Orgasms, Orgasms, Orgasms

A late night posting tonight. I was a rather busy woman today and recovering from a rather intense reunion with my lover. It had been two weeks (I had strep and didn’t leave my bed and not in a fun way). My lover’s thing is making me cum. As a Domme, pro or lifestyle, I do not let my submissives experience my orgasms. Well, I should say, I rarely let my submissives experience my orgasms. It find it very freeing that I can share these moments with him. Anyway, back to the subject at hand, well his hand more specifically.

He loves making me cum. He can spend hours making me cum without so much as an orgasm for himself. It’s a wonderful quality to have in a lover. There should be more people like that. Thing is, we don’t need hours. There is something about our chemistry together that has me shrieking within moments, squirting within a few minutes. It’s quite crazy actually. I have never really had a lover like that before. Not to say that I don’t orgasm, just not at this frequency or such short intervals.

I lost count last night. The number of orgasms surpassed the point where I could count. He couldn’t count them either, which means it was over 25. All this to say, I am a very tired Domme.

À bientôt

Ambre Jade