Weekly Hypnotic Task One

I will be releasing a new weekly hypnotic task every Monday from today forward. These tasks will vary in how they are to presented to you, ie audio, video, written. Each will have a specific goal in mind, and depending on My mood I will share it with you.

These tasks will involve a sacrifice, your time, physical discomfort,etc. The weekly hypnotic task will cut into various parts of your existence. It is not about forcing you to “out” yourself but rather to find ways to express your devotion within more parts of your life than just when you have some free time.

Hypnotic Task One

your first task is simple. Not too taxing. I would like you to find five minutes, yes only five minutes, where you can be completely alone, and silent. I want you to set a timer, for five minutes. Nudity is recommended, though not absolutely necessary at this stage in your training. you will kneel, on the ground. This will likely cause some discomfort and eventually some aching. This is the sacrifice involved.

During your five minutes, I want you to empty your mind of everything. The silence and stillness of your mind is what I am after for this exercise. Breath through your abdomen. Expand and contract with every breathe and clear your mind.

This will be difficult. The clearing of your mind. Five minutes is not a long time and if you can do more, I encourage you to do so. Five minutes is the minimum. This will be done daily for a week. you will find your moment and while it will not be focused on Me, you will get your mind ready for potential programming by Me.

Alternative: For those of you who are not capable of kneeling for five minutes. If you can, work toward kneeling but should that not be possible sit on the floor crossed legged or lay on your back. This should be done on the floor. If there are medical conditions that prevent you from being on the floor, your bed is an acceptable alternative. Key word here being medical conditions!

I would love to hear how this week progresses for you.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade

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