Day 3: My Loose Morals and I

It has recently come to my attention that certain people in my vanilla life have a morality issue with me. This concept is hilarious because these particular individuals have absolutely no idea how truly scruple-less I can be. They are unaware of my profession, completely oblivious to my relationships and in the dark about my deeper, darker fetishes. So how is it that they have a moral objection to me?

I genuinely have no idea. I also have no idea why this bothers me. It shouldn’t. They are obviously not a huge part of my life and they, themselves are kind of shitty people. They live their life with notes of racist behaviours and thoughts. A deep contempt for just about everyone who is not them. These individuals should not bother me. The idea that someone has a moral objection to me does not usually bother me. As a sex worker and someone who is pretty open about their sex life as well as someone who lives life against the grain of traditional society, it is not something new for me to be judged. People don’t necessarily understand me or my lifestyle. These women though, a mother and daughter duo that know very little about my life beyond my being a single parent and the fact that my son is mixed.

These women have the nerve to object to me morally for those things? I really do not understand it. There must be some crazy mixed in there somewhere. And now that I have vented, I am not as bothered, I think it just needed to come out…

And those are my Domme Thoughts of the day, rambly though they may be 😉

Oh and as promised yesterday:

My lovely breasts in my new bra 🙂

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade

One thought on “Day 3: My Loose Morals and I

  1. Bonjour Ambrejade,

    je reçois Vos Domme Thoughts que je trouve très intéressant.

    Vous me semblez une personne qui sait ce qu’Elle veut et n’a pas peur de l’exprimer.

    Il est évident pour moi que la femme doit mener……….cependant il y a peu de femmes prêtes à assumer le rôle qui leur revient…………Vous le faite très bien.

    Merci et bonne journée,


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