Following the Hypnotic Flow

Not everyone has the ability to follow the hypnotic flow during a hypnosis session. Trusting the flow of an individual’s mind can be intimidating. Instead of forcing, bending and manipulating your mind, I follow where is takes Me. I follow your initial thoughts and see where they will lead. A change in your behaviour, say if I am focused on a behaviour modification session, I must first know where the natural behaviour comes from. Before influencing any changes or forcing My Own will on your subconscious, it is important for Me to follow the natural hypnotic flow of your mind.

follow the hypnotic flow with Ambre JadeThe process of allowing the natural hypnotic flow to happen can be intimidating to some. It gives the illusion of My having less control and you, the subject having more freedom. Those without experience see this as a negative. When you have the right confidence in yourself you realise that information is power and knowing how your natural hypnotic flow goes, gives Me information. It gives Me insight into how your mind makes connections. This allows Me to manipulate effectively. Following you hypnotic flow and making it flow in the directions I want it to. Using the information I gather to My advantage.

The true power comes with the ability to use your hypnotic flow in a way that makes the conversions in your mind natural. When done properly, you will not even notice the subtle changes within you. The new programming flows naturally, creating connections so deep and so permanent that your new state of being will give the impression that it has always been there. None of your defenses stand a chance. This is the advantage of following the hypnotic flow and not being intimidated by the subject’s natural state. As always, information is power and when your mind is open to Me, there is no information I cannot get My soft fingertips on.

À bientôt,

Goddess Ambre Jade


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In Person or Online Domination


I am constantly hearing online subs complain that they cannot live the lifestyle to the full extent they want to because they are “only online subs”. What a bullshit statement!!! I get that life can get in the way, I really do, trust me! I have a family, I have responsibilities, I have all the same day to day crap that needs doing. But I digress. There are advantages to both, and disadvantages. In my mind, both are equal in a submissive’s ability to devote the amount of time to their lifestyle. I am tired of hearing people talk about online Domination like it is not real. Like it is fantasy, like everyone is play acting. It isn’t. The people who partake in it actively, those of us who have chosen to live a kinkier, if you will, lifestyle create the environment we decide to live in.

Online domination, to me, is more real, more honest than any in person profession session (though, it the interest of being honest, my in person pro sessions are limited and small) I have had. There is a genuine quality to the time I spend with my online slaves. When I see people in person, it seems to become somewhat of a show, on both our parts. And yes, that is what it is. A show. It is a service. When I do sessions online, it is still a service, but the show aspect is minimal. Neither party acting or concerned with much else other than being worshiped and worshiping. It is delightfully refreshing.

The online sessions always seem more real, if you will. Yes, my experience with pro sessions in person is minimal so please do not take this to mean I am saying all in person sessions are shows, they aren’t. I am specifically talking about my experience. The real quality stems from the slave merely enjoying contact with me, spending time with me. They pay for the privilege but there is a sense of belonging that is more intense than I have ever felt with an in-person domination session, as a pro. I make the distinction because there is an deep quality to the relationships I have that are not professional. But even those there is a very active online component. There are few things I enjoy more than receiving a message from my puppy saying “Goddess i woke up this morning needing You so badly it hurt.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to read that?

So all this written diarrhea to say, do not mistake an online domination relationship to be less than an in person one. Do both you and your Superior a favour and acknowledge that though you may not see each other flesh to flesh, the relationship is solid and real. It is also likely to be more real than if you were in fact meeting in person.

Ambre Jade

To those proDommes and proDomme enthusiasts who may take offense to my opinions, I am merely speaking from personal experience. Your Domme is not my Domme, your relationship is not my relationship so it is very likely to be different for you.