Finding your Hypnosis submission


Hypnosis submission can be a scary thing. Perhaps, scary would not be the best word to use. Intimidating. As a submission, as a human being you are exposing yourself in one of the most vulnerable ways. your mind is completely open to Me, to the HypnoDomme. your thoughts are free. I always find it incredibly interesting how much a submissive learns about himself while under. Without your conscious thought stream, you are free to explore yourself. Certain behaviours, actions, ideas can become more appealing because you are not constrained in your thought process. This is exponentially true when your thoughts are being controlled by a Hypnotist.

When you manage to found your sub space for the first time, how did that feel? Was it different when you were forced into hypnosis submission? For many of My subs, there is a distinction between the two but both places were/are incredibly intense. When you are submissive, when you have that established trust with Someone the intensity is magnified. The freedom you find as a submissive is without boundaries. With the right encouragement, the right experiences, the right Goddess finding your hypnosis submission is not only pleasurable and enjoyable, it will teach you more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

you could find yourself in sub space, there through hypnosis submission, and you crave certain fantasies you had previously never explored or thought were erotic in anyway. That is, until My gentle voice guides into deeper parts of your consciousness. Perhaps even the darker parts of your being. Those are the parts of you that I want. Oui, I can be scary that way but I want the parts of you that are virginal. The deepest recesses of your soul and mind; I want those to belong to Me. I will help you find your submission, your sub space through gentle and well controlled hypnosis submission.

Let’s find your hypnosis submission. Listen as I guide you through an experience you never thought possible. Open that mind of yours to the possibilities and the ecstasy that awaits through true submission, through a melding of minds, one Dominant and one submissive.

your Mind is Mine,

Ambre Jade

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4 thoughts on “Finding your Hypnosis submission

  1. Reading this post turns me on…I love when you journey into the deepest recesses of my mind and make them yours…

  2. I have never felt such a strong urge to submit so completely. As i read Your words i could feel Your pull and i could not resist.

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