Day 4: The Lover Who Believes in Monogamy

I have never believed in monogamy. It was never something I sought out nor something I idolized. I have no intentions of ever getting married, never have. I remember in my youth when other girls my age were playing wedding, I was out kicking boys in the junk (a Domme, I have always been). No dreams of white dresses or rings upon my fingers. I have been proposed to more than once. Each time, a well rehearsed refusal poured out of my lips before they had even finished getting down on one knee. I could always tell when someone was about to propose. I get it, I do. I am an amazing woman. Many people look at me and see a future. Sadly, it is not a shared vision. Their hearts get broken and then I usually lose them as a lover. Hard to get over your proposal being refused. Anyway, enough about marriage.

This is about monogamy. The idea of one individual being responsible for all my needs as a woman, seems so wrong to me. I know that is over simplifying the idea of monogamy but that is the basics as far as I see. And I am digressing again. SO monogamy, not something I ever saw myself doing or even wanting to do. One person? Just no.

060415That being said, my lover is making noise about becoming monogamous, which is kind of hilarious for a different reason that is not my place to discuss. The interesting part about this, for the first time in my entire life I am actually considering such a relationship. Discussions have been had and I get to keep my subs, makes cuckolding far more fun. Beyond that, there is part of me that is perfectly comfortable with not finding more or new sex partners. My guy keeps me very satisfied. So am I accepting this voyage into monogamy because I am sated? Or am I actually more into this monogamy thing than I thought?

I suppose like with anything else it depends on the dynamic, of the people involved. Right now I am happy. Lucky him.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade