Top Ten Behaviours of a Proper Hypnoslave (or any submissive for that matter) According to Ambre Jade

Hypnoslave Behaviours

There are behaviours that should be encouraged and others that should be squashed immediately and of course others that can be tolerated. This following is a list of behaviours that I find most appealing for My hypnoslaves as well as My other subs.

10. Intelligent Hypnoslave

Just because you are an intelligent hypnoslave, does not mean you will be smarter than I am. We are all blessed with certain qualities. One of Mine happens to be intellect. I like a hypnoslave with the ability to hold a conversation. someone who has the ability to talk both before and after a hypnosis session. There are many qualities intellect brings to the table. From My point of view, it is not difficult to control the thoughts and body of someone who rarely uses their mind. There is no challenge in it. Why should I bother? If you cannot be an intelligent hypnoslave, look along the list to endear yourself to Me.

9. Open Minded

An open mind is an incredibly important thing for a hypnoslave as well as any slave that I am working with. This does not mean that a hypnoslave does not have limitations. It means that they are willing to explore a wide variety within your accepted limits. A hypnoslave that is very rigid has no place with Me. Though I do find the fact that you know what you want appealing, it is not appealing enough for Me to want to continue a D/s relationship with you.

8. Creative

As a HypnoDomme, My creativity is constantly tested and I am always successful in creating an amazing experience but every now and then I like when My hypnoslave has a suggestion or two. It does not have to be a large masterpiece, from a single statement I can usually create a series of experiences. I very much enjoy hearing your creative ideas. Within the mind of every hypnoslave there are ideas and upon occasion I would like to explore them. There is nothing worse than the D/s, hypnotic relationship becoming stale!

 7. Self-Awareness

This hypnoslave behaviour is most appealing in the beginning of O/our relationship. Later on it becomes less important as your mind becomes Mine but in the beginning it is incredible. The thing about self-awareness within a hypnotic relationship is that you may not be conscious of how self aware you are when you are taken deeply. Some of My most enjoyable moments happen when a tight lipped sub starts spurting out all their fantasies while under and has no recollection of it when awake.

6. Patience

I am a patient Woman, I expect the same in return. A hypnoslave that is rushed or not understanding that I do have a life outside of being the most incredible HypnoDomme. I enjoy taking My time, savouring every single moment. A hypnoslave that is truly Mine will adore every moment with Me, even when there is no hypnosis actually taking place.

5. Generous

Now please understand that I enjoy finDom. That being said I also enjoy when you gift, tip, share, etc. without being asked. The most precious gift W/we all have is time, be generous with yours. Be willing to contribute in some way to My life and My career, if you will, as a HypnoDomme. It takes all of 10 secs to “like” something on facebook. In terms of gifting, I have a wishlist, I have bills that have to be paid and there are ways that you can help Me with that. I have hypnoslaves that not only send Me gifts but also My son, that is generosity!

4. Devotion

I am hesitant to put devotion on this list. It would rank quite high on the list which is why I am placing it here. Devotion does not mean something ridiculous like My saying “you will worship none other but Me.” That idea is bullshit because I know that you can be exploring different styles or people and still be devoted. I also know that you can call Me every single day and it not be out of devotion. Devotion means asking Me how I am and meaning it! This quality sounds like something everyone should have but true devotion is a rarity and I treasure it.

3. Communicative

This, of course, is not applicable during a session. It has some relevance to the previous mentioned qualities but deserves a place of its own. A hypnoslave should have the ability to communicate their desires as well as their needs to their HypnoDomme. you should be willing to share parts of yourself with Me. I understand that not every hypnoslave lives this style of living full time and some do not want their real life to interfere with their life as a hypnoslave. All it takes is telling Me that. This confirms that you respect Me and appreciate My valuable time and that even though you do not want to share specifics you are willing to acknowledge that W/we both have outside lives.


We have all watched animated video about respect and what it mean, etc. Respect from a hypnoslave to a HypnoDomme almost happens automatically, at least that has been My experience but a hypnoslave should respect so much more. you should respect other HypnoDommes and other submissives. you should avoid making snap judgments about anyone or any one fetish. There is a time and a place to discuss fetishes and related topics but do not judge around Me. Chances are, the prejudices you voice will relate to someone I know, and I will be forced to terminate O/our relationship.

1. Honest

Be honest. Honest not only with Me but also with yourself. Be honest about where you expect O/our relationship to go, how you would like to get there and similar things. If you do not know something be honest and share it. I find honesty to be the most important quality that any one person can have, hypnoslave, sub, Domme whatever, wherever honesty is a quality you should project!

There is My short list and brief overview of My top ten Hypnoslave behaviours. Did I miss something you find important? What is the most important quality to your HypnoDomme?

your mind is Mine,

Ambre Jade

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