Time to Explore FemDomme with Ambre Jade


The time has come for Me to create a site and blog entirely devoted to FemDomme and My more harsh side. While being a HypnoGoddess is a wonderful and tremendously satisfying, I can only devote so much time to creating personalised session over the phone. This limits the amount of time I can spend with each slave. By branching out and creating Niteflirt listings as well as other ways for you to prove your devotion to Me, I will be available for a variety of other types of sessions.

This is all about Me, My wants, My needs and you trying as hard as you can to satisfy them. I have rather eclectic tastes when it comes to My slaves and what I enjoy doing with them. I want this to be mutually satisfying but with My Own satisfaction being at the forefront. I have no intention to listen to someone try and top from the bottom or orchestrate some intricate fantasy of theirs. you are welcome to share your fantasy with Me but should it not be something I enjoy, I will not partake.

Being My slaves involves many things that I plan on outlining here. For starters, protocols. I adore protocols and as I add them, you are expected to follow them, to the letter, without question. I will briefly outline a few and others will pop up and you will be informed as I see fit.

When you approach Me, you will refer to Me as Ambre Jade until such time as we establish a relationship. For example, once we have done a session or have communicate for more than a single email or message. At which point you will refer to Me as “Maîtresses.” Goddess is also an acceptable title as is Master or Mistress but I prefer Maîtresse.

you will upon first talking with Me be frank and clear about your limitations, be they physical or psychological. If you have a blown out knee and I ask you to knee for forty five minutes you will not be happy and I will be unhappy because that action will limit our dealings in the future. So Be Clear, when asked.

you will speak only when spoken to.

Financial sacrifices and tributes are required! I love what I do but no sacrifice is the same without the exchange of money. This is both My work and My pleasure. I deserve to be financially compensated.

I plan on explore that delicious edge of pain and pleasure with many and you will be lucky if I accept you.

Maîtresse Ambre Jade