My Commitments To Erotic Hypnosis in 2014

Erotic Hypnosis with Ambre Jade

Since the year has changed, I would like to list the commitments I am willing to make to erotic hypnosis and to My loyal followers! 2013 was a fucking roller-coaster and I am incredibly pleased to see it go. In 2014, I plan on re establishing Myself within the erotic hypnosis community as well as My local BDSM community! I am not one to seek out gatherings and go out to events but this year I would very much like to try harder! To put some faces to voices and new faces are always great!

My focus will be mp3 erotic hypnosis creations! I have made similar promises before and My delivery has been sparse, at best but I plan on completely focusing My energies to creating new aural experiences. I have several already in the works including one that will be available for free, forever on this site. Another is to train yourself to enter sub space more easily. There will actually be a series for that one, but I digress! 2014 will be the year where you find yourself kneeling, submitting, drifting away all to the syllables coming out of My mouth. you will find yourself in a web of eroticism and feel comforted by it and My presence.

With regards to over the phone erotic hypnosis, My availability is clearly outlined. I do encourage you to communicate with Me should the times I have outlined not work for you, you will have to make an appointment. I will be available for calls during those specified hours. Of course, there will be time when I am not available or on calls or have previous engagements and you will just have to practice your patience! It is a virtue, be virtuous for Me!

For those looking for cam erotic hypnosis, it will be coming soon. At a price, a fairly high one. Understand that though it is erotic hypnosis, I will not be naked, nor will I ever be naked on cam for you! you will see My face and if you are very very lucky some of My body! My watching you on cam does not cost anymore than the call itself. Erotic hypnosis with Me on cam will be available starting in February. It will be one day a week and the rest will be by appointment only. I know this may seem to remove some of the fun spontaneity but I assure you it will definitely be worth it.

I am planning erotic hypnosis and BDSM related podcasts. They will be monthly and if a larger following occurs, I will endeavor to make them more frequent, say twice a month. There will be more on this to come in the near future. I will revisit, right now I am wanting to outline My erotic hypnosis goals for the coming year!

your Mind is Mine,

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