with as well.

The Fetishist

Those with a fetish, a sexualised need to have your finances dominated but still want some interaction as well. This are the tributes, the sacrifices, the gifts. Sometimes there is an interaction between us but not always. For some this represents itself as “drive-by” gifting or tributes. The fetishist is a complex archetype with many, many ways it presents itself.

The Financial Domination submissive

The submissive requires an interaction, a wallet draining or raping. Though completely committed to funding My lifestyle, the submissive requires attention, a reminder that they belong to Me. That they are Mine. The submission comes through their wallet before anything else.

The Financial slave

Oh what a lovely archetype the financial domination slave is. There is no interaction, they delight solely in the knowledge that their money in sustaining My lifestyle. There is no interaction, no back and forth. Money goes from their hand and into Mine. Many refer to these as “pay pigs” or similar titles. I think slavery is a better description. A slave provides for its Owner.

So where do you fit in? Where do you want to fit in?

How do you approach a Domme when looking for Financial Domination?

The first step is to always send a tribute. Send an email with it if you must, talking about what type of relationship you are looking for. The important part is proving you are actually looking for a proper Financial Domme. All too often I receive messages, emails and texts of people begging Me to dominate them financially. Well, if you are not willing to part with a small tribute to prove you are serious, you are not worth My time.

More on that to come!

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

Difference Between Sacrifice and Tribute

Tribute and Sacrifice
Kneel in devotion! Tribute and Sacrifice

Not everyone makes a distinction between sacrifice and tribute. There is nothing wrong with that but to Me there are some important key differences. Both are signs of devotion to Me. Both make Me very happy with your performance as a submissive. Both can be component of Financial Domination but not necessarily.

What is a Tribute?

A tribute is a bonus, if you will. An added dimension to prove that you are worth your place in the Doctrine of Ambre Jade. To show that you appreciate the time and the effort I put in to the Doctrine, creating a stimulating and ideal place of worship. Tributes are made out of compulsion, that need to make Me happy and pleased with you as an individual slave.

What is a Sacrifice?

When I discuss daily sacrifice, it is the exchange of an everyday luxury for Me. Instead of purchasing some over priced, super sweet bullshit coffee concoction, you take that money and send it to Me. Sacrifice is the great equalizer. Where not everyone is in a position to tribute 500$ a week, everyone can find something they can go without so that they can contribute to Me! It allows Me to see a clear representation of how devoted one truly is. For some a 500$ tribute means nothing to them financially, it never affects their bottom line. For others, the idea of tributing such an amount would cause them financial ruin. Sacrifice allows them to prove they are willing to suffer for My pleasure. It is a greater sign of devotion in many cases.

What about Gifting?

I view gifting as an extension of a tribute. In some cases the more personal the gift the better, it proves that My devoted slave understand the individual (Me) and not just the experience of worship. Don’t get Me wrong, a gift from anyone in any capacity is lovely.

What about FinDomme?

Sacrifice and tribute are both components of financial domination. When I am controlling your wallet you are expected to make sacrifices and tributes as well as gifts. But I also believe that FinDomme should be approached as a contract. That you debt to Me should have a clear amount, a clear beginning and a clear end. The fun lays in between. View My FinDomme Contract.

Kneel for your Déesse

Maîtresse Ambre Jade