Welcome to LoyalFans AmbreJade

As of December I will be actively posting, creating, engaging and all those delightful things on my new LoyalFans account. I am incredibly grateful that my friends encouraged me to do this and I love the platform. There are so many wonderful ways to control you and for me to play with you.

I will be exclusively launching Dynamics of Love, my podcast with puppy, on there. It will no longer be available on the website, or wherever else you listen to your podcasts. As of this moment it will be monthly but the goal is to have bi-weekly releases.

New content and creations will be posted on LoyalFans first before anywhere else. You can see release announcements on my timeline and check out the video store. As of this post, there is no audio store yet, but have no fear, this will not stop you from seeing new audio files. The bonus is that it encourages me to create more visual content as well.

Through the site we can easily set up phone conversations, with or without cam. Live shows, easy messaging. The messaging is my favourite feature by far. I love to interact with people there, sharing pics and audio clips, or video.

LoyalFans and AmbreJade creating compelling content

How does it work?

It is similar to most social media platforms in that you can interact with people, post on timelines, love posts, etc. You can also release exclusive content, sell content, do live shows, those sort of things.

There are three tiers to every timeline.

  1. Public posts
  2. Follower posts
  3. Subscriber posts

Public posts are available for everyone, with or without an account. This is free.

Follower posts are post that are exclusively available for followers and/or subscribers. This is also free, however it requires an account.

Subscriber posts are posts (content) available only to those that subscribe. This is not free, there are monthly fees to view these posts.

So what will subscribing to Me on LoyalFans offer you?

Through my LoyalFans, subscribers will receive the following:

  • Exclusive content (or content that would otherwise be ptv)
  • Deeply Discounted messaging rates
  • Discounts in my store
  • Video/Audio recounting of my blog posts (like this one)
  • Dynamics of Love podcast (also available to followers)
  • And more

My LoyalFans followers will get:

  • Dynamics of Love podcast
  • Discounted messaging rates
  • And more

Join Ms AmbreJade on LoyalFans Now:

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