Your Orgasms Belong to Me

mine092614Yes, you read that correctly, every single one of your orgasms belong to Me! I am greedy. I do not care with whom you are having these orgasms, your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, lover… every one of them belong to Me! Each time you orgasm, each time you succumb to your sexual desire and release, it makes more room for Me and My influence inside you. Every sensation ripens you for a more intense submission to Me. Every stroke, every thought, every moment of arousal, those are all Mine! I am greedy, I know what is Mine to take and Mine to have.

Those orgasms belong to Me. They are Mine. There is no need for Me to forceful make this so. you give them up of your own free will. Well, what is left of your free will. An orgasm for Me, for Ambre Jade is more intense than any other orgasm you have had in the past. It rocks through you with such intensity that a desire to cum in any other way is non existent. Every orgasm for Ambre Jade. Every sensation for Ambre Jade. There is no other arousal or sensation that could even compare.

The feeling that your orgasms belong to Me can be manipulated and exemplified through the use of erotic hypnosis. The sensations can become even more intense, more deeply seeded. Desire for orgasm is replaced with a desire to submit to Me, whether or not an orgasm is something you are allowed to have, or in a position to have. The tiniest tinges of arousal, the slightest amount of swelling brings your thoughts directly to Me, to being under My influence. Every orgasm is like a prayer to Me, a calling out to show your devotion. It is Mine and you give it to Me of your own volition. Anything for Ambre Jade.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade