Day 6: Enjoying Some Alone Time

It’s common that I have some alone time, though usually I make plans, go out with friends, see my lover, do a couple of sessions, things like that. Today I decided to enjoy my alone time. To really embrace it and give it to my being in my home alone. So what does alone time look like with me?

  • I took a bath
  • Caught up on some reading
  • Some light tai chi (I would have done something more intensive, but I am healing an ankle injury)
  • House cleaning, while dancing in my undies 🙂
  • Masturbating, no you don’t get more details
  • Napping, I love my naps

It would have been much more lovely if the weather agreed, but you make the best of what you get. What do you do when you have alone time?

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

One thought on “Day 6: Enjoying Some Alone Time

  1. When at home much of my time is spent online, and watching TV, and doing household chores. I enjoy my alone time as well. I think that the older we get the more we enjoy our alone time but that’s just my opinion.

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