Day 7: A Beautiful Saturday In My Life

What a glorious Saturday! Though I had some problems sleeping last night, it ended up being an absolutely wonderful day.

My morning started rather early, trouble sleeping and all that. I gave up at 530 and got up, made myself a tea. Eventually I put some clothing on and made my way out of the house for an espresso. Taking my kindle with me to enjoy two hours of sitting on a terrace sipping coffee and reading, so many books to read, so little time. It has actually been a very long time since I last devoted that much time outside my bed to read. It was such a pleasure.

My brother was performing a matinée opera show in the afternoon. Nothing too fancy. That being said, it was great to finally see him perform. It reminded me of my youthful obsession with The Phantom of the Opera. Not the film but the original Canadian cast one. A childhood friend and I loved listening to it as children. Memories came flooding in. I was very young when listening to it. Less than ten. So that was a lovely trip down memory lane. I have been playing it in the background all evening.

Concert complete, we lunched, well slunched as it was after 4PM. Vietnamese. Absolutely delicious. I just love living in a city where any cuisine is available pretty well at my doorstep.

Finally getting to my front door, and guess who was waiting there for me? My gorgeous lover. After a few hours of our connecting for the first time this week (it’s been a long week let me tell you, but there are no visit while my son is home). I really have to write a post about how good the sex chemistry is between us. It’s epic really. Multiple orgasms are but the beginning. More on that, perhaps in this 30 Days of Domme Thoughts 🙂

Post work out sweats
Post work out sweats

To finish the day off, 90 minutes of weapons training at the park! Such a great way to end a day really devoted to things I enjoy. My post coitus/post workout face is a little ragged LOL. I did a lot today. It kind of knocked me out. I debated not posting this image as I look quite exhausted but Domme Thoughts is all about honesty so yeah, Dommes get tired too.

I was planning on ending my day doing session but I am well and truly toasted. With karate training camp coming up, I really have to make sure I am getting sufficient sleep. So that’s where I am off to now. Sleep and rest!

Hope you enjoyed this Saturday in my life.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade