Pay for My Training Camp

Want a chance similar to what I mentioned in My Ultimate Findom Experience post? Here is your chance. It’s not quite as exclusive, as this is something that happens annually but it is special none the less. I am offering you the chance to pay for My karate training camp this summer (well late spring).

My training takes place over three days. These are three vigorous days of sweating, exercise, pain and… well you get the idea. I love this training camp. I have been preparing for it along side My black belt.

Wouldn’t it feel good to pay for this experience? To send Me to My training camp? Not only that, I will be taking pictures while I am there, of Myself only, for a June project as well as to share the experience with My followers. I am offering 3 exclusive images that will only be shared with the person who sends Me to camp, lucky you!

If you are not in a position to pay the whole thing, and you want to receive images of the camp (not including the exclusive ones, those are for the one willing to pay), you can sign up to receive the image, pay before hand, and receive them in your inbox. Another chance to be a lucky boy!

Buy from Ambre Jade FemDomme through OR Send via Giftrocket to

UPDATE 05/20/16

A lucky boy sent Me the half the amount for My camp. What a good boy he is! I am so pleased with him! That gives you the chance to contribute to My training camp without paying for the full thing. Amounts have been updated to half the amount of My trip!

So many opportunities for you to let go and embrace being My follower!

À bientôt,

Mistress Ambre Jade