Let’s Play Catch Up

It’s been more than a few years since we last spoke, other than my podcast announcement last week. So let’s play catch up. It seems pretty insane to me that my last post was so long ago. A lot has happened during that time, and a lot of sameness, I suppose. The question remains, where to begin… I am guessing some sort of order will come together as I write.

So let’s start with the most apparent aspect of the catch up, if you are reading this. I have amalgamated the majority of my content. Up until recently, everything was separated via various sub-domains or even completely off site places. So yay, we checked off that box!

So now that I have played catch up with my sites, does that mean I will be back to taking calls? In all honesty, I am still undecided. There are aspects I miss, aspects I love, and aspect I have to deal with and obviously, aspect I hate about returning to phone domination and hypnosis. I am really unsure. For the time being, I have many fingers in many pies and it sometimes threatens to get very messy. So as I tell my submissives, do not promise anything you cannot follow through with. Especially in heated moments. So I will continue with my book and continue blogging here. If I decide to add in more, well I will 🙂

What is left to catch up on?

A few things, I have been working my ass off as a personal trainer, specialising in programs based in martial arts training. And a variety of group fitness classes. It has been a very rewarding and exciting venture. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions in Montreal, I am not really in a position to work. Which is probably why I am finding time to do some house keeping on The Ambre Jade Empire. Plus my now incredible web design skills!

My son is now an adult, so no more homeschooling for me!!! So much freedom suddenly. Not that I have been able to enjoy it… so here is the shitty thing:

I had to have yet another open heart surgery, it’s all good, I am fine now. However my bioprosthetic valve was not strong enough to contain all my awesomeness, so there was a second surgery where it was replaced with a mechanical one. So now I tick. It’s been interesting. Recovery has been and continues to be long, however I am optimistic things will be “normal” again at some point.

So how are you? What have you been up to over the last, how long has it been? I am actually going to have to check, because I have no idea. There was one post three years ago, but it was me listing why I have not been posting… So I am going to say about 4 years… Time goes by fast.

À bientôt,


Controlled by a Goddess


That moment when you realise that every action you take is controlled by a Goddess. When your thoughts are so intertwined with Hers that you are no longer certain whether it was originally from your mind or Hers. How far are you willing to go? To what depth are you willing to please and serve Her?

Everyone has an ideal in their heads. The ideal relationship. The ideal Goddess. The ideal setting. Basically add ideal to anything and someone has that pictured in their mind. What level of control is ideal to you? To what extent, ideally, would you want to be controlled by a Goddess? I have many people contact Me, message Me, tweet Me, etc. who would like their entire life to be controlled by Me. Of course, I mean, who wouldn’t? The problem being they are playing in the ideal, they are not accepting of the real world control. Many seem to be under the impression that giving up control is an adequate currency to be controlled by a Goddess. But this is not My ideal. My ideal is total control, absolutely but Goddesses should be worshiped. Compensation for My time should be without question.

Just earlier today I was approached by an individual claiming he wanted to be hypnotised, wanted to be controlled. Beautiful, I love hypnosis, I love taking control! But upon the realisation that being controlled by a Goddess came at a price he objected. Well, why would I want to control someone where there is no benefit to Me? This is something that happens when your passion is also your business. Because I am so passionate and because of My love of hypnosis, I should be taking control for free.

NO! My demand of actual compensation for My time and command for sacrifices from you for My time does not make the relationship a fantasy or less than real. It does not mean I do not think about My slaves when I am “not working.” What it does is show that you, as a submissive, understand that My time is valuable. It shows that you as a hypnotic subject appreciate the time and effort I put in to the relationship we have. It is nothing more and nothing less than that.

Being controlled by Me, being controlled by a Goddess demands a sacrifice. A sacrifice of your time, your free will, your ability to decide certain things. Being controlled by Me is a luxury. It is a blessing. A gift even. When you find your Goddess, your religion, you are grateful, you understand that you surrender yourself over to Her will, Her desires and your devotion should reflect that.

À bientôt,

Ambre Jade