Day 9: Ways to Not Get My Attention

I was recently sent a message with the following

whore, let’s see you ignore that

Something along those lines. By recently, I mean like an hour ago or so. And I was just going to ignore it but I thought what a great catalyst for today’s Domme Thought! I have no idea who this person is, obviously they felt they deserved my attention for whatever male entitlement shit they have going on. I think I ignored their friend request on Facebook or something. There is a reason I do not have 5 million friends, I don’t add really. But I digress.

So though giving this statement some attention is obviously what he wanted, and I would normally just leave it as is, I needed something to write about today.

Ways to get yourself blocked from interacting with me:

  1. Using whore like it is a bad thing, I actually know several people who have sex for money and I do consider myself a sex worker so it is neither an insult or a crushing blow to my ego.
  2. Sending a pic of your cock, we could all do with less dick pics in our lives
  3. Thinking you are entitled to my attention or affection. You get neither unless I let you.
  4. Asking me “Can you really hypnotise me?” This is almost always followed by a “prove it” which people are expecting for free. I know I can do it, you know I can do it. Otherwise you would not be looking for free attention.
  5. Missing appointments… obvious
  6. Trying to hypnotise me, I cannot even count how many male hypnotists try this… it is kind of silly, but have fun guys!
  7. Being impatient…
  8. Sighing in conversations when it takes me longer than 30 secs to reply when you are not paying for the interaction.

SO the lesson here, I don’t get mad, or upset at you for being poorly behaved, you get blocked.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade