Findom Hypnosis

Findom Hypnosis

Let Me start out by stating that I do not participate in findom hypnosis or findom itself. Well not in the current mainstream sense anyway. Maybe it is not even the mainstream, I am mainly referring to the random tweets that make their way across My twitter feed or My facebook feed. you know the type; “#paypig #loser #tributeme pay me loser” style of messaging. I understand that people enjoy this type of play. I make no judgments beyond stating that this style or behaviour is most definitely not for Me or Mine or anyone who wishes to be Mine. There are several reasons, I will start at the top using the above quote as an example (the above quote is merely an amalgamation of various tweets and re-tweets that made their way onto My twitter feed early this morning, I was planning on writing about hypnosis when I woke up.)

For starters, I do not take on a loser as a sub, the mere fact that you want to please Me makes you a winner. I know it is not all that humiliating being reminded that you made some good choices it your life ie worshiping Me, but it is true. And I do not believe, in fact, I cannot believe that merely enjoying findom makes you a loser. Findom and by extension findom hypnosis are about power, giving it away in every part of your life, no the fact that you cannot get laid or no girl wants to touch your peepee or whatever random childish remark I have received that is sitting in My email junk box.

Financial domination is about power and control. More on that in a second though, I would like to continue focusing that My make believe tweet. The term “paypig” now I happen to enjoy this word. I have used it when speaking, teasing, abusing submissives. Everything is with a context. To explain why I enjoy the term, let Me share with you an example. I have a sub, his name is not important, he is Mine completely and that is all that matters. Generally, our scenes do not involve tributes or payments, we play because I enjoy playing with him. But I digress, so our scenes generally do not involve any sort of findom. Sometimes, I enjoy reminding him what I deserve, basically everything. When I do that, he starts to snort, and thus the creation of the paypig in him. He will then tribute or gift or whatever. In this case, he is My pay piggy. I do not believe in sending mass messages calling people paypigs. But like I said, there are no judgments here, obviously we all have different followers and a different way of playing financial domination games. Everyone has what they enjoy.

From a personal taste stand point, I do not get off on telling people to send Me shit. Okay, perhaps that needs to be rephrased, I do not get off telling people what to do without working up to it. I enjoy the slow burn into your mind. I enjoy it when you are begging Me to send Me things! Not because I asked you to but rather because you know I deserve anything that I should want. Financial domination is about Me deserving your money more than you. But I also believe I have to deserve it. A picture of a dildo next to My voluptuous ass does not, in My opinion, deserve gifts. I deserve gifts when I take the time to fuck with your brain and remind you what is Mine and what should be Mine. Perhaps this is the intention of those who throw pictures out. Maybe to Them, Their physical traits remind the sub how perfect Their Mistress is. That is just not the way I roll!

I like findom hypnosis when it is within specific parametres. When there is a discussion beforehand. As you may or may not be aware, I LOVE protocols and the discussions that take place when figuring out the individual protocols that will be attached to you. Financial domination should have protocols and limitations. At least in the beginning of the relationship! For some, My style of wanting to discuss, check in, negotiate, etc. is not all that attractive, they enjoy being referred to as paypiggies or loser or (add appropriate  synonym) and there is nothing wrong with that. There is something wrong with wanting that if you are wanting it with Me.

Findom for Me, is about power and sacrifice. What are you willing to not get today so that you may please your Goddess? She should never have to ask! This is important, even if I am not your Goddess or Mistress or whatever, even if you do not worship Me, the Woman you do worship deserved gifts WITHOUT asking for them. you should find a way to prove that you are willing to go without so that She can have something! It does not even have to be big, say you normally buy a coffee on the way to work, well for one month every morning when you would normally buy your coffee, you send that tribute to Her. It is tiny but after a month it becomes a nice sum and it proves that you as Her worshiper are willing to go without so that She may receive.

Financial Domination is a huge thing! It should but should also be respected. If you have a contract, respect it, if you appreciate your Goddess’ time, show it! There is more to being a submissive than the ability to follow orders. Show that you will make a willing sacrifice without even being asked!

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

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  1. Words to live by. Respect the contract,show proper appreciation for your Goddess,and take the actions that prove that you’re willing to make the needed sacrifices to serve,please and amuse your Goddess.


  2. Thank you Goddess Ambre again for another great and insightful read. It will help me in my service to my Goddess Haylee Lynn.

  3. No domme should permit her subject to feel humiliation over her control. He’s lucky she’s even talking to him.

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