Owning your Mind

Owning your Mind

A few whispers, some choice words and as easily as that I end up owning your mind. Through My power your mind weakens and begs to have control taken from it. My gentle, misleading voice easily grabs all that control, all your will power, as you slowly dissolve and rest against the safety of My voice, of My presence. your mind is now Mine. It always has been. It was merely waiting for the right moment to give itself over to Me. Every thought you have from this point forward belongs to Me.

Owning your mind gives Me such power, such control over every single action you do. your physical being is affected by the words and syllables escaping My precious lips. you mind opens the door for Me. From here, I can change, corrupt, heal, embrace, the possibilities are endless as to what I can do when I own your mind. your fantasies become Mine, My needs become more important than yours. All from owning your mind.

There is no escape one I get there. Freedom comes at price. As does servitude. But once I am there you will no longer feel the need for freedom. Such a small thing when compared to the eroticism of having your mind controlled and owned by Someone who knows what They want and how They would like you to behave. A complete loss of control. Allowing My thoughts, My needs, My desires to become first and foremost with even the deepest depths of your mind (or rather, My mind now). Every erotic thought, every physical sensation belongs to Me, I let you have it, let you feel it. you and your mind are now completely Mine!

Bask in My presence,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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4 thoughts on “Owning your Mind

  1. Wow, what an amazing blog. Goddess you are very intelligent just as my Goddess Haylee said! I really enjoy reading and learning from what you write. I think I just found a blog site I’ll he visiting daily! 🙂

  2. Every word of this just makes me want to give myself to You more and more… once i finished reading it i truly felt that my mind completely belongs to You Goddess. Absolutely amazing.

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