Live Stream Sessions

Live Stream Sessions and Workshops with Ms AmbreJade

My Live Streams on LoyalFans has not and is not currently consistent. There are too many factors at play right now. The goal is to focus on a Live Hypnosis Group Session once a month. The topic and consent discussions will happen beforehand.

Schedule and Topics:

April 21st (in person only)13h00Erotic Hypnosis Workshop (My topics; TBD)
May 5th (in person only)13h00Erotic Hypnosis Munch (Topic: Green Flags in EH dynamics)
May 18th (in person only)13h00Erotic Hypnosis Play Party (Games and Demos)
June 2nd (in person only)13h00Erotic Hypnosis Munch
*to be confirmed

Local Workshops:

I am part of a Montreal Hypnosis Community where workshops on a variety of topics are held. For more information please visit: Sapio Montreal.

Next Event: Erotic Hypnosis Munch May 5th 2024