Puppy Play 101

puppy play

Puppy play is a true passion of Mine. I own and keep 2 puppies on a regular basis. One in house and one more long distance. I have broken both of them in perfectly and to My satisfaction. This is a long process. It has taken Me a long time to break them in just right. I do not expect their level of obedience with any new puppy.

What is puppy play?

Puppy play is a unique and stimulating representation of the D/s relationship. One individual (the Domme in My case) is the Owner or Trainer, I have also heard the term “Handler”. The other is the puppy or pet. It is a very obvious and satisfying dynamic. Everyone knows their place. It seems very straight forward. The Handler controls the action and behaviour of the pup.

Is puppy play erotic?

Puppy play can manifest itself in many ways. A large number of puppies I speak with, do not feel the need for sexual contact between their Owner and themselves. They feel having the puppy mentality is satisfying enough! The disappearance of their human qualities and characteristics becomes their satisfaction. There is no need for full out sexual contact.

For others, sexual contact can be used as part of training protocols and rewards for good behaviour. This can be particularly effective if you have a puppy that misbehaves frequently and needs to have his behaviour modified.

What props are needed for puppy play?

The truth of the matter is, very few props are actually necessary. Puppy play is more about getting lost in the roleplay (for many it is deeper than a roleplay but more on that in future posts). Personally there are items I like to have with Me at all times when I am training:

  • Collar, (I take collaring very seriously but for puppy play, the significance is a little different. It is not as intimate as collaring a slave.) This is a great tool to have. It helps bring about the mental headspace of being a puppy. It can easily trigger an immediate immersion into the role of puppy. The respect I normally give to collaring slaves moves to doggy tags instead. Placed on the collar.
  • Leash, seems rather self explanatory to Me
  • Toys, in some cases the toys can be sexual as well as typical animal toys, like balls, chew toys, things along those lines. Sometimes the toys would have a sexual undertone, doggy bed one could hump, switch for misbehaviour, items of that nature.
  • Bowls, for feeding or watering.
  • Tails, not necessary but I enjoy My puppies having a lovely tail shoved into their human ass.

Glorious moments in puppy play

One of My favourite moments with a new puppy is the inspection. I treat it in a similar fashion would expect from a judge at a dog show. Physique can be important as well as the reaction to various stimuli. I like inspecting all My subs, adding the non vocal and animalistic behaviour of puppy play and the combination is absolutely delicious to Me.

Things to remember

Puppies, slaves and subs all have certain rights. you are, as a puppy, allowed to create a blue print to where and how far the play can go. The use of a safe word is not only acceptable but encouraged. For each puppy, the willingness to participate in a variety of activities can change. I have seen instances where puppies let off steam by humping each other during play time. Be aware of your limitations and find ways to communicate them to your trainer and if in a group setting, a way to show your fellow pups. Some like to play in packs.

More of the subject to come, think about this roleplay and experiment. Many subs find this style of play incredibly appealing.

Bark for Me puppy

Maîtresse Ambre Jade

3 thoughts on “Puppy Play 101

  1. Thank you Goddess Ambre for another great blog post! Puppy play has always intrigued me and the thought has always aroused me. Probably because my very first time I realized I extremely enjoyed femdomdevotionals was through reading a penthouse forum story about it. A man pissed off his girlfriend one day and he stormed off after a big fight. An hour later when he came home he was met at the entrance with a dog collar and a note that read, remove your clothes, put on thos collar and drop to tour knees and crawl into the bedroom. Well she rreated him like a dog the entire day, making him eat peanut butter off her toes, and then she tied him up with his legs over his head, inserted a vibrator in his ass and sexured it with tape and left to play tennis with a friend for a few hours. I came in my pants without ever touching myself by reading that story….. I was fucking excited! I like puppy play! ( i would also like it without the sexual aspect but the story made me see what makes me tick)

    1. I do really like the sexual component as well. Though only with select few! I find it just as, if not more, satisfying without the sexual aspect. Without the distraction of sex, one can immerse themselves more completely. It all depends on the dynamic between Trainer and pup.

      1. Yes, I think I can also see the nonsexual component satisfying as well. The whole aspect and dynamic of inferiority and being owned along with the loss of power and control are what really aroused me.

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