Day 10: Missed More Than a Few Days

I know, I have missed about ten days in a row now. Kind of shitty of me to have made all these plans and posts and nothing really coming from it for over a week. In my defense, I broke my ankle over the weekend (during training camp) and have literally been unable to get off the couch. It sucks. More than sucks. The pain is one thing but the lack of mobility is excruciating. I am a lucky woman, in that I have people around me that will care for me, in such situations. Mainly my son. It is a reminder that my parenting is solid. All this to say, I have missed a few days.

My hope is that this is not a trend that will continue. That from this point onward, I will manage to continue with my daily posting. I have the time now, as I am still rather immobile. My pain level is still rather high and I am pretty well medicated so no guarantees that all my posts with make grammatical sense. But I need to get it start, punctuation errors or not 😉

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade