30 Day Chastity Challenge Finally Together

I hinted at this with My last post. More fun and excitement on the chastity front from Me 🙂 I have created what I feel is something rather unique. A 30 Day Challenge that brings together chastity and teasing. I wanted to create something unique, something a bit more fun that your standard just don’t cum for 30 Days challenge! Some that would tease you and tantalize and bring you to the edge just about every day of this challenge. I wanted to exercise My creativity while giving you the opportunity to feel My distinct influence running over you.
Now, I get that some of you will see 30 Days as a long challenge. Something daunting and potentially unattainable. Here’s the thing, you can do it. you can successful avoid orgasm for 30 days for Me. It is a sacrifice you are making for Me. It might be the hardest sacrifice you have faced in a long time, but it will be both pleasurable and memorable. It will test you, it will fuck with you. It will play with your senses… I am so excited for this, you have no idea!

I created an audio introduction to My 30 Day Chastity Challenge for you. This will give you an idea of the tone and My style of teasing for the next 30 Days!

How Does the 30 Day Chastity Challenge Work?

Right now, I am mainly pushing the challenge through My Femdom Niteflirt. It is available through paid mail, if you are not familiar with the system, you can find all kinds of information on their site. Each mail will contain the instructions (audio and brief outline through type) for that day as well as a link, button, for the following day as well as a cum tax should you fuck up, which you won’t.

you can also email Me for other ways you can participate outside of Niteflirt. you will receive an email the night before, so that you wake to your instructions in your inbox! Lucky you!

Enjoy this challenge, it is the first of many to come!

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Guide to Keyholding

cage 7 de 7

I have an extreme passion for chastity. I love every aspect of keeping my submissives chaste. Being a Keyholder is more than just holding a key in your hands. There are time when it can be a challenge, even a chore but the end result is always fantastic.

What is a Keyholder?

A Keyholder is generally a Domme, Mistress or Master who holds the physical representation of your chastity (the key) on them. The power over the submissive’s orgasm or lack there of, is completely hers. She determines for herself whether or not he cums. For some Dommes, the penis now belongs to her. Access is restricted to her desires and her desires alone. That is not to say holding the key is sufficient enough. There are certain requirements for both the sub and the Domme.


There are certain time requirements for the Keyholder and the chaste individual. I once calculated the amount of time each key I hold represents. It is a significant chunk of my week. Chastity is an active process for me. I like being very involved with my caged toys. As a Keyholder you have to be ready to devote the time and the effort. The longer someone is caged, the needier they become. Some of us thrive on being needy but you have to be prepared for the time that represents (within reason). As someone who is caged, you will find yourself devoting a lot of time to your new status as chaste and a desire to be in your Keyholder’s presence.

Play and Chastity Games

Play and tease are important. Without them, time spent locked can be boring. Boredom does not a good slave make. And let’s be honest, it can be boring for the Keyholder as well. I always find it thrilling when someone is locked for me but I find the experience lacking without some good ole tease and denial. Bringing my slave to the brink of release and then shutting them down. There are limitless possibilities for games and play time. Find the right balance for you and your slave. Experiment, if they are locked long enough, they will love just about anything 😉

Physical Check Ins

It is important, and can even be used as a game, to do regular physical check ins. There are some cages might fit poorly or need to be adjusted over time. I love physical inspections, it can add a little spice and play to the experience. Cleaning, air time, making sure there are no marks or chaffing. This is part of you duties as a Keyholder, they are locked for you, you should watch for signs of things not working well.

Emotional Check Ins

Watching for signs is more than just physical sign of trauma or damage. You have to do some emotional checking. This is especially true with long term chastity. There can be some extreme emotional reactions that come up, sometimes with little warning. These should be dealt with, discussed and addressed. The caged slave is responsible for keeping their Keyholder informed. The Keyholder is responsible for creating a safe space where the slave may bring these feelings up. For me, I prefer scheduling check ins. It gives a window where a slave can stop being a slave for a short time and express themselves without prejudice. This is extremely important for those who are new to being submissive or new to chastity. The routine creates a safe place.

Obviously this list is not complete and there are many places where one can add their own twists. Remember that communication is key, and that Keyholding is more than just the physical manipulation of their key.

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