Emotional Fluctuations

Having just come out of a rather turbulent emotional roller-coaster, and its effects still clear in My mind, I decide to go over some of the emotional fluctuations that can potentially occur when you submit to erotic hypnosis. Like anything, there are various levels of submission and you might find that you are not as emotionally impacted as others. For this post, I am making a distinction between submission for a session and submission to a Goddess or Domme. Both are extremely powerful and both have different effects.

Emotional fluctuations can vary from one person to the next, and one session to the next. Emotional fluctuations can be different depending on who you are submitting to, or the nature of the sessions. We live in a world where emotional fluctuations are generally seen as negative. I rarely, if ever, see an emotional response as a negative, including My Own emotions. I could go on about emotions forever, but right now we are focusing on the emotional fluctuations that can happen during erotic hypnosis sessions. This list is by no means, complete. There are an almost infinite number of possible emotional responses. The intensity can vary from person to person, experience to experience, day to day.

Top Five Emotional Fluctuations During Erotic Hypnosis

  1. Lust to Love
  2. Desire to Resentment
  3. Love to Devotion
  4. submission to slavery
  5. Fear to Eroticism

1. Lust to Love:

Erotic hypnosis almost by its very nature is about lust. Sexual energy is high. Lust for both the experience and the Domme. Over time (sometimes through a single session) that lust evolves to love. True love? Not likely but love none the less. Where once you may have objectified your Goddess, it is replaced by a new found respect and care for Her on a deeper level than you were expecting. On a side note, this emotional fluctuation can occur even before a session. This is easily the most common fluctuation. I always find it interesting to watch this occur between subject and HypnoDomme. Even when I am not involved and watching from the outside.

This is one of the emotional fluctuations that rarely revert back. Chances are you will always love Her. It may lessen in intensity, or you may come to see it as “two ships passing in the night” but the love will always be there in some form or another.

2. Desire to Resentment:

I struggled with the decision to add this emotional fluctuation. It is rather negative but with the right Domme, such emotional changes will be perceived before they become an issue or She will use this change to plant the seeds for further transformation. There are moments when a submissive may find themselves resenting their Goddess. Not for something She has said or done, but rather the level of control She has over their existence. I see this as a natural progression to devotion. Resentment shows that there is an understanding as to how intense the HypnoDomme-subject relationship can actually be. Do not feel discouraged either as the subject or the Domme when this fluctuation occurs.

This is an example of an emotional fluctuation that must be an evolution of the relationship. It ends in one of two ways. 1) The resentment is dispelled as the subject accepts the control She has over them. 2) The relationship ends. This is by no means a reflection of the Hypnotist’s skill but rather a manifestation of how far the subject was willing to let the relationship go. It could be that the subject was not yet at the point in their life where this intensity was an acceptable part of their life.

3. Love to Devotion:

This transformation is My favourite. This is when a subject transcends love. Devotion is a different, deeper level of love. If you have read My Domme as a Leader piece, you may understand more of what I mean. This is when other emotional responses start to dissipate. The biggest one I notice, is jealousy. Can you really be devoted to someone if you spend more time being jealous than devoted? No, you can’t. This is where you start to see yourself as an extension of your Goddess and Her experiences. When Her happiness is truly your happiness. Many claim to be at this juncture in their relationships but they are still a little shy of the truest expression of devotion, more on that another time.

4. submissive to slave:

One of the more subtle of the emotional fluctuations, a transformation from submissive to slave, at least as per My definition. Not everyone will agree that this is an emotional change but rather a change in lifestyle choice. While I agree to a certain extent, there are emotions that are present in a submissive that are not part of the slave interaction and vise versa. A slave is a complete loss of the self, you belong, you are owned. There are a multitude of emotional transitions there. Those who have witnessed this change will know what I mean.

5. Fear to Eroticism:

I have spent quite some time describing this emotional fluctuation, so I won’t get too much into it. But as you can imagine this is an intense emotional fluctuation that is undervalued.

There are many more emotional fluctuations, I am sure you have experienced some that are not mentioned here. Share in the comments or privately.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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  1. Once again, You have characterized the D/s dynamic and the development curve precisely and insightfully. Personally, i have experienced many of these changes in numerous ways and at various times. You make me want to always be better, Goddess.

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